When Anne had returned her coat to its usual resting place and sat down again, she noticed Diana smiling.

"What ever are you smiling at, Diana?"

"Well, I was walking around and inspecting the Christmas tree, and I found my present. So I thought that it was only fitting that I open it, since it is Christmas Day and my present." She stopped to pull the book from its hiding place, namely Diana's back. "Congratulations Anne!" they hugged and when they pulled away, Diana saw the necklace. "Is that necklace new?"

Anne blushed and looked down at it admiringly, "Yes, Gil gave it to me today." Diana went to her bag and pulled out a little parcel.

"Here's a new pen set, you can use them to write your future best-sellers."

"Thankyou, Diana."

"Well, I had a really great time tonight, but I have to get back home, little Fred might be expecting his bedtime story soon." Diana gathered her belongings and walked towards the door. "I'll come back tomorrow and we can decide on the pattern of your dress."

"Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye." They hugged again, and Diana made her way home in her buggy.

After Anne had had a bite of supper, she made her way up to the east garret and changed into her nightgown. Before she got into her bed and blew out the lantern, she opened her window to reveal the beauty of that Christmas night, despite the cool draught. She took off her necklace, careful not to lose it to the breeze. She read the words over and over. Anne breathed one last sigh, looked toward the direction of the Blythe Homestead and said in a quiet, but confident voice, "I'll always love you too, Gil." Gilbert, who had also opened his window to let in the night air, was certain he heard her words. He heard Anne's voice mingled in the beautiful song of the Christmas night zephyr. Gilbert opened the book that Anne had given him, and it automatically opened up to the dedication page. He read it then smiled.

For Marilla, Matthew, Diana and Rachel,

for all their support and loving care.

And for the love of my love, Gilbert.

Thankyou for all of your love and encouragement


Written beside her initials, Gilbert found that Anne had written Soon to be Blythe. He quietly laughed then went to sleep that night with nothing but thoughts of happiness, and of Anne, in his mind.


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