Story Summary

It's been two years since Hiccup first made peace with dragons, but things are never still on Berk. Preparations are being made to induct Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third into Chief Stoick's War Council. But a visiting tribe with intimate connections to Stoick's past and his late wife threaten the peace on Berk. Hiccup, despite being the target of assassination, travels behind enemy lines to save his captured dragon. Hiccup's bonds of friendship are tested as he is forced to face death and shame to save his father, his love, and his friend.

Note for readers of this story.

This story is co-written by me and my sister, toothlesslove (on Tumblr). Since its inception near the beginning of our involvement in the HTTYD fandom (April 2012), we've grown much in our writing style and thematic maturity. The story reflects some of that change, so yeah the first Acts might have some writing errors that make me wish I'd done more editing XD But we did try to keep to the heart of why we wanted to write this tale in the first place: to intensely celebrate the themes of goodness, sacrifice, friendship, and love, while dwelling on the strong bond between a simple boy and his dragon, and to show that, despite all odds, a selfless love will shine in the darkest hour of hatred and violence.

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Do enjoy this story, and all comments and critiques are welcome!

Original author's note:

a/n: My sister and I haven't been in the fandom long, but this story we came up with really inspired us, and now we want to share it with the rest of the How to Train Your Dragon fans. It's an illustrated webnovel, so there are images to go with every chapter. I'm cross-posting this story to my deviantArt and Tumblr accounts - and also the official website we created for this story.

How to Train Your Dragon II
The Dragon Whisperer


That Killer

Her white fur cape waved gently in the wind from the coming storm. She leaned out, over the edge of the ship, looked out onto the vast volcano that speared upward so black and dark and broken. She watched the people, scurrying obliviously about, carrying out what little task they made for themselves on the island, their dragons seemingly, amazingly aiding them. Her eyes rose. There it was, the black dragon, the Night Fury, the great prize of the sky, sweeping above the shore, and upon him, the boy. There he was, the Dragon Whisperer, as the stories called him. Her eyes narrowed. There he was, that killer.