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"Maya! Talk to him!" complained Tori as she dragged me toward the cafeteria. "You guys were so cute! Even as 'just friends.'"


"What happened between you two? I mean, you were all best friend-y one day, now you won't even talk!"

"I... Nothing."

I couldn't tell Tori about our kiss. She'd jump and squeal and blab to everyone that we were in love- but we weren't. I just made a huge, huge mistake, letting him kiss me.

How could I think he actually cared about me? He was just being nice so he could "get some action."

Well, he wasn't going to take advantage of me. That's what I reminded myself as he apologized, because it seemed sincere. But he's probably just playing me again.

"Then the French decided that..." I stared down at my paper, refusing to look at Campbell. I continued on about the French and some war they fought in, even though I had more important things going on in my life.

After I finished reading my paper to him, things were silent.

I looked up. He was staring at me intently, as if I was a thousand-piece puzzle.

"Your turn," I said simply, before gazing down at my unopened textbook. The Eiffel Tower on the cover was incredibly detailed for a drawing. .

Cam reluctantly read on about some boring ruler or another. I half-listened.

"Good," I commented politely when he was finished.

"Thanks... Maya, you can't ignore me forever."

"I'm not ignoring you," I replied, not making eye contact.

"Yes you are. But why can't we just go back to being friends?"

I have to admit, that sounded tempting. I missed him. And during our friendship, I'd met who I thought was the real Cam- a kind, caring guy who I'd come to really like. Turns out it was all an act.

Before I had to answer, thank God, the bell rang. I tried to rush out, but Cam grabbed my elbow.

"Maya. We need to talk."

"Fine," I sighed, giving in.

I followed him to the next classroom- the science lab, equipped with everything but a teacher and students.

"Okay. What's up?"

"Maya," Cam sighed. "I thought you were a great friend. Why does everything have to change because of one stupid kiss?"

"Because I was being played," I stiffly countered.


"Cam... I thought you were a really great guy. But now I know that you only acted like that so that you could..." I didn't want to go into specifics.

"What?" He repeated, sounding bewildered. "That's ridiculous!"

"Then why'd you kiss me?" I challenged.

"Because..." His lowered his voice. "Look, Maya, I like you. As... As more than a friend. I guess I kind of got caught up in the moment. But who you were talking to before that? That's the real me."

I was speechless. Cam liked me? Liked me, liked me?


"Sorry," He said quickly, getting ready to leave.

"Cam, I like you too. But as more than a friend," I smiled, using his exact words.

His face broke out into a grin. He smiled at me before whispering, "Can I kiss you again?"

"Please do."

Aw... Cute geekiness. But how will everyone react to the new relationship? Will it even be a relationship?

~Dangerous Passion