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What has the world become?

It felt like every day was a living hell. It took everything we had just to escape their desperate grasps. One almost caught me, but Takashi made it face the fate it was sold for. They were already dead, that much was obvious, but it didn't feel right killing them again. Who enjoys that? I mean, sure it was fun at first, watching how those zombies sank to the ground in defeat, but then the number s grew larger and larger, and it was too much to handle.

So many breaths taken, so many lives lost.

I thought my friends and I were invincible. With all of us combined, we wouldn't let those dead bastards touch us. And they didn't for the time being. Well, there were only about four or five of them in the first few hours. In a few days, the number of living corpses increased by the hundreds. We lost many loved ones that day. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

How can we live like this anymore?

Food was scarce. The same goes for water. Saya kept complaining, and I just felt like punching her right then and there. Does she think that we aren't trying to survive? Like hell we are! It just isn't easy! Everything wasn't easy now. Everyone thinks that gas was our number one option. Inside their heads, I knew that they wanted to get out of there, to see if it was safe anywhere else. But to be honest, all we needed was hope. Hope that we would get out of this-alive.

How long will the world be like this?

Every day I wake up to the sounds of pain and weeping. My dreams, although they could be considered as nightmares, were absolutely no different. The planet has changed because of the outbreak, and we don't know if it will ever change back. Hisashi died during the first few days, and that definitely woke me up. It sparked something within me, and I snapped. With every one of 'them' I see, a great wave of hatred and vengeance flows through me. When there are many for us to kill, I get excited. Mostly because when there's a small group, Takashi and the others attack them before I do. But with every blow to their heads, I laugh inside.

When will these deaths finally come to an end?

I don't only feel sorry for the living. I feel sorry for the living dead as well. You know, whenever a living person gets bitten, it's up to someone else to kill them again. Dying twice sucks, doesn't it? I've seen many people die, and it stretches my heart to shoot them. If I died, would Takashi kill me? Would Alice? I don't know, but I hope they do. I don't want to turn someone else into one of 'them'. To think of it, I've never really laughed since the week before the outbreak. But I promised myself something. Once everything is back to normal, I'll throw my head back and laugh into the sky.

Will the world be destroyed?

Every second I breathe seems like a blessing to me. Not many people realize it, but I do. With everything in this condition, it's a miracle we can still breathe. It hurts, you know? To see everything like this. Wherever you are, it's probably ten times better than this is. Appreciate what you have, and appreciate the fact you're still alive. Because in a world like this, nothing is safe. Not walking around a corner, not walking up the stairs. I am Rei, and everything is gone in this world we live in.

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