An Anne and Gil Christmas

Two figures walked alone through the snow. If one glanced at them, at once they would be labelled as lovers. "Gil, what are we going to do for Christmas?"

"Well, since my parents are in Charlottetown until Christmas morning, i don't see why i can't spend tomorrow with you," he smiled as he finished and kissed his fiancee's head.

"I have to help Marilla prepare the dinner tomorrow. I have an idea. Why don't you come and have dinner with us tomorrow! it hurts me to think of you having dinner all alone on Christmas Eve. your parents really can be heartless at times," Anne said with a sarcastic tone.

"You know very well that they've gone to visit my Aunty, who, I might add, is very sick and may not be with us for very much longer."

"I do know that, you've told so many times."

"Okay, well, we've sorted out tomorrow, what about Christmas Day?" Anne stopped to think.

"Well, it would be awfully rude to storm out of Green Gables Christmas to meet you, even if we are engaged."

"Why don't we spend Christmas morning and lunch with our families, then we could meet at our spot, let's say, about three o'clock for our own private gift giving?"

Anne smiled excitedly, "That sounds absolutely perfect!"

"Then its set. tomorrow at dinner, and Christmas day at three."

The wind began to blow stronger and the couple quickly made their way to Green Gables. Anne hastily opened the door and let themselves feel the warmth of Green Gables' interior. "Anne! is that you?" a voice sounded from the kitchen. Anne and Gilbert both took their coats and hats off and made their way to the kitchen. "Yes it's me, Marilla." Anne said, Gilbert staying silent.

"Good, Anne, i'd like you to take care of the pudding, make sure you make the sauce properly and.....Hello Gilbert." Marilla stated as soon as she looked up from her cooking to see the couple. she was quite unaware of Gilbert's presence.

"Why Anne, i was quite unaware of Gilbert's presence, why didn't you say anything?"

"Well, you always told me that it was rude to interrupt when someone else is speaking," she replied, with a sly grin."Gil, why don't you go sit in the parlour, i'll just be a minute."

"Now Anne, since you have company, why don't you go and entertain him. you can make the pudding later." Anne went to kiss Marilla's cheek.

"Thankyou, Marilla," she stated before making her way to the parlour to keep Gilbert company.