Many many months later when Stiles was able to walk around again he become to realised just how much the pack need him it was weird on day they are normal health teenager who can look out for themselves and now they act like they need a second mother or a first mother for some of them, it was weird at first instead of having Scott or Derek sneak into his bed room with the window the others didn't and when he was not at home he was at Pack house either hiding in Derek's room with Derek or trying to stop the small pack fights over TV rights and sofa sitting.

Today he was cutting though the woods his dad asked him to met him there, he found it odd how his dad never told him how he knows about Derek Hale being a werewolf and all, he never asked and he don't think he wants to ask, he walked thought the path made by the police tape, he stopped and saw his dad by his car "Hey dad what's up you never ask me to a crime scene before?" he asked, the sheriff turned around and looked at him, Stiles could see that he was holding a whimpering child in his arms

"Found this little guy under the hollowed out bit of a tree, I guessing he belong to that poor boy there." Stile looked over to the white sheet that covered the boy's body, bright red blood started to seep though the white sheet and

"And your letting him sees that blood give him here." Stiles took the boy into his arms and the toddler quietens down and nuzzled into his chest

"Oh he relaxes for you…he smiles…just like your mother, anyhow Stiles I need to see Derek I think that boy was a wolf." He said

"What gives you that idea?" Stiles asked

"Well the boy you're holding was with him there pictures of them in his wallet also he had Derek's name and address, plus he tried to bite the other for me he whimpered and moaned for you he is sleeping, I think he can smell the pack on you.

"You know dad one of these days we're going to have this nice little chat about you, me and the werewolves, so what do you want me to do with this little guy?" he said holding the toddler tightly

"Look after him for a while until we can find family, take him to the pack and tell your boy friend's I need a word." Stiles nodded and took the little boy back the way he came towards the Pack house.

He walked up to the house and saw the all the lights were on he shook his head and he walked in "MUM JACKSON THINKS HE BETTER THAN US...AGAIN!" cried out Erica, Stiles sighed counting down the responds of Jackson and mouthing his words


"Jackson you're the same as very one else if you say out are again I will put you in the dog house again." He said walking up stairs where he knew Derek would be hiding; he got to the room and knocked on the door

"Come in." He said, walking in Stiles smiled nervously

"He umm my dad wants to see you something about a body and having your name addressing his wallet and oh the body was looking after this little guy." Stiles said quietly and then pointed to the sleeping tot in his arm

"Jamie?" Derek breathed out

"You know who it is don't you... Derek I swear if he's your I will make sure you never have kids again." Stiles said and even tho he is not a wolf Stiles can be incurably dangerous to anything living or dead

"No he's not mine… can I?" He held his hand out and took the tot into his arms

"My dad thinks he's a wolf is he wrong?"

"No." Derek answered as the tot known as Jamie open his amber eyes up at him and gave a whimper before clapping at him "Jamie is a wolf it happens more in a male on male relationship that the wolf gene will affect a child. You said there was a body?"

"I didn't see him but dad wants you to have a look." Derek nodded

"I will go now and get it out the way." He said there was a hint of sadness in his voice

"Hey what's wrong?" Stiles asked as he placed a cool hand on the side of the big bad wolf's face, looking up into the loving brown eyes Derek smiled weekly

"The body could be someone called Michel, his partner was killed the other week and he's been on his own with Jamie, he called me up and asked if he could stay I…I agreed." Stiles understood and kissed him on the lips taking a hold of Jamie

"Go have a look and come back I will explain to the rest and ask dad if he's got some of my baby things still?" he smiled Derek nodded and stood up kissing him again as they walked down the stair "PACK MEETING WITHOUT ALPHA!" Stiles called out, there was a clatter of noise as people rain into the living room, Derek looked at him

"Good luck."

"Oh I will need it." He smiled "Bring a takeout back with you." he smiled as the closed the door.

"Right I'm guessing you lot knew about this guy before I set foot inside the house?" There was nods from every one "Okay then well this is Jamie he is a born werewolf, Derek has gone to my dad to see if he can identified the body, so be nice and gentle with him Jackson I mean you." he said looking at the other teen

"What…" he was about to say something but shut up quickly "Sorry ma." He said looking away from Stiles

"Right okay Derek is bring back takeout Alpha's choice tonight." He said as he got up and watched as Jackson and Scott got into a fight over the remote again while a few others went out back to play (hunt little bunnies) and some went up stairs. Standing in the kitchen Stiles placed Jamie at the table as brought him some warm food and drink "Eat all that up and then you can sleep watching cartoons."

"CARRR TONS." Jamie answered.

While Stiles was getting the plates out for dinner come one came up behind him "Mum can I have a word?" looking up Stiles nodded

"You know you can still call me Stiles?" he said

"I know but at times like this I like to call you mum."

"Okay what's up?" he asked frowning "And are you worried about telling Derek about it?" Isaac nodded and sat next to Jamie who smiled

"Erek is GARRR!" Jamie giggled trying to make a scary face by shifting and un-shifting quickly

"Clever boy." Stiles smiled ruffling his hair "Sooo what's wrong?" he asked looking at Isaac

"Ummm I'm pregnant." He said weakly before breaking down into tears, Stiles froze and blinked before snapping out of it

"You're pregnant h…how did you know?" He asked sitting next to him, he shrugged "Isaac how do you know and how come the others can't smell it?"

"Been sick every day for the last week." He said

"Oh, you one of these pee stick." He said "Ask Lydia or Erica or even Allison."

"Mum I am not going to ask them." He whimpered

"Shhshhshh calm down, can I ask who the father is?"





"He was not nice afterwards."

What? WHAT? JACKSON GETS YOUR ARSE NOW!" He screamed, Jackson walked in looking less than impress that he was called in

"What?" he growled

"Oh no you don't growl at me not ever."

"Mum please." Isaac whimpered holding him close

"You decide to try out being gay on Isaac and then you turn into a jerk after." Jackson looked at Isaac

"You told him, why did you tell him?" He moved to the curly hair teen, Jamie started growling and climbed off his set and bites him in the leg "AAAAH GET THIS LITTLE SHIT OFF ME!" he growled trying to kick him off.

A growl stopped all the shouts from every one and they turned to Derek standing there holding a brown paper bag setting a counter, Stiles picked up Jamie who was still a wolfed out and growling at Jackson Isaac was crying into Stiles holders while the girls were comforting him "What is going on?" he growled

"Jackson slept with Isaac then had been an arse and now Isaac pregnant." Stiles said in one go without having a breath "Ooooh wow I feel light headed."