I'm the Vongola's son and I'm gonna be the next mafia boss. There's nothing else to it and anyone who gets in my way dies.


Timoteo Vongola, currently known as the 9th Vongola boss, sat in his desk chair. The grandeur of the quality of the room only stiffened his mind. Out of his three sons, the one that bothered him the most was Xanxus.

His son was sitting there across from him already, irritated of being called upon in such a short notice and his glare was an honest window of what he felt. Xanxus has been going around lately picking fights with the nearby mafia groups. Winning, but nonsensically brawling.

"You've been showing great strength lately," the 9th started, "but there always needs to be a reason to do so."

His son grunted. They already had this conversation before.

"The mafia world revolves around power but without friends, you can't achieve it alone. You need to show some mercy, compassion of how things revolve. Every person you have gone against can come back to you."

"Ch. I don't need you telling me this. Only weaklings gather to fight something they can't beat."

Xanxus got up, pushing the chair to fall over and headed out, breaking and slamming the door. Vongola Nono sighed. How could he teach that kid compassion? He was worried he hadn't learnt it already and if he'll ever learn it. He looked to the sky out his window and thought.


BOOM! The brick wall came flying out in a cloud of smoke along with a flying body. Xanxus stepped out and appeared from the disappearing cloud with a menacing frown.

"I-I'm sorry Xanxus-sama!" the servant managed to blurt out.

The master looked down on the bloody pulp of a servant shaking.


Sounds of crushed bones were accompanied by a sharp yelp. Hmph. That's what he gets for disturbing his sleep. Xanxus walked away carelessly and saw that there were more people than usual, pacing quickly as if they needed to be somewhere. The hell? He looked to the side and saw that there was a huge caravan stationed there. What were all these useless things?!He was about to go and bash everything until a girl came out from there.


It was a girl with a huge golden headpiece which she balanced with her frail hand. She ran to a tall guy with black spiky hair.

"Nhn?" he turned around and smiled.

They started talking and for some reason Xanxus just stood there watching the girl as the guy tried helping her with the head piece.

"It won't stay!" the guy grunted as he tangled with the girl's hair. The guy looked at her troubled face, "maybe we should take it out."

"Agh~," the girl whined, " the performance is just in a few hours and I still need to get dressed!"

The guy, Yamamoto, looked at her sympathetically then smiled. "You know, it's not that bad."

The girl looked at him "Hn?"

"You actually look kinda cute, Tsu-"


The two turned and saw a worked up little girl with brown hair in a ponytail and with a brush and pins in her hands.

"Remember, it's Tsukiyo!" she scolded. "Now, what happened to you Tsu-chan?"

"Ah!" Tsukiyo answered. "My hair piece keeps falling out! I think its form the explosion Gokudera-san was testing with the fireworks."

"Mah~," the other girl grabbed the head piece girl. "Don't worry! The Great Haru will fix this in no time!" She rushed her back in the caravan as the guy laughed.


What the hell was this? Xanxus had to get dressed in a tux for the party his father was throwing for his birthday. October 10. He completely forgot about it. Damn. He threw on his jacket on his shoulders and turned from the mirror. He could choose to just completely ignore the party. In fact, he punched the guy in the face who told him the news to get ready.

He headed out the hallway and down the spiraling staircase to the party.

"Voi! It's about time you got here!" Squalo yelled.

He was leaning against the archway all cool while behind him, the room was already crowded with noise and laughter.


Tsuna and the others already paraded around the room, entertaining the guests. They were hired by a pretty rich Italian guy and he was impressed by just looking around at what expensive clothes every one wore and at the mansion! It was just huge!

Even though they were entertainment, he didn't feel comfortable having to dress up like a girl. Sure, he understood they were short a girl to play an upcoming part, but why couldn't he leave early to change quickly and come back? Damn him for having the thinnest physique! He did his usual fire routine, blowing flames from his mouth and basically playing with fire but this time, he wore a short red kimono with long sleeves and tail. It didn't make a difference in how he moved, he was still graceful and nimble and he played with the audience, frequently blowing the fire close to them on purpose. He smiled at their reactions as they clapped for him.

Tsuna continued around the room, also looking for Yamamoto since they were gonna do the next act together until his eye caught someone at the long table. There was a guy sitting in the middle. He looked bored, a little irritated, as he looked at his laughing companions sitting with him. He rested his head on his hand and grunted. Somehow, he stood out. He had spiky black hair adorned with feathers and an animal tail with his jacket worn like a cape. He looked up and their eyes locked. He quickly looked away and blew a trail of fire in the air to make it look like he wasn't staring.

Gotta look for Yamamoto! He blushed. Eh?! Why was he blushing?


CLASH! Pieces of the wine bottle shattered somewhere, scratching the floor.


Xanxus ignored him.

"Shi Shi Shi." Bel laughed, "The boss is really irritated about this."

"Ne~," Lussuria agreed with the blonde prince. "But he really should be enjoying his party~"

Squalo kept screaming. Why does that damn bottle always like to miss that white head of that loud, nagging swordsman? Wasting Tequila.

He was going to tell him to shut up until he felt someone staring at him. Xanxus looked up and saw that girl again, Tsukiyo. Their eyes locked for a second and she quickly turned, but her eyes seemed to linger at him. It was like slow motion as her silky brown hair stayed in the air to caress her face. Time moved again and a burst of fire came trailing out her mouth and it swirled around the room like a dragon. Was it haughtiness that she turned her back to him? She spun further around the room away from them and he saw that her face was almost as red as her kimono. Was it the heat? Maybe she was still inexperienced dealing with fire. Fire is a dangerous thing. Believe him, he knows.

"Why is the boss looking at that girl?" Mammon asked.

Xanxus snapped out of his trance.

"Shi shi. Who knows." Bel answered. "Maybe she's annoying." The prince took out his knife and laughed again. These guys were always itching for a fight.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" a voice echoed.

They all focused to the main stage at the front where a spiky haired guy in a suit was standing. His jacket had two long tails at the back and he carried a sword in his right hand.

"Thank you for your attention! It's been a great day so far hasn't it?" he announced trying to please the audience. "My name is Yamamoto Takeshi, "he smiled as he walked to the middle of the stage. Suddenly, objects came flying at him from all directions and a flash of clean strokes met with them. The crowd gasped as pieces of the flying objects dropped to the floor. "I am also a skilled swordsman."

The ladies giggled at his charisma as he continued showing of his skills with other objects and tricks.

"Now then, won't my lovely assistant please come up here?" he called out as he finished one last stroke.

"Excuse me." A voice said.

Everyone focused at the girl trying to get through the audience and the girls stared with jealousy as she went on stage, Yamamoto taking her hand.

"Every one, this is Tsukiyo." He smiled.

Everyone clapped. He then led her to a tall skinny box and closed it so that only her face showed.

"As you know, I'm a swordsman. But I am also a magician."

He unsheathed his sword and swiftly cut the box in three pieces. The crowd gasped. "Oh my God," someone let out. Takeshi laughed.

"Don't worry," he assured the audience. He suddenly smashed the 3 box pieces and the crowd gasped even louder. "My assistant is right here!"

He played with his hands and pulled a curtain that revealed another box.

"Ah.." Takeshi nodded. The crowd was confused. Where was the girl?

"It seems she's gotten shy," Yamamoto explained. "You need to call out her name! You need to yell out Tsukiyo!"

The crowd was hesitant but someone yelled out "Tsukiyo!"

"That's right! Louder!"

The crowd got louder and started chanting her name, "Tsukiyo! Tsukiyo!"

Suddenly the box opened and petals started streaming out and Tsukiyo came out. The crowd roared and Takeshi took her hand and bowed.

"Now why won't you that flame trick that you've been practicing as an apology for hiding so long?" Takeshi teasedl.

"Hm?" the girl turned to him. "H-hai!"

She got out her clubs that caught fire as she swung them. She juggled them a bit then let out a breath, blowing a stream of fire from one of the clubs. It spiraled throughout the room as the room gasped in amazement. Suddenly, the fire flickered and grew out of control, growing bigger and blazing throughout the room.

"Tsukiyo!" Takeshi yelled.

The crowd yelled, running from the fire.

Xanxus stared as the fire drew back and surrounded the girl. The girl was completely engulfed in fire.