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It's Unfair
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Peewit tried to tickle Johan under his arms and the dark haired teen shook his head at him.

"Peewit, You know I'm not ticklish like you." Johan said patiently to him.

"It's unfair." Peewit said to his best friend. "It's unfair, Johan."

"What is unfair?" Johan asked calmly and Peewit's arms were crossed.

"It's just unfair you are not ticklish. Not even on your feet!" Peewit complained. "While I'm ticklish everywhere and I have all sorts of weakness too, but you don't have any weaknesses."

"That's not true, Peewit. My friends can be against me, but they can be my strength too." Johan said to his blonde companion.

"Okay, fine you have a weakness." Peewit admitted calmly while looking up at him and Johan smiled at him. ", but it is unfair you are not ticklish."

"Oh, Peewit. Will you let it go?" Johan asked while shaking his head, but then he heard Peewit's stomach growl.

"See you, Johan! I'll be in the kitchens!" Peewit cried out, holding his stomach, and racing away. Johan smiled fondly to himself.

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