Fourteen days left.

Budget: £760

Credit for this idea goes to Major Mike Powell III. I had fun with this one, because it could happen to anyone, but it had to be Dan!

"I got another job!" Dan proclaimed proudly. Sakura and Blanka turned around from their game of Yu-Gi-Oh and smiled.

"What is it?" Sakura asked the dancing man, grinning at his self worship.

"Who's the best? (Dan!) Who's the be-oh, uh, I'm a dishwasher at a restaurant! I know it's a simple one, but I just need a small amount of money! We're nearly there!"

"Great job, Dan!" Blanka called over before adding Monster Reborn from his deck to his hand while Sakura was distracted. He also took Spirit Barrier.

"I've gotta get going! I'll see you guys later!" Dan ran outside, humming his little tune.

"Right, where were we, Blanka?" Sakura asked, picking her hand up.

"It was my go. I use monster reborn to bring back Sangan. I attack your Gene-Warped Warwolf and add the final piece of Exodia to my hand! I win!" Blanka grinned.

"Damn, Blanka," Sakura sighed. "I can beat Karin's Dragons no problem, but I can never beat your Exodia! How do you do it?" Sakura shuffled her deck, ready for the next game.

"Oh, it just takes skill and experience." Blanka slipped the head of Exodia to the top of his deck and put his neutral smile on.

'And a couple of distractions…'

"Ok, listen up Hibiki. Wash the dishes, put them here. When they dry out, put them there," The manager of Dan's new job said, pointing, "Got it?"

"Yes sir!" Dan exclaimed, saluting. Watching the manager go, Dan turned to his dishes. The first hour went well, and Dan was having fun. Everyone was quite nice and no-one made fun of him for wearing pink. (Of course, that was because they thought it was to keep his good clothes dry!) However, this all went to hell when he saw some soup left unattended. Walking over, he smelt it. Inhaling the aroma, he frowned thoughtfully.

"Hmmm…not enough pepper!" Dan ran over to the spices and grabbed the pepper. Standing over the soup, he threw an entire pot of pepper into it and stirred. Pouring some into a bowl, he ate it eagerly.

"Hibiki! What are you doing? You're supposed to be washing, not eating!"

"Ahh! Sorry mister boss sir!" Dan backed away and crashed into his massive pile of dishes, knocking them over. Dan could only watch in horror as the dishes crashed, startling the chefs. This caused many of them to knock their own food over. Staring at the sea of destruction, the boss was speechless. Dan scurried away, hoping to avoid being shouted at.


Thirteen days left.

Budget: £760

Yes, I really enjoyed this one! Will Dan ever make that last bit of money? I don't even know, but we're sure to find out. Enjoy as always!