Bray was trapped in a maze like a rat. A maze built out of mirrors. Everywhere he ran he bumped into his own reflection. He ran down a hall and smacked face-first into a solid wall. The impact knocked him to the ground. When he stood, the maze had disappeared and a long hallway of mirrors replaced it. Was this a dream or was Bray losing grip on his sanity? After all that had been done to him while imprisoned he was unable to distinguish what was real and what wasn't. He carefully began to make his way down the hall. It just continued on and on with no end in sight. He began feeling the glass walls, trying to figure out if there was a false wall that would lead back into the labyrinth. When he looked up, it wasn't his reflection in the mirror. It was his baby sister, Californium. She had been a part of the Locos before she was murdered in a nasty ambush. Back in the days when Bray was Zoot's advisor and the entire clan was together. Bray looked around for something he could use to smash the mirror but there was nothing. When he looked back up, Californium had vanished. His friend and rival Pride, from the Eco's had replaced her.

"Pride," yelled Bray "What's happening?"

Pride opened his mouth and spoke but Bray couldn't hear him. Bray sank to his knees in despair and began to cry. It was all too much. When he looked up, his loyal tribe member Dal had replaced Pride in the mirror. In the Loco days, Dal went by Darkling. He was originally a Loco but became a Mallrat along with Amber and Bray. Zoot promised them to Trudy as life-long bodyguards for Brady before his "death".

"Help me, Dal!" cried Bray. Dal shook his head sadly and turned to walk away. It was as if he was walking deeper into the mirror. Bray decided to bust through the glass wall with brute force. He braced himself and charged at the mirror, ready for his shoulder to take the blow from the breaking glass. He was shocked when he fell straight through the mirror and landed on the other side.

"Bray!" came a familiar voice. He would recognize it anywhere.

When he looked up, his younger sister Kisenian was crouched on the floor next to him. Kisenian was Zoot's twin and right hand. Her hair was braided in standard Techno fashion but her eyes and face matched Zoot's. Bray hadn't seen her since the day of Zoot's funeral. Even then he'd only caught a glimpse of her tracking the Mallrats and Zoot's body.

"Is this real," asked Bray "How are you here?"

"The Technos captured me leaving the city," said Kisenian "I lived among them for a time until they figured out who I was. Then I got shipped here."

"What about Zoot and mmhm" Bray was cut off by Kisenian covering his mouth.

"Shh we mustn't speak of that here," Kisenian, whispered, "They're watching us."

She pulled Bray to his feet and they began running down the endless hall of glass and reflections. A few times Bray thought he saw Zandra and other friends he knew were dead. Suddenly, the hall ended into a large, intricately carved wooden door. Bray and Kisenian considered the door, trying to figure out if it was a trap. Kisenian kicked it open to reveal only blackness. It was like an unknown force drew them through the door. Once both Kisenian and Bray crossed through the door snapped shut behind them. Kisenian tried in vain to force it back open but it was gone. Suddenly, light illuminated the oblivion they had stepped into. They were in a church, standing by an altar. All of their loved ones were gathered in the church's pews. Bray realized he was dressed in a sharp tuxedo and Kisenian was wearing a flowing teal dress. He looked at the crowd gathered in the pews again and spotted his father and mother. That was his first clue that something was wrong. His father was an abusive drunk that drove their beloved mother to her grave long before the virus. Bray would never want him at his wedding. Suddenly the most captivating creature on the face of this earth distracted Bray. It was Amber his one true love from the very beginning. She had started out as Zoot's prisoner and risen up the ranks of the Locos. She was one of the guards promised to Trudy for Brady along with Dal and Bray. She was wearing a simple, strapless white gown that accented her natural beauty. Ebony was right behind her in a teal dress like Kisenian, they were Amber's bridesmaids. Amber joined Bray at the altar and took his hands. Bray beamed back at her.

"Nervous?" Bray spun in surprise and saw Martin at his side, dressed in a tux like Bray. His eyes were the way they had been before the fateful night both he and Kisenian saw the light. Bray was overjoyed. His tribe was all back together, gathered in this church for his wedding. In the front rows sat Zoot's inner circle and the rest of his clan. Sullivan, his little sisters Californium and Lithium. Bray concluded he had passed through purgatory and was now in heaven. Tai-san was at the altar with them, conducting the wedding ceremony.

"Bray, do you take Amber to be your loving and loyal wife?" asked Tai-san. There was a cold glint in her eye. Bray looked to Amber then back to Kisenian.

"Don't, Bray!" yelled Kisenian. Ebony grabbed her and covered her mouth, restraining her. In what world would Ebony be stronger than his warrior sister?

"Do you, Bray?" asked Amber. Bray began to back away but Martin grabbed him and held him in place. Except he wasn't Martin anymore, he had transformed into Zoot.

"Why," Bray cried as he fought "Someone help me!"

Zoot held Bray still and Amber produced a huge medical syringe. Kisenian was in the exact same situation. Ebony had her in a chokehold and she was draining blood into a syringe from Kisenian's arm. Bray screamed and fought but Amber took the blood from him anyway.

"I do, Bray," said Amber "I do I do I do!"

"Pull them out!" Yelled Judd. He was in an operating theatre surrounded by strange laboratory equipment. Bray and Kisenian were strapped to tables, restrained with reality space visors fastened to their heads. There were three women standing near Kisenian and Bray wearing visors as well. Their leader, Eloise removed her visor and so did the other two. She held out her hand expectantly to the two girls. Both of them sank to their knees reverently and presented her with the syringes of blood they had taken from Kisenian and Bray. Watching through the window that divided the theatre from the gallery was a crowd of kids. Every single one of them was dressed like Zoot. Eloise held up the syringes in triumph for her followers to see. Judd had unfastened Bray from the table and was supporting him as they walked out the exit doors. Bray was crying out for Kisenian but too weak to fight. Kisenian had gone completely still on the other table, passed out from shock. The two girls that had taken the blood samples unfastened her restraints and began to carry her from the room. Eloise was making a speech to her followers, about visiting Zoot's realm and communing with him. She spoke of the blood of the brother and the blood of the twin. She emptied both syringes into glass vials and took a sip of each one. Her followers began to chant Zoot's name maniacally. This entire time, Kisenian had been playing possum. She waited until the two girls were carrying her by Eloise, then she struck. Kisenian was still strong and feisty, having arrived at Eloise's compound only a few days before. She slipped out of the two girl's grasp and gave both of them swift rabbit punches. One was floored completely and the other fell to the ground clutching her broken nose. Eloise turned in shock and met Kisenian's boot. Kisenian gave Eloise one of her signature whip-kicks and brought her to the ground. Guards came pouring into the room and seized Kisenian. She took three of them out before they could subdue her.

"You bitch," snarled Kisenian "I'll kill you!"

Eloise rose gracefully and brushed herself off. Thankfully, the vials of blood hadn't spilled or broken in the struggle. She got right in Kisenian's face, close enough to kiss her. She stroked Kisenian's hair and trailed a finger down her cheek.

"And I will break you." Said Eloise with a smirk. Kisenian abruptly head-butted her. Eloise fell back clutching her head in pain.

"That was for my brother!" screamed Kisenian as she was dragged from the room. One of the guards came to Eloise and looked her over.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"I'm fine, but she won't be," said Eloise "Prepare them both for the breeding program."

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