Screamed echoed up through the basement of the Argent house, this was the first thing Allison heard when she got home after she tried to help the others look for Stiles, he went missing and the wolves couldn't find his scent, but when she heard the screams she just knew who it was, her dad looked at her seeing her fear and wide eye expression and he nodded when she got her phone out, no sooner than when she put her phone down they were at the door, her dad moved away letting them in as his daughter led not just one angry werewolves but the whole pack, Derek it seems was in a rage his eye blood red.

Another long draw of the blade down his side making his whimper out as tears burn his bruised cheeks, they asked him question one he sort of knew and didn't but because the hunters not ones for torturing humans went too far, a snap of a rip made the thin teen scream as the door busted open "Allison what are… what have you done?" Gerard said, she just opens the door wider as the wolves rusted in. Scott went to Stiles and helped untie him from the binds; "Think my dad is going to kill me?" he coughed as blood dribbled down his lip and chin

"Nawww he making the hospital runs through hoops to get well." Scott said trying to keep calm as he pulled the blinds off letting the teen fell into his arms like a dead weight,

"Scott come on my dad has the car going." Allison called out from the door, Scott looked at Derek who had Gerard by the neck is claws digging into his skin, the others were just having plan fun …well it is kind of the full moon… he thought as he left carrying his best friend up and out of the basement.

He had cuts, slices all along his body it seem Gerard knew enough to slide the knife into his body without hitting any major organs, bruises littered the pale skin, joints swallow where they have been twisted and pulled and bones broken in places and blood there was so much blood that Scott thought his best friend was going to die, the car screeched outside the hospital as they piled out of the car, Scott had carried him to the hospital his mum saw him standing there covered in blood looking white as ghost "Mum." He whimpered looking at her; in a second she paled like her son and got the doctors and nurse to help them.

Stiles was in better shape than he looked but Scott knew his friend had a big habit of bouncing back, even when they were younger and Jackson wacked Stiles and Scott in the head with a plastic baseball bat he was out of it for weeks while Stiles was rambling back to himself a few hours later but back to the boy on the bed, Scott sat there where he has been for the last week, watching the teen slowly heal, he smiled at when he first woke up and saw how decorated his room was filled with flowers, balloon and cards and mountains of sweets he had no idea he was that much loved especially when he found out that the pack set half of the things, he was a little sad his dad wasn't there but he didn't want to worry too much about him, Stiles' dad was gone for a couple of weeks and will be pissed to find out his son in hospital Scott thought and thought he should be told but he knew his mum would have called and told him. The knocked at the door showed Scott's mum walk in with a soft smile on her face "Hey boys." She said


"Hey mum what's the good news?" her son asked

"Well the good news is tomorrow you might be able to go home." she smiled

"That is the best news I've heard sign being here." Stiles smiled as he sipping his water though a straw,

"Yeah it is but I want Scott to stay with you until your dad gets back he is having real trouble trying to get a plan here.

The next day couldn't come quick enough for Stiles or Scott, they left the hospital and slipped into Scott's car driving down the road, Stiles looked out the window at the passing scenery, his cards and gifts in the back of the car as he had to give his flowers away because he really couldn't take them home "H…Hey that was my turn off…Scott?" Stiles said as he watched the next turn off fly pass him in the blink of an eye

"Sorry ma…dude Alpha orders and I for once agrees, you're going to stay up at the house where the pack can keep an eye on you." Stiles looked at him as if he was made


"You have no idea how much of effect you have on the rest of the pack do?" he asked, Stiles looked down at his bandage hand and mumbled and 'no' to him because he really didn't know, sure they have their moments where they talk and sound like they are getting on but other than that he is a rabbit with wolves as company. He dropped off to sleep he must have because when he open his eyes again he found himself at the Alpha's nicely rebuilt home, Scott pulled up out front where three other cars hid there

"Did I fall asleep?" He asked as Scott shut the car off

"Yep." He smiled as he jumped out of the car and moved quickly round to the other to Stiles side and helped him out,

"Dude I can walk." Stiles chuckled as Scott held on to him

"It's just to help you up the stairs." He pleaded Stiles nodded and gives him to the in human strength.

The front door open and Derek stood there watching them, with a small smile on his face …Whoa he is smiling sort of… they got through the front door into the hall way where the green and whites walls made the place more roomy brighter, Stiles could see the other pack members standing or on the stairs looking at him some of them looking fidgety others looked worriedly at him but none of them dared moved as they watched him limp into the living room as Scott helped him onto the large grey sofa, he winced a little as he moved himself to get comfortable, the sound of his watch beeping telling him he needs more pain killer "I got it." Scott said as he moved to get the tub of tablets and water, Stiles took two and down the glass of water, he must have been their five minutes on his count before found himself being hugged by not only Allison but Lydia, Isaac, Erica, while the more macho type sat close to him being able to sniff him, Stiles looked around looking wide eye and mouth 'what's going on?' "Told you didn't know how much of an effect you had with them." Scott smiled

"He didn't know?" Derek answered looking at Scott

"Nope not a clue."

"Ummm." Is what Derek grunted before clapping his hand "RIGHT YOU LOT OFF DO SOMETHING?"

"Can we roll around in Stiles clothes?" Erica asked getting a few nods from the other

"No." Derek said sending the puppies out with a flea in their ear, from where Stiles sat he could hear the front door open and close and some noises up stairs as he looked back to Derek

"Was I that missed?"

"You have no idea they started acting like it was the end of the world, I had to stop some of them from braking into your home." Derek said to him

"Your Joking…he got a chuckle out of the big man… and you how did you act?" he asked, that is when Derek's face become blinked as he looked at him

"We will talk about it more when you're healed." He said moving away making the teen very confused "Do you need anything?" he asked as he stood away from him

"TV remote, food, drink, and pain killers…oh and a blanket." He said watching the alpha move to get the things he asked for "OH AND PILLOWS!" he cried out as he turned back to the flat screen TV.

About 30 minutes later after having some pizza and a cup of coffee, Isaac wondered into the room looking at him and then looked down at the floor "Yeeeeah?" he asked looking up at the young wolf that was looking too lost for words

"Can I?" he asked he pointed to the seat next to him, Stiles nodded and moved his legs a little and let him sit next to him and then he watched him

"Isaac what's up?" he asked and the next thing he knew the curly hair teen had his head in his lap crying… oh shit he's crying… too shocked for words Stiles did only what his brain could think off and he ran his hand though his hair "Shhhh it's okay Isaac it's okay was this because I was hurt?" He got a nod and sniff "Isaac look at me…look at me." The teen looked up at him and bite his lips he could see the tired look "I'm fine see I'm still here?" he said holding his arms so the wolf can look at him,

"I can still smell the hurt on you, your pain and worry." He said looking up at him

"You haven't slept have you?" The teen nodded "Sleep I will be here." he said leaning his head back against the arm of the sofa and sighed

"Thank you mum." Came the mumble now Stiles my not have super wolf hearing but he heard him call him 'mum' …mum I'm the fucking pack mother…

It was during the night when there was a knock at his bed room, it seem when Derek was rebuilding the house he added more rooms and one of them was Stiles, he couldn't help but smile "Doors open." He mumbled as the a head poked in

"Sorry Stiles we didn't mean to wake you." Came the quiet voice of Lydia, sitting up Stile looked at the figures creeping in

"Urrrh what is this?" he asked in his sleepy state

"Ummm can we bunk with you?" The voice of Isaac said

"How many is we?" he asked


"The bed is big enough, please mum." Stile squinted at the person who that and was shock to hear it from Jackson's own lips …fucking hell damn it all wow…

"Yeah pile on." He said "But no biting not clawing and no hanky panky I do not want to burn my room." He said as he felt a huge rust of bodies' clime on and moves them about on the bed

"All we need is Derek." Someone joked

"Oi no this is ma's bed not his." That was Scott voice …holy hell Scott just call me Ma!…

When he wake up he see he is alone, he blinks at the room "Hey sorry about the pups." Stiles looked up to see Derek looking at him from the door way

"Urrh I am...urrrh I'm…they called… I mean to say is… am I the pack mum?" he asked a deep chuckle made his raise an eye brow

"Oh Stiles." He said as he crawled onto the bed and laid there

"No your doing it your laying with me what is going on?" He asked worriedly

"You really want to know?"

"Well durr if I am going to have 7 other teens sleeping my bed I would like to know and they keep calling me mum so am I the pack mum?" he asked


"So what does it mean?" He asked, he didn't notices that the alpha wolf ran his fingers over slightly bare stomach feeling the rumble of his stomach from hunger

"Those in my pack look for important things they look up to the Alpha and who can make them feel loved the one who helps with all the emotional crap the Alpha can't do." Stiles looked at him frowning and was about to open his mouth when Derek pressed his lips against his before pulling back "I also need you for that to." He smiled, Stiles blinked confused for moment before smiling softly and nuzzling into his Alpha's chest.