Jynx was truly in a bind. Her oh-so-clever escape from the Jzhao Li resulted in disaster. The current took the lifeboat further out to sea and she was unable to reach the shore. She even jumped out and attempted to swim but the undertow was too strong. Jynx barely made it back to the lifeboat. Now, she was behind the wheel, trying to steer the tiny boat to the beach that kept getting further away. Eventually she gave up and collapsed on the deck in despair. She was going to die here, whether she drowned or starved nothing changed the fact she was going to die. Why did her most carefully laid plans always unravel on her? She nearly took over the Locos back in the day but Zoot stomped out her mutiny and banished her. Then she was set up to be leader of the Locos and after her cousin Ebony left with Zoot. Jynx assumed Ebony's identity and ruled the Locos for a while. Then the Chosen came along and ruined everything. The Guardian knew she wasn't the real Ebony; he met the real Ebony in school along with Zoot. No matter where she went or what she did, her plays for power always crumbled before her eyes. She wondered what happened to her cousin and Zoot.

"I hope she lost that stupid baby and Zoot." Jynx said aloud to herself. It was a horrible thing to say but at this moment Jynx wanted nothing more than for Ebony to suffer like she was suffering. Maybe the royal couple was dead, that would be even better. Jynx reached for her pack and pulled out the journal. There was a lot that she didn't know about going on behind the scenes in the Loco days. For example, Zoot ordered Lithium and Kisenian to kill Jynx after he "died". She only survived out of sheer luck. Kisenian was running late that day and Ruby had just terminated a pregnancy so neither of them was able to complete the mission. Why couldn't that same luck help her now? Just as that thought crossed her mind, she heard the sound of an engine. She peeked over the side of the lifeboat and saw a cruiser approaching. They had definitely spotted the lifeboat and were coming for it. Jynx had no choice but to hide and hope for the best. She covered herself with a blanket and leaned against the side of the boat, trying to blend in. The engine got closer and stopped. For the first time in a long time, Ebony was terrified. She felt helpless, even. She heard the sound of four or five people moving around and talking. They came onto her boat and the blanket was ripped off of her immediately. All of them were men dressed in black with strange hats, almost like berets. She began to feel post-traumatic stress coming on from her initiation into the Locos. Zoot and his inner circle dressed in black with ski masks and kidnapped her. They tortured her for hours before Sully intervened. Sully, why had she ever left him? For Jay of all people. As the military-style grab team dragged her onto their cruiser, she longed for Sully. She missed his smile, his touch, that sweet demeanor. More than anything, she wished he were by her side right now. If she died today, she would die with a heart full of love for the only man she ever truly cared for. Sure, Bray and Jay were beautiful heroic types but neither of them made her feel the way Sully did. One of the men shoved her down on the deck of the cruiser and ordered her to stay still. She looked up and saw a girl with a hideously scarred face looking back at her. Ebony nodded respectfully and the girl's face twisted into an evil grin.

"What's your name?" asked the girl. Ebony kept her eyes on the floor and decided to be submissive until she had a handle on her situation.

"I'm Ebony." Her voice was barely a whisper. The ugly girl sneered at her.

"Well, Ebony," she said "the Commander is going to have some fun with you. He likes to tear up the pretty ones."

Ebony didn't ask what she meant, she just assumed the worst.

"Emma, please be reasonable!" exclaimed Bray. She had his neck pinned against the bed with her elbow and she was slowly applying pressure. Bray gasped for air and Kisenian screamed in fury.

"You bitch," she yelled "Fight me instead!"

Emma turned and faced Kisenian, giving her a clever grin.

"Oh I'm not coming anywhere near you," said Emma "You look like a biter."

Kisenian let out a roar of frustration and began fighting against her bonds again. Emma listened and smiled to herself.

"Emma," said Bray "Please, we'll tell you everything if you tell us what's going on here. We're not Zootists or slavers just let me explain."

Emma cocked her head to the side like she was considering it.

"This was a military compound built to house soldiers and their families," Emma began "After the virus we all lived together for a time. We're called the Roaches. Then some of us went mad – they left here and became the Fallen, a violent and feral tribe that deals in slaves among other things. Some of the Roaches went up north to explore but they never came back. You know anything about that, Bray?"

"We don't know a damn thing about your friends," yelled Kisenian "We were prisoners!"

Now she'd gone and done it. For all they knew Emma could be in contact with Eloise. Bray would die before he ever went back to the compound.

"Prisoners," said Emma "Where?"

Neither Bray nor Kisenian answered. The room went silent as a grave. Emma sighed and reached down into her boot. She pulled out a knife, much like the ones Zoot and Kisenian used to carry. She stood and walked over to Kisenian's bed. Emma grabbed Kisenian's braids and pressed the knife to her throat.

"Why do you look like Zootists," she demanded, "Tell me the Zoot secret or die!"

Kisenian smiled up at her and pressed her neck into the blade a tiny bit, it didn't even break the skin it was so dull.

"You know I had knives just like that but mine were actually sharp." Kisenian narrowed her eyes and waited for Emma's reaction. Emma raised the knife in the air and brought it down swiftly. Bray cried out just before the blade touched Kisenian's chest.

"Stop," Bray was frantic "I'll tell you everything, don't hurt my sister!"

Emma put the knife back in her boot and came to sit on Bray's bed.

"That's much better," she said "Now tell me."

"Don't Bray!" yelled Kisenian. He ignored her.

"Emma, we look like Zootists because we are the original Zootists, you ever heard of the Locos?" he paused and Emma nodded "Me, Kisenian, and our brother Martin started the Locos. Since the Zootist movement started we've been running for our lives, them and the Chosen are our greatest enemies."

"You're lying," snapped Emma "Zoot started the Locos, and after he died the Zootists. Your markings are all wrong, have you ever even seen a real Zootist?"

"Our marks are Inner Circle Loco tattoos, each one is unique," Bray was starting to get frustrated "Martin, my kid brother was Zoot. If you don't believe me call Shannon in here to look at Kisenian again. She's his twin and the Zootists are dying to get their hands on us. Tell her what they did to you at the compound, Kisenian."

Emma turned to Kisenian, waiting for a violent reaction. Instead, Kisenian began to sob and stopped struggling with her bonds.

"They wanted a child of Zoot's bloodline," her voice was shaky "They put me in reality space anesthesia and, and she took them. She took them all." Kisenian was unable to continue. She turned away from them and continued to cry.

"Took what?" asked Emma.

"They did an egg retrieval procedure on her, maybe they removed her ovaries. The Zootists stole all of her future children and her ability to procreate. Still think we're lying?" asked Bray.

"Emma please," whimpered Kisenian "I need my brother please untie us. Please, please just let me be close to my brother." Tears rolled down her cheeks. Without a word, Emma began to untie Bray. He thanked her once he was loose and she released Kisenian as well. Kisenian fell into Bray's arms and cried into his chest.

"Shhhh," Bray comforted her "I'm here, I love you so much Kisenian I'll never let anything happen to you ever again."

Kisenian felt an arm around her shoulder and was surprised to see Emma consoling her too.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you," said Emma "You're a survivor like me, and survivors have to stick together. You can stay or go, you're no longer prisoners."

Kisenian and Bray exchanged looks of disbelief. It appeared that they had a new ally and their freedom once again. Bray knew they would survive this odyssey, that's what his clan did best. Survive.

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