Hi guys I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to 50 fics but since I came back from holiday it's been hectic with my son's birthday and my Labrador having 7 puppies and I was busy with my Rookie Blue sequel but I have finally finished RB and I'm back with a new 50. So this is the sequel to "Falling for You" if you haven't read that yet then I suggest you to so you get the idea of this sequel. As always thanks to Jelly Bean Jenna.

Summary: Set 3 years on - Life couldn't be better for Steve and Kono, they are happily married with a 9 month old daughter and both still work with 50 and the team. Is life just perfect for them or will someone or something rock the boat and cause heartbreak and maybe separation for the family? And can Steve & Kono get through this after what they went through 3 years ago?

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Chapter 1

Here she sat in the hell hole of what she liked to call a cage, she had sat in here most of the time apart from when it was time to eat or exercise. She didn't have many visitors but she was grateful for the visits she did get but the main person she really needed to see and talk to hadn't made an appearance, had refused to accept the visitors cards that she sent and had even gone as far as changing his cell number so she couldn't even call. She was beyond devastated, heartbroken and crushed would be better said for what she felt and what she had felt all this time. She missed his smile, his eyes, his body, his…just his everything but she mainly missed him. Over the months she had thought of nothing but him, every waking minute and every dream at night his face was always in her mind. But tomorrow she would finally have a normal life, get her life back to what she had before and she had a plan already thought out which in 24 hours' time she could finally start.

Leaning against the doorway to the nursery Steve stood watching his 9 month old daughter Casey, she was beautiful just like her mum, she had the dark hair and dark eyes just like Kono but she had the McGarrett stubbornness even at such a young age. Sighing he stepped quietly into the room and sat down next to the crib this was the best part of the day he loved watching his daughter sleep peacefully. After everything that happened 3 years ago Steve never once thought that he could be so happy as he is now, thinking back to the proposal Steve had never been so nervous in his life:


Danny could tell that Steve was worried just by the way he kept pacing back and forth in his office, stopping to look at something in his hand and then running a hand through his hair before pacing once again. This had been going on for nearly 15mins and quite frankly Danny was fed up of seeing it and decided to find out what was wrong with a certain Navy Seal. He didn't even bother to knock as he entered Steve's office;

"Would you like to tell me what has your knickers in a twist?" Danny asked as he stopped at Steve's desk, Steve practically jumped round to face Danny at the sound of his voice and quickly placed one hand behind his back;

"I um…I don't know what you're talking about Danny" Steve mumbled before sulking into his chair. Danny just rolled his eyes and took a seat opposite; this was just typical Steve trying to make out that nothing was wrong when there clearly was;

"Come on Steven I've known you long enough to know when you're lying and hiding something" Danny said getting slightly frustrated as he seemed to be having these kind of conversations with Steve more so than usual over the past week but this time he was determined to get to the bottom of it. Steve looked at Danny and new this was bothering his friend, all week Danny had asked if everything was ok and every time he said yes, Steve hadn't told anyone about this but knowing Danny wouldn't blab he decided to just show him instead of saying it. Sighing he brought his hand out from behind his back and placed the velvet box on top of his desk and waiting for the ranting of Danny to start. The seconds seemed to turn into minutes as Steve sat and waited for Danny to speak but the silence that he heard was even worse than he thought, looking up he seen that Danny had a shocked and wide eyed expression on his face staring at the small box, Steve didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing. Danny sat stunned at what Steve had just placed on the desk, I mean out of all the ideas he thought was wrong this never crossed his mind at all, swallowing hard he looked up to see Steve looking at him;

"I'm speechless Steven, I mean who thought the Super Seal is wanting to settle down" Danny said as teasingly as he could even though he was still getting over the shock;

"This isn't funny Danny, I bought this ring last week and I've been worried sick about it ever since and Kono knows there's something wrong and I'm worried she might think the worst since I haven't told her anything" Steve said in a heart breaking tone before he placed his head in his hands and leaned his elbows on the desk. Danny felt a pang of guilt at his friend's words he should be more considerate of since he knows all too well that this is a huge step for Steve;

"Listen if you're worried she's going to say no then don't be I'm mean after everything you have been through with Catherine, I think she would have walked away by now Steve" Danny said truthfully because he knew it was the truth;

"And if she says no?" Steve said with his hands still covering his face.

"If who says no?" Came Kono's voice from the doorway eyeing the two of them. Steve and Danny both jumped at the sound of Kono's voice; they didn't even hear her come in. Steve couldn't take his eyes away from her "how much did she hear?" he thought to himself but he never had a chance to think it over has Kono suddenly gasped and her eyes locked on the small box on Steve's desk, Danny excused himself from the office and Steve felt his heartbeat battered off the inside of his chest. Steve closed his eyes for a second trying to control his breathing and calm his speeding heart;

"Steve…" came Kono's voice ever so quiet but loud enough for him to hear, looking at her he could tell she was just as nervous as he was. Taking a deep breath he grabbed the box, quickly got to his feet and rounded the desk so he was standing in front of her before quickly falling to one knee before he changed his mind, he could already see the tears starting in Kono's eyes;

"Kono we've been through a lot over the months and I don't know about you but I don't want anyone else, you're everything I want from now until we're grey and old. I love you Kono, will you marry me" Steve said never taking his eyes off her as he slowly opened the box to reveal a gorgeous 9 cut diamond ring, simple but elegant just what Kono liked. Kono didn't even waste a minute before falling to her knees so she was level with him;

"Yes, yes, yes!" came her response as Steve's dimples made a huge appearance and he placed the ring on her finger and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Neither of the two noticing Danny standing off to the side with tears in his eyes.


Steve was quickly brought out of his thoughts by his daughter laughing in her crib, looking over he found Casey standing in her crib laughing at him probably because he was so zoned out he didn't even realise that she was awake. The sound of his daughter's laugh made Steve himself chuckle, standing he quickly lifted his daughter out before holding her to his chest;

"Let's go and find your gorgeous mummy" he said before making his way downstairs.

Kono sat on the beach enjoying the quiet time she was having to herself which she didn't get much of now Casey was on the scene, she was also due back to work next week but only part time which Steve agreed to with no arguing plus Mary was now only 2 houses down from them and was their ready-made nanny. As soon as Mary found out that she and Steve were getting married she was here in an instant and decided there and then that she wouldn't be leaving Hawaii again. Thinking of everything her and Steve went through just to be together was all worth it as now she has everything she wanted in Steve and much more. Her wedding day was one of her special days but finding out that she was pregnant with Casey came a close second.


Kono really wanted to take the test at home but she couldn't hold in her excitement and nervousness any longer and she quickly made her way to the bathrooms in HQ. She had nipped out to the local drug store at lunch to pick up a pregnancy test, she was already 2 weeks late so she had a feeling that she was but she just wanted to make sure. She had been feeling giddy all day which didn't go unnoticed to Steve but he never mentioned it, she knew that he would wait until she was ready to tell him and he never once pushed for information which was one of the things she loved about him. As she read over the instructions and quickly done what they said she now sat on the bathroom floor waiting, the box said 3 minutes this would be longest 3 minutes of her life. Kono felt herself drifting off until a beeping sound made her jump before she quickly grabbed the white stick, taking a deep breath she turned the stick to look at it, she couldn't contain her excitement as the word "pregnant" was there in blue writing, stumbling to her feet she rushed out the bathrooms in search of Steve. She didn't have to wonder far until she spotted him leaning against the smart table laughing with Danny and Chin but as always with Steve he felt her presence even before he seen her. Steve looked in her direction but the smile on his face quickly vanished as he rushed over to her;

"What's wrong?" he asked which made Kono frown, how the heck did he know something was wrong "Your crying" he said as if knowing her question, Kono didn't even realise that she was crying but these were happy tears, tears of joy. Taking a deep breath she placed the stick between them before replying to Steve's question;

"I'm pregnant" she said happily unable to contain her excitement. She heard both Danny and Chin's gasps behind Steve but didn't pay much attention her main focus was on her husband. Steve stood shell-shocked at the bombshell Kono had just dropped, he was going to be a Dad and as the words finally sunk in he took Kono by surprise as he grabbed her around the waist and spun her around, Kono's laugh filling the office.


Kono was brought out of her thoughts at the sound of her daughter's laughter, turning to see what was going on the sight before her made her smile and love her husband just that little bit more. Steve was making his way towards her with Casey in his arms and spinning her around like an aeroplane and she was loving it, reaching her Steve stopped what he was doing and sat next to her with Casey between his knees, turning his head he gave her a passionate kiss before pulling away;

"What was that for?" Kono asked not that she was complaining. Steve just rolled his eyes at her comment;

"So I need to have a reason to kiss my sexy wife" Steve replied as he wiggle his eyebrows at her, the sight made Kono giggle. Steve grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him, the 3 sat on the beach watching the sunset as a happily family, surely nothing could go wrong, right?

So there you have chapter 1, I wonder who the person at the start is and was talking about. Well, all will be revealed as the story continues and I really hope you enjoy!