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Chapter 29

Rayna was shocked to see Fudge in the entrance hall, yelling at the Aurors for not finding someone. She was even more shocked to find out it was Umbridge.

"I thought she'd just been pulled out." Hermione said.

"Me too," Rayna nodded.

"Well, with the way their covering up You-Know-Who, do you really think they'd advertise a disappearance? They're covering it up, aren't they?" Ron said.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Where did that come from?"

"Always the tone of surprise," Ron said, shaking his head. "I'm not completely dumb you know. That's Crabbe and Goyle."

"I never said you were," Hermione retorted while Rayna just snorted at her friends' derision. "Well, anyway, I've taken the liberty to make us colour coded revision schedules for our exams," she handed them pieces of parchment with coloured squares, "there's still plenty of time for other activities, such as your Quidditch training and Rayna's other training."

"Geez Hermione, when are we going to sleep?" Ron asked her.

"When we finish our exams," was the answer he got. "But, if you'll look properly, you'll see a twenty minute break every half hour. There's research in the muggle world that suggests the human brain will take more in working for thirty minutes and then resting and doing something else for twenty minutes. I'm sure you'll find things become more productive this way."

Rayna smiled. "I should have guessed you'd do this Mya. Fine, we'll try it your way."

"But-" Ron began.

"Ron, we may as well," Rayna told him. "These aren't just end of year tests, these are O.W.L.s. All next year's courses, and as such job prospects, depend on these grades. Do you want to be stuck in a dead end job?"

"I guess not. But that's easy for you to say. You've got being a Princess to fall back on."

"I also want to become a very adept magic user. I can't do that just by lounging around. Besides, if I did just lounge around I may as well send an owl to Voldemort asking him to come kill me."

"There is that," Ron conceded. They then headed off for their lesson.

Rayna was wandering around the halls. It was a week away from the start of her exams and the revision was getting to her. She was currently on a break, and it was almost curfew. Her hand was resting on Ardwyad's head as they walked.

"I hate exams Ardwyad," She said.

Her wolf gave off a whine, agreeing with her.

"You know, something always happens around this time of the year. Well, mostly after my exams have just finished. Best be on the lookout, ay?" Ardwyad barked.

"What plans does Voldemort have?" Fury growled at the man on the other side of the table. He was practically broken now. Having only just recovered from the memory loss he'd suffered from the explosion helped.

"H-he'll k-kill me." The man stammered.

"Oh, we know some people who'll make it a lot more painful for you. Trust me. Now, your master's plans- what are they?"

"He… he has a way into the school through secret passageways. They… they're going to kidnap Potter… I don't know the exact date. But they need her to get into the Hall of Prophecies at the Ministry."

"I've been told there are extensive Asgardian protections on those tunnels."

The man shook his head. "The D-dark lord h-has someone… someone… powerful… it keeps slipping away. I can't think!"

"Romanoff!" He barked out, and the red headed spy entered. "Get the team to Hogwarts. There's a plot to kidnap the girl. The last thing we need is another dead Asgardian Princess on our hands and Odin deciding to wipe us all off the map for revenge. He's already lost his daughter to these wizards. He may do something we'll regret if his granddaughter dies too."

"Yes sir." Natasha said, nodding and leaving the room at a quick pace.

Rayna stopped walking when Ardwyad suddenly brought himself to a halt, stiffened as he scented the air and began growling. She drew her wand and a dagger as she watched her wolf come closer to her protectively.

"Come on Ardwyad; let's get to the other's common room." If there was a threat, she wanted to be with her parents and Uncle and the others from Asgard. It was the best option. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and Rayna spun round, throwing up a shield, just in time to stop a spell. She staggered back at the sheer force of it however, just as Ardwyad launched himself at some Death Eaters that had been coming up behind them, tearing at their throats. Their screams echoed and Rayna hoped someone heard the commotion before it was too late. She threw a spell at whoever was assaulting her shield, only for it to hit another shield.

Suddenly a large blast of magic broke through hers, throwing her off her feet. She shakily pulled herself to her feet and repositioned her knife in her hand before slashing out at whoever was closest to her. The large man blocked the blade and backhanded her, only to have Ardwyad jump on him. As he wrestled with the wolf, Rayna came face to face with a blonde woman.

"Well, you have been learning quickly, little princess, have you not?" The woman smiled coyly. "No matter, you haven't learnt enough yet. Unfortunately, you won't get the chance to. Skurge, finish the beast."

"NO!" Rayna leapt at the man, throwing his axes blow off balance. It still struck Ardwyad in the shoulder however, and the large black wolf fell to the ground, heavily wounded. The man, Skurge, grabbed Rayna's arms and pinned them to her side.

"You are almost more trouble than you're worth." The blonde said. "No matter. Sleep now." She touched Rayna's forehead, and Rayna slumped. "Let us leave, before we are found, or my spell to hide us from Heimdal's sight unwoven."

The pitiful whine grabbed their attention. "That sounded like Ardwyad." Ingrid said worriedly. "And it's coming from where the commotion sounded from."

Their pace increased until they were running. They all stopped when they rounded the corner to the corridor. There were chunks missing from the walls, dead Death Eaters, and Ardwyad, lying in a pool of his own blood, and still bleeding.

"No." Loki breathed. They hurried to the Wolf and Loki examined the wound before beginning to heal it. "An axe did this. Whoever it was, was no Death Eater. That means they had help getting into the castle. But Ardwyad wouldn't have sustained these wounds if Rayna was not here to be threatened."

"But brother, she is not here." Thor pointed out.

"She was. The other damage to the hall was by spells. She was here." Loki growled. "And they've taken her." Finished healing his daughter's familiar, he stood. Ingrid was casting around, looking for a way they may have gone.

"We have to find her! Before they kill her!"

"We will Ingrid." Thor assured, placing his hand on her shoulder. "And all those who were a part of this will pay."

"I will tear them all apart for this." Loki said, fists curled. All of them noticed the visible drop in temperature. "But I swear, we will get her back alive."

"We need to find them first." Sif said.

"We could always look for that graveyard." Cedric suggested. "They may have taken her there."

Light shone through the window and they looked round to see a jet landing. The Avengers exited it when it was landed and Loki's eyes narrowed.

"We may just have our answer."

"Oh good. I have been looking forward in actively fighting these Death Eaters." Fandral said grinning. "Now we get the chance to join in the fun."

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