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Chapter 1

Lily Potter hated that it had to happen this way. She hadn't thought that becoming mortal would entail this. She had thought she and James would grow old together, and that she would one day be the one to tell their daughter, Rayna, her true heritage. For she was not who everyone on Midgard thought. She was Ingrid Odindottir, Princess of Asgard and younger sister of Thor and Loki. She had been wrapped in cotton wool back in Asgard, by her family. Even Loki, who had taught her all the magic he knew, had been over protective of her. So, wanting a bit of freedom, she had used her magic, shielded herself from Heimdal's view, and travelled the secret paths between Asgard and Midgard. Choosing a nice mortal family, she had altered their memories to believe that she was their own daughter, and changed into a five year old child, with all her memories and powers intact, planning to find out more of the magical beings that lived on Midgard, and prove she did not need to be coddled. But then, she had fallen in love. James was wonderful, but she was still immortal. So, she had gone to the goblins, and together, they had placed a block on her powers. For all intents and purposes, she was mortal. Her powers could still be released, and the spell hiding her from Heimdal's gaze was still in place, but she was mortal. When Rayna was born, she placed the same spell on Rayna, to keep her shielded from Asgard until she was older. She would tell her eventually, and then give her daughter the choice of meeting the godly side of her family. But it was not to be. Tears streamed down her face as she placed Rayna in her crib, and heard the sounds of a duel from below.

She knew James could not withstand Voldemort for long. There was not enough time to perform the ritual to release her powers. But there was time to release the spell hiding her from Heimdal. Not from Rayna, but from herself, so Heimdal would see what was about to happen, and tell her family of her death. She shuddered as she felt the spell leave her, and heard the thump of a body fall to the floor. James was dead. She knelt down in front of the crib, facing her beautiful baby girl.

"Rayna. Oh Rayna. You were so loved. So loved. Mummy loves you, daddy loves you. One day, you will find family who will care for you and protect you again. Your daddy and I will watch over you from Valhalla. You are royalty, my daughter. Your grandfather is king of the Gods, of all of Asgard. Your Uncles, Thor and Loki would love you so much, if they met you. As would your grandparents. My death will give you a chance to meet them one day. I will always love you, Rayna Asta Jamesdottir." She sprung up and round, when the door crashed down and Voldemort stepped into the room.

"Please," Ingrid begged, having never been accustomed for begging for anything as a royal. But her daughter's life was where she was glad to make an exception. "Have mercy."

"Step aside, silly girl." He said harshly, brandishing his wand as he did so.

"Please, not my daughter, not my baby. Take me instead!" Her arms were spread, and she was shielding her daughter from view.

"Step aside girl, this is your final warning." He hissed, his red eyes shining with malice, reminding Ingrid of the few Jotuns she had caught glimpses of, when she had slipped passed the protection of her brothers and the guards her father assigned to her, and went exploring between worlds.

"NO! Take my life! Spare her! Please! I beg of you- have mercy."

"Arvada Kedavra." He hissed. The sickly green light was the last thing Ingrid saw, before she died.

Heimdal had sent message to the king the moment he had seen Princess Ingrid reappear, but he knew they would be too late to save her. But they had to try.

"Heimdal." He turned slightly to see both Thor and Loki, as well as Sif and the Warriors Three. It was Thor who had spoken. "You have seen Ingrid?"

"She is in grave peril. I fear it is too late."

"Then hurry in sending us to her, Heimdal." Thor ordered.

He opened the Bifrost, and sent the group through to Midgard, praying to the Norns they would arrive in time.

The six of them landed in a street and saw the house that looked as if an explosion had recently gone off inside it. They ran for it, ready for battle, Thor and Loki in the lead. This was the first lead to their sister they had had in years. They would not lose her now. The front door was hanging off its hinges, and in the hall, they saw the dead body of a man. He might have been sleeping, had it not been for the fact his chest was not rising and falling. He had messy black hair, and wire rimmed glasses.

"Ingrid!" Thor called, hoping for a response. There was none.

"He was blocking the stairs." Loki noted. "Probably trying to buy someone- most probably Ingrid- time."

"Then we search upstairs first." Thor said, heading straight for the stairs.

When upstairs, their eyes landed on the fallen door.

The brothers ran for the door, and into the room.

"NO!" Thor cried out, dropping to his knees at the sight of her lifeless body.

Loki let out a wordless cry of anger at the sight of his sister's dead body and fell to his knees next to Thor. Whoever had done this would pay. Thor gently reached out, and closed Ingrid's eyes, as tears spilled over. Anguish tore at them both knowing that their sister was dead.

Sif, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg watched gravely from the doorway. They had all sworn to help Thor and Loki protect Ingrid, who had been loved by all back on Asgard, and they had failed. Sif felt tears prick at her eyes. She had been able to relate with the princess, who had wanted to prove herself capable of protecting herself. But unlike Sif, she had not been given the opportunity, so she had made one for herself. Perhaps had Sif offered to train her in secret, this would not have happened.

Loki conjured a gold and black shroud and together, he and Thor wrapped Ingrid in it. Thor picked her up from the floor, and cradled her gently. Loki glanced around the room, his eyes noticing the over turned crib, and the toys, and the leather bound journal. He picked the journal up, and looked to the first page. It was Ingrid's. He held onto it tighter.

"Her diary." He said, explaining the book to the others. His eyes lingered on the crib again. "This is a child's nursery."

"I hear no cries of a child, Loki." Thor said, the tears still falling.

Loki brushed some of his own away. "Perhaps whoever committed this crime took the child with them."

"We shall ask Heimdal on our return home, brother." Thor said. "If there is indeed a child, we shall begin the search immediately. We cannot fail our sister again."

Loki nodded, agreeing. It was the only way, seeing as there was no child in the room. In grim silence, they made their way back to the Bifrost site. Heimdal must have been watching, for the bifrost was opened the moment they were all in place.

When they returned to Asgard, they saw Heimdal's usually impassive face was sorrowful. "My condolences. And my apologies. I found her too late."

"Was there a child, Heimdal?" Loki asked, his voice hoarse.

"Yes. A girl named Rayna Asta Jamesdottir. But her mother's spell still lingers around her. I am failing once again. I cannot find the child."

"Keep searching." Loki said. "If you see anything send word." There had been a child. She would be found and protected at all costs. They would not fail Ingrid again by failing Rayna.

"Immediately." Heimdal nodded. "The crime was committed by a mortal wizard known only as Lord Voldemort- the Dark Lord, to his followers, he too has disappeared, but something tells me he is not dead, and neither is your niece. The king and queen are not yet aware of what has occurred. I have not had the chance to break the news. And I do not think a simple message is the best way to do so either."

"You are correct Heimdal." Thor said, nodding, his face contorted with grief. "We shall head straight back to the palace."

They all mounted their horses, Thor still keeping a firm grip on Ingrid's shroud wrapped body. The group raced over the bridge, and into the city, their pace not faltering until they reached the palace.

The group dismounted and headed inside, Sif and The Warriors Three blocking the two princes mostly from sight, so that people would not know of Ingrid's death before Odin and Frigga did.

The guards opened the doors to the massive throne room, and once inside, the four moved to the side, to simply flank the brothers as they walked, and allow Odin and Frigga a clear view.

The two seemed frozen in place as they approached, disbelief written on their faces, hoping that the shrouded body was not that of Ingrid. Halfway up the steps, Thor and Loki stopped, and Thor gently placed Ingrid down on the floor, and moved the part of the shroud covering her face, anguished that this needed to be done.

"We were too late to save her." He whispered, but his voice carried through the room.

Frigga clutched her chest, right at her throat, and fell to her knees, weeping openly at the sight of her daughter.

Odin stood, and descended the steps, and then knelt beside his youngest child, his only daughter. "Who did this?" He asked, a tear falling from his eye.

"A wizard by the name of Voldemort. We do not know what happened to him, father. Him, nor Ingrid's daughter." Loki managed to answer.

Odin's head snapped up to look at his sons. "A daughter?"

Thor nodded. "We found Ingrid in a nursery. The child is obviously still very young. Rayna Asta Jamesdottir. But she was not there. Heimdal has informed us that Ingrid's spell still cloaks her from his view."

"She must be found at all costs and brought to Asgard. No granddaughter of mine will be raised anywhere but Asgard. Whoever finds her is to bring her straight here. But first, Ingrid's funeral must take place. And I wish to see what Heimdal saw, so I know what happened on Midgard."

Two days later, Loki gazed out one of the windows of his chambers, looking down at the place where his sister's pyre had been not one hour before. His hand gripped the diary. He had not been able to bring himself to open it yet, but he knew he had to. He sat down on the sofa in his room, which faced a large, ornate fire. He opened the book, and began to read. It started a year and three months previous.

I have started a diary to mark the birth of my daughter, Rayna Asta Potter. My name to everyone here, is Lily Potter, nee Evans. But, that is not who I am. Only James, my husband, knows of my true identity. I am Ingrid Odindottir, Princess of Asgard. I gave it all up, all for a chance to prove I did not have to be protected by others at all times and that I can fight. And I can fight! If only my brothers could see me now. They would be stunned. I have faced many dangers here. More so now. I was still immortal when I became Lily Evans. But, then I fell in love. James was brave, and caring. Like my brother Thor, he would fight for his cause without a second thought. But like Loki, he enjoyed mischief. I think it was those two traits that drew me to him first off. That and his kindness. At first I saw the bully, but then I realised why. He was merely protecting himself and his friends from those who would later on become threats. How could I have not seen it? But he was always so kind to me. So patient, never giving me up each time I turned him down. And then, I finally said yes, and we started dating. That turned to love, and eventually we got married. The only downside was that my parents and brothers could not be there. But I do not think they would have approved of me marrying a mortal. Even less so of me going to the goblins and blocking the majority of my powers. I am mortal now. But I still have magic. I am writing this next to the small cot where my little girl lies, and I cannot bring myself to truly regret my decision. James and I were so happy when we found out I was pregnant. But I have not placed a block on Rayna's powers. I will, soon enough. Just enough so that she won't have the strength of the Ӕsir. But I will alter the bind, so that should she ever have the need of her full powers, the block will dissolve. It will not dissolve the spell that will prevent Heimdal from finding her, however. When she is older, I will tell her of her true heritage, and I will let her decide. I will let her decide if she wishes to know her grandparents and uncles. But, if she does choose to know them, I will make sure that they know she is not to be treated as if she could break at a moment's notice. She is mine and James' daughter. I have no doubt that her magic is strong, and she will learn to wield it and be able to protect herself as I can. I have faced so many dangers. James and I have even faced Voldemort himself and survived each time. Three times we have faced him. That monster gives snakes a bad name. Using a snake as his symbol gives me reason enough to want him dead just for besmirching Loki's symbol. But then there are all those terrible crimes he has committed. The murders and tortures that he and his followers relish in. And to learn that he may be after my daughter because of some prophecy! I will not stand for it. I will protect her with my life. I look at her and my heart fills with so much love. Her eyes are the same as mine. The exact same shade of green. But her hair is a bird's nest of black already. So much like her father. I am sure she will one day have his mischievous streak. Oh the Norns help us. An uncle who is the God of Mischief, and a father and godfather who live for pranks and are bound to teach her all they know. I won't have a home left by the time she is eleven. But, I hope her pranks remain harmless fun. I hope she will be kind, and even though I know there are many dangers in the world, I hope she will never know what it means to fear betrayal and hurt that comes with war. Even now we fear there is a traitor in our midst. And we have lost so many good friends to this war already. I just hope it ends soon for Rayna's sake, so all she has to worry about is James chasing away possible boyfriends. He has already warned Alice and Frank to keep Neville, who was born just hours before Rayna, away from her. But then he amended that it would be alright if they were playmates so long as they were raised to view each other as siblings. At least that way, there would be no ill intentions towards his little girl. That's it; he is never meeting my brothers. First they will attack him, viciously, and then they will help him and Sirius, Rayna's godfather, to scare away all her potential suitors. Well, enough for now, Rayna has started to cry. No doubt, she is in need of her feed.


Loki wiped a tear off his cheek. She had been happy, at least, but always in danger. She had been laying in-front of the crib when found, so it was plausible to think that she had indeed died protecting the child.

He continued through the diary, learning what his sister's life had been like as a mortal. She and her husband (who he simultaneously liked and loathed) had taken Rayna and gone into hiding, using a charm called the fidilius, and using their friend Peter Pettigrew as Secret Keeper. There were small photos of people there too. The man who had been lying on the floor at the house, James, pictures of Alice and Frank Longbottom, and their son Neville. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, and Photos of Ingrid and Rayna. He had found a single wedding photo, and had to admit, Ingrid had never looked happier, except for perhaps in the photos of her and James holding Rayna. But as he read the final entry, dated October thirtieth, he felt anger grip him. There was only one way that Ingrid could be dead. And that was if Pettigrew had betrayed them to Voldemort. He stood from where he was sitting. His rooms were now repaired after he had damaged everything inside after he had returned from finding her. His anger had not burnt out. He still lusted for the blood of his sister's murderer.

He left the room, and headed for Thor's chambers. Thor had a right to learn what he had concerning their sister. And so did their parents. Loki swore to himself, that no matter what, no matter when, his niece would always be his first priority. The moment she was found, he would see to it that she had the best protection she could have, and would personally train her to protect herself with both magic and hand to hand combat the moment she was old enough. And when he found Voldemort, he would wish he had never been born. Loki absently wondered whether Thor had wrecked his own rooms once again, and why the servants bothered to clean it up so soon. They had done so twice already.

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