Welcome to the start of Dan's get rich quick schemes! I would like to say that Blanka does growl for speech, but while around Dan and Sakura, I write him normally, because they can understand him!

"Noooooo!" A cry sounded throughout the dojo. Sakura and Blanka, who were talking about a trip to the fair that was temporarily in town, turned to face the dojo, and ran towards it.

"Hibiki-san! What's the matter?" Sakura asked while Dan simply sat there and sniffled. Getting up, he looked at his friend and student.

"I only have thirty-one days to come up with a thousand pounds, or they'll take the dojo! How the heck am I supposed to do that?!" He sat down, crying again. Jimmy and Sakura looked at each other. It was oh so common to see Dan overreact to something, but a thousand? How was he supposed to do that?

"Cheer up!" Jimmy said, patting Dan on the back.

"Yeah, Hibiki-san! We'll help!" Sakura said enthusiastically, eyes bright at the prospect of wagering money on street fights. After she put the suggestion forward, Dan shook his head.

"They say that I have to have a stable position, a job of sorts afterwards as well. How am I going to pay for food? I can barely afford that!" After the explanation, Dan's two cohorts to be looked up at the roof in contemplation. Sakura clicked her fingers.

"I know! I'll just ask Ken-san what we can do!"


Three days later, twenty eight days left.

"I'm baaaaaack!" Sakura called as she entered the building.

"Sakura! Since when do we shout when we enter a dojo? You know better than that! How many times, seriously?" Dan said, forgetting temporarily that Sakura was his lifeline.

"Uh-uh!" Sakura made the noise childishly, while waving some paper. Dan's beady eyes followed it, drooling at the mouth, before shaking his head.

"What is it?" Dan asked. Sakura scratched her nose, and then began her explanation.

"Ken-san said the best way to get rich quick was to find a gap in the market, you know, invent something new. Here." She said, handing Dan the sheet of paper. Dan read it aloud.

"Hey Hibiki! I heard about your money troubles from Sakura. I think that the best thing to do is invent something, but a fast-selling fad may work. Then you can get a job. I hope it works out for ya.

Ken Masters.

"Hibiki? I have a first name, you know!"

"Calm down, Hibiki-san! The important thing is, he helped. He didn't have to!" Sakura reasoned.

"Yeah, I suppose so. He's rich enough, why couldn't he just give me the money outright?" Dan asked, rhetorically. Sakura, however, answered.

"He said that you needed to learn independence. If he just gave it to you, you may end up relying on him. So he said." Dan pondered Sakura's words. "Also," Sakura began, "he gave us one hundred pounds to get started. Dan ran up to her, and hugged her.

"Thank you, kiddo!" Dan screamed, tears falling from his eyes. Sakura struggled to escape his grasp.

"Uh, Hibiki-san? When was the last time you washed?"

And that's the first chapter done! This was really just to explain the situation. The comedy will be in the next chapter. This is my first attempt at comedy, so I may be a bit off, but please appreciate my effort.