Naruhina xx

Chapter 1 a new bond

One day when naruto came back from a week long mission he went to icharuku ramen as it was a ritual for him to go after every mission. And this time when he walked inside the ramen shop he saw a special girl he had known for a long time and that girl was hinata. She had matured a lot at that time her breast had grown so much he just wanted to run up to her and squeeze them all day long but he was suddenly stopped when he heard a voice call out "hey Naruto "he heard and it was hinata who was calling out to him " uhhh hi hinata " he said hinata ran up to him and hugged him and the feel of her breast were so good he was getting turned on just from that hug. "Hey hinata "said naruto "yes naruto "uhhmm do you wawnt to come home with me " uhmmm okay said hinata as they started for her his house.

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