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Chapter 8

Beast Boy walked to Raven's room thinking that would be where she would go. After a few minutes he stopped in front of the door that had Raven's name on it. He knocked on the door and waited for a reply. When no reply came, he tried knocking again. "Hey Raven, it's me Beast Boy. I was hoping we could talk. You know really talk," Beast Boy said. After a few moments with no reply he put his ear on the door to try and hear if she was in there, but when he heard nothing, it was a safe bet that she was not in there.

Beast Boy thought for a moment to try and figure out where she would be if not in her room. He then thought of the roof of Titan's Tower. She would surely go there if no one else was around. Beast Boy walked to stairs of the roof in the hopes that she would be there.

Raven sat on the edge of the roof looking out at the bay. She could not understand as to why Beast Boy would lie like that. She knew that he was done with her and all, but that doesn't mean he has to go and lie like that. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and continued to look at the horizon, completely unaware that someone was behind her.

"Nice view isn't it," a voice said calmly. Raven quickly turned around to see who it belonged to.

Raven saw Beast Boy standing with his arms at his side looking at her. "Yeah," Raven said as she looked back at the bay.

Beast Boy sighed and walked to the edge of the roof and attempted to sit down next to Raven. Since however his chest and ribcage, still hurt him, it was quite difficult, but managed.

He looked at the horizon for a moment and then began to speak. "So Raven, I was hoping we could talk. You know like really talk," Beast Boy said.

Raven looked at him for a moment and said, "Oh, now you want to talk," Raven said sarcastically.

Beast Boy sighed but nonetheless continued. "Raven, I didn't come here to argue. I wanted to talk to you about a few things," Beast Boy said as he looked to his left to see her.

Raven sighed and looked to her right to see Beast Boy. "Alright, talk," Raven said deadpan.

"Ok, first I wanted to say I'm sorry, I didn't know you didn't hear my gratitude, but I am grateful that you healed my wounds, even though I didn't want you to," Beast Boy said. He wanted to make sure that was perfectly clear. Raven nodded and allowed him to continue.

"I know we haven't ever seen eye-to-eye, and after the incident over a month ago, we never really did anything. But after you ranted about me, I saw that there was no way we could be friends. You saw me as this annoying, green animal, and I thought that we could never do anything together because of it. So that's why I said I was done, I did it so we could no longer fight, and so you could have peace for once," Beast Boy said sadly.

Raven listened to what he was saying. He had just explained why he was done, and it wasn't what Raven had expected. But he still was not done.

"So these past weeks I did my best to give you the peace you wanted and you actually seemed happy. So I was happy that you were. But when you yelled in the infirmary and called me your friend I was confused. I thought that you could not tolerate me; you even said you were sorry. Why was that by the way?" Beast Boy said to her.

Raven looked down in sadness and started to talk. "I didn't get to say I was sorry when I ranted about you. And since you heard it, I felt even more horrible," Raven admitted to him.

Beast Boy was confused. "So wait you were sorry that you ranted about me, even before I heard it?" Beast Boy asked curiously.

"At first I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. But that soon was replaced with guilt. I don't know why, but when I spoke ill of you, I felt as though I had discredited not only you, but also myself," Raven said to him.

Beast Boy was surprised. That was something he had not expected. He had no idea that Raven was sorry for what she had said. Since he never heard her say it, Beast Boy thought that she meant every word of it and was happy she said it. But this made him happy, that she did think of him as a friend.

Raven looked at him, and could not gauge his reaction at all. So she decided to ask. "So, are we friends again?" Raven asked her.

Beast Boy looked at her and started to talk. "There is one more thing I think I should tell you. Remember when you did not know how you got to your room," Beast Boy said to his dark friend. Raven nodded. "Well I took you there after you fell asleep on the couch. I just couldn't in my right mind leave you on that couch. I knew you would feel better in your bed. So I carried you to your room. And I realized something when I did."

Raven listened intensely, she finally found out who had taken her to her room, and she wanted to know what Beast Boy had discovered in doing so. "What?" Raven asked him.

Beast Boy placed his hand over top of Ravens and said, "I realized that you mean more to me than just a mere friendship. I really like you Raven, I know we don't always get along, but I really do like you." He smiled at her one of the sweetest smiles he could do.

Raven merely looked at him, unbelieving in what he just said. Raven took her other hand and placed it over her chest. She did not know why, but it felt really tight. She didn't know how to react to that. But when he said it, she felt something in her get really warm, she liked that feeling.

Moments passed and neither said a word. Beast Boy was starting to get worried. He had just told Raven that he thought of her more than a friend, but she just looked at him, with a hand over her heart. So he decided to break the silence. "Raven?" Beast Boy said to her.

Raven was broken from her thoughts and began to look at Beast Boy again. She realized she could not deal with this so she abruptly took her hand from Beast Boy's and stood up. "I'm sorry, but I need to go," Raven said to him quickly. And started to walk away.

Beast Boy saw her start to walk away. He got up as quickly as he could, but he had forgotten that he was still recovering, so he held both sides of his ribs as he stumbled towards Raven, doing his best to stand on his own two feet. He extended his right arm to her and asked her, "Raven what's wrong, what happened?"

Raven stopped and turned looking back at him. Saw that he was having trouble standing up, let alone walk. Beast Boy stopped and straightened his posture, but he still was holding his sides. His right was closed indicating he was in a lot of pain. Raven sighed and walked back to him, until she was no more than a foot away from him. "You and I don't have a real conversation, that doesn't involve more than one word responses for over a month, and then you drop a bomb like that on me. How do you expect me to feel?" Raven asked him calmly, even though she wanted to yell.

Beast Boy lifted his right hand and placed it on her cheek, and gently rubbing his thumb on her face. "I don't know Raven, but what I do know is that, that is how I feel about you, and I thought you deserved to know," Beast Boy said quietly, but still loud enough for her to hear.

Raven did not know what to do, but unconsciously she leaned her head gently into his hand. For some reason, it felt safe and comforting. She thought back, to her attempts to getting Beast Boy to act normal around her again. She thought of as to why she wanted it. Originally she thought it was because, he only left her alone because of she said, and she wanted him to be himself. But thinking more on it, she truly missed Beast Boy, spending time with her outside of missions.

Raven placed her hand over his and took a step forward so that her face was mere inches from Beast Boy's. She gripped Beast Boy's hand and dragged it down between them. "I don't know if I like you, like you like me," Raven said, and this made Beast Boy face fall a little. Raven smiled and did something neither expected. She closed the remainder of the gap between them and pressed her lips to his, giving a small chaste kiss. After a second she released his lips. "But I'd like to find out."

Beast Boy did not expect that in the least, but he did not care. Beast Boy smiled and then kissed Raven this time. It lasted a little longer, but was no less sweet than the first one. Once they broke apart, Beast Boy let Raven's hand go and pulled her into a hug, as much as she could.

He still had his left arm clutching his side and chest, but he still pulled Raven in as much as he could. Raven was laying her head gently on his chest, as to not to hurt him. She placed one hand on the arm that was clutching his chest. Raven gripped his arm a little, making Beast Boy tilt his head down to look at the top of Raven's head.

"Does it still hurt?" Raven asked quietly.

Beast Boy smiled and placed his chin on top of her head and said, "No, not anymore." Beast Boy held her a little closer. This was a feeling he did not want to go away.

They stood on top of the roof for what seemed like forever, just holding one another. It was one of these moments that people wish would last forever. Raven pushed back away from him, but Beast Boy still had his arm around her. She looked up at him and said, "So does this mean that we're ok again?"

Beast Boy smiled and replied, "Yeah, better than ok." They both smiled and walked hand in hand back into the Tower.

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