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Chapter 1

It was a warm and comfortable early afternoon, within Jump City. Everyone was enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the day. Even within Titans Tower, the Titans were relaxing away. Robin and Starfire were in the Training Room, just getting in a good workout and enjoying one another's company. They had been sneaking glances at one another as they trained as they were marveled, not only by their physical abilities and appearances, but also their ever growing friendship. Some would even say there is a spark of love between these two; however they are both adamantly oblivious to this. Still when they saw each other a loving smile graced their lips as they continued their respective workouts.

Cyborg had been in the Common Room, sitting in the middle of the half moon shaped couch, in where he was playing his robot fighting game online against other players. He was intensely invested into his game as he did not notice any of his surroundings, like Raven on the other side of the couch, in where she was reading one of her think brown covered books. He also failed to notice the loudness of the volume he had set the television as well, because it was so loud you could feel the wall shake.

He was having trouble with his current opponent for he seemed to be able to dodge and counter most of Cyborg's attacks. Cyborg was reacting as fast as his metallic fingers would allow him. He had his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he continued his brawl. At some point he noticed that the other player had left himself wide open for a split second, which was all he needed to land a finishing blow. So he commanded his character to punch him straight in the chest in where he could land a fatal blow. The other player's robot blew up and on the screen it declared Cyborg the winner. Cyborg jumped up from his position and punched the air screaming, "Boo-yah!"

"Great, you won your pointless game, now would you be so kind as to lower the volume, so we all don't go tone deaf," Raven said sarcastically. She had luckily managed to block out most of the noise, but it was not without difficulty.

Cyborg chuckled nervously and replied, "Heh, sorry there Raven, did realize anyone was here or that it was even that loud." He grabbed the remote and turned off his game and lowered the volume to a much more respectable level.

"Whatever just make sure it doesn't happen again," Raven stated as she went back to her book.

He changed the TV back to the satellite and looked for something to be on. He finally stopped at the movie channels where they were showing a 007 marathon. It was then he realized what time it was. "Man it's 1:30 in the afternoon, didn't realize I was playing for so long." Cyborg stated as he propped is leg across his knee and leaned back into the couch.

"Well that's what videogames do. They make you lose all sense of time and rot your brain," Raven stated so matter-of-factly. She was continuing to read her book, finding it much easier now that the noise was slightly less irritating.

"Speaking of rotting brains, where's BB? Haven't seen him all day today. I thought for sure he would be down here by now playing videogames or eating his nasty tofu," Cyborg said as he looked around the Room to try and spot his friend.

"My guess is he hasn't gotten out of bed yet," Raven said not taking her eyes away from her book. She turned a page of her book and continued on reading.

"Oh," Cyborg replied as he looked at his movie once more. After a few moments of silence. Raven closes her book and stands up from her spot. Cyborg notices this and says, "You done already?"

"Yea, just gonna go to my room and meditate for a while," Raven stated as she walked around the couch and proceeded to the door. She didn't get very far as Cyborg called her name. She quickly turned around and walked back to the couch standing behind it to see what he could possibly want now. "What?"

"Since you're heading back to your room anyway, would you mind getting Beast Boy up?" Cyborg asked kindly to her.

"Now why would I do that, I'm not his keeper or anything like that," Raven replied annoyed at what he was asking her to do.

Cyborg raised his hands in front of him defensively, hoping not to offend her at all. "I know, I know, it's just he can't sleep all day, and since you're heading that way anyway, it be easiest for you. And besides, with him here the day would be slightly more entertaining," Cyborg explained.

Raven raised an eyebrow and said, "Entertaining? More like annoying." She turned around and walked back to the door that led to the hallway.

"Oh come on Raven, he's not that bad. Granted his jokes are really bad, but you got to admit you like him," Cyborg said as he went back to his movie. Raven stopped for a moment and thought at what he just said.

"No I don't," Raven stated simply.

"Cyborg turned his head again not being able to hear what Raven had just said. He turned down the volume to be able to hear her more clearly. "What did you say Raven?" Cyborg asked her.

Raven turned around once more and said, "I don't like him."

Cyborg was now confused and wandered why she had just said that. "What are you talking about, I know you like him," Cyborg said to her again.

Raven at this point was getting highly upset. She stomped her way back to the couch and got in Cyborgs face. "Listen and listen well, I do not like him," Raven said with her teeth clenched. She was getting mad that he was thinking she like him more than a friend.

"But why, he's not that bad," Cyborg continued wandering why Raven did not consider him a friend anymore.

"Bad?" Raven stated incredulously. She stood back up straight again and threw her book on to the couch. "I'm going to tell you why he is worse than bad and why I do not like him." Raven mad sure to emphasis the part of not liking him.

Neither of them noticed or heard the Common Room doors swish open. It was the familiar green changeling who had walked in. He went to the kitchen area and started making himself some breakfast. It was then he noticed Cyborg and Raven near the couch. He was about to call out to them when he heard something he didn't want to. "I'm going to tell you why he is worse than bad and why I do not like him." He had heard Raven say.

Beast Boy was confused for a moment and wandered who Raven could be talking about. But it soon became apparent that it was about him. He didn't want to listen but he felt the need to listen to what she had to say.

"First off, Beast Boy never listens all he does all day is what he wants without thinking of the ramifications. And because of this it takes us forever for us even to defeat one simple villain. All he ever does is joke around, and his jokes are not bad they are absolutely horrible, nobody finds them funny. I mean who in their right mind would joke about a cookie for crying out loud it's just pathetic. Not to mention it gets so annoying that you want to rip your ears right off. Of course almost everything he does is annoying. Always talking about videogames, comic books, trying to force me to do something he clearly knows I don't want to do, and then won't stop pestering me about it. Frankly it's getting so bad that I might just throw him out a Tower window just to shut him up," Raven almost yelled to Cyborg. She then continued on her rant about the green changeling.

Cyborg could not believe that she was talking about Beast Boy like this. Still he listened to her continue her rant. But then he turned his eyes towards the kitchen area and saw the last person he had hoped to come in, Beast Boy. His eyes went wide for a moment as he knew that he could hear everything that she was saying. He quickly looked back at Raven as she continued her rant and he hoped he could get her attention without her saying anything worse than she already has. "Raven," he said to her not trying to be rude, but at the same time trying to get her to stop, but she merely continued.

"His personal hygiene is something to be said. He never cleans his room, never does laundry; I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even put on any deodorant. But I guess if you can transform in a pig, might as well live as one. He's loud, so much in fact that I bet even Batman could hear him all the way in Gotham," Raven continued completely ignoring Cyborg at all.

"Raven," Cyborg said a bit louder trying to get her to stop for a moment but she just continued.

"He is annoying, problematic, has disgusting tendencies, over excited, persistent, rude, and quietly frankly has got to be the dumbest person in all of history. So no Cyborg I. DO. NOT. LIKE. HIM. He is just an annoying, green, ANIMAL!" Raven yelled as she finished her rant.

Cyborg had enough of being polite and jumped straight up and yelled, "Raven!"

She was still in her mad rant feeling and yelled back, "What?!" Cyborg raised his left arm and pointed to the kitchen area. Raven quickly turned her head and looked at to where he was pointing. She was still angry and her looked showed it. But a moment later that same anger quickly dissipated. She saw Beast Boy with a plate of tofu in his hand. He looked slightly sad and afraid. He had heard everything she had just said about him.

Cyborg jumped the couch and walked over to his friend quickly followed by Raven. They stopped a few feet in front of him and Cyborg asked, "Hey man, how long have you been standing there for?"

Beast Boy closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly down. "Enough," he said with a a broken voice. After a moment of silence between the three he put his head back up straight, eyes still closed and then took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He opened his eyes at looked at Cyborg for a moment and then to Raven.

When Beast Boy had looked at her, she had never felt so much guilt before. All she did was vent and rant about him, and actually after she said she had felt quite awful in fact, but also relieved and she did not know why. But the moment Beast Boy looked at her, there was not more passion or emotion in his eyes, they were as dry and cold as her own.

Beast Boy breathed in and out once more before he put the plate back on the counter and turned around to leave. He took a few steps before he heard someone say his name. "Beast Boy, I-" Raven was interrupted when Beast Boy spoke.

" Raven, I'm done. You obviously don't want me around you anymore, so I'm done," Beast Boy said plainly with no empathy in his voice.

Raven could not believe what she had just heard him say. He continued to walk to the doors. As soon as he continued, Raven walked forward in the hopes of stopping him so they could talk, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She looked to the man she knew the hand came from and looked at him with her purple eyes that he could see were with regret. Cyborg shook his head and quietly said, "Give him time to calm down. He looks like he could use it."

Raven looked to the doors again and they swished closed as she got one last glimpse of the changelings back. She sighed and closed her eyes not believing at what had just happened, but in the hopes that Beast Boy would just go back to being his normal self like he always does.

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