23rd March 2000

Sapphire looked at the two bundles that she held in her arms. Each had small tuft of blonde hair which floated in the calm waters of Ingo while their bright blue eyes seemed to shine through the waves. Faro swam up behind her and stroked the eldest twin's tiny head.

"She's like an angel"

"why don't we call her that then? I mean it certainly suits her" Sapphire asked.

The other child stirred in her protective grip.

"what about this little one then?"

"how about. . ." Faro paused " Stephannie. What about Stephannie?"

The little girl gurgled with joy.

" well; she likes it any way."

Faro and Sapphire watched it proud joy as Angel and Stephannie squirmed out of their mother's arms and floated in the water like they were flying. Both were natural swimmers as they were half mer and half earth.

Sunlight streamed through the water as the twins screamed with joy.