7th Time.

Rosalie and Emmett's 7th wedding. Have you ever wondered what their wedding would be like? Well here you go!

Chapter 1: Ice-skating?

Rosalie's POV.

"Please!" Emmett was literally on his knees begging, his hands clasped together and he had his infamous puppy pout plastered on his face, the one were his eyes go really big, his bottom lip sticks out and trembles, only his left dimple shows. In other words it's almost impossible to resist, I still have trouble with it.

"No." I looked away.

He shuffled closer, "Please Rosie." His voice cracked as if he was going to cry, which he wasn't but it still got to me. I had to look to see if he was okay, force of habit.

I regretted it almost instantly, damn it. Everyone in the room was trying not to laugh at us.

"Fine." I sighed.

"Yay!" He jumped up in the air and kissed me. "Let's go!"

Emmett had insisted that he took us all ice-skating, that meant, Me, Him, Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Nessie, Jasper, Alice and Jacob. It would cost a lot, he even bought us all ice-skates online which arrived yesterday.

I had no idea what the occasion was. I sighed and followed everyone out.

I was actually really suspicious, Emmett was all dressed up, well not really but he looked really smart with his black skinny jeans, crisp white button down shirt with a black tie. He even had his hair neater than usual! All of this to go ice-skating!

I eyed him suspiciously.

Nessie's POV.

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to go ice-skating! I finally looked old enough! I look 10 now, last time everyone went I only looked about 3 or 4 back then so I was 'too young' I rolled my eyes. Uncle Emmett had bought me some ice-skates of my own! They were a baby pink and had a little cartoon loch ness monster on the left one and Nessie in purple writing on the right one! I have to admit, he does know what everyone likes.

Still I rode with Momma and Daddy in the Volvo with Jake. Uncle Emmett, Auntie Rose, Uncle Jazz and Auntie Alice rode in Auntie Rose's M3. Grandpa and Grandma rode in the Merc.

As soon as we got there I jumped on Jake's back.

"Do you know the surprise?" I asked him.

"Nope, sorry Ness."

Uncle Emmett had a secret surprise for Auntie Rose but only Daddy and Auntie Alice and obviously Uncle Emmett knew. They won't tell me! It's really annoying.

Rosalie's POV.

I heard Nessie talking to the dog about some sort of surprise and I couldn't help but get curious. I mean, Emmett tells me everything, doesn't he? What's with the secret?

I was really frustrated now. I crossed my arms as I watched Emmett pay; he started writing on a piece of paper to the manager, so I couldn't hear I guess!

The manager smiled and nodded writing something back. Emmett grinned, I glared at them.

I needed to get that paper! It was like Em read my thoughts because he popped the paper in his mouth, looking thoroughly disgusted as he chewed it. The manager giggled.

"What time?" She whispered. Oh no she didn't!

"In an hour, is that good?" Emmett said. Oh I was going to kill him!

"Yep all done, enjoy Mr Cullen." She winked.

Emmett smiled and walked back to me. I glared back.

"What?" He looked shocked but laughed when the chewed up paper fell out of his mouth. I couldn't help but giggle at his expression. He picked up the paper and swallowed it.

"Ta Daaaaa!" He did jazz hands. "C'mon let's get our skates on." He grabbed my hand and took me towards the benches.

Fireflies came on and I forgot being mad at him while we skated hand in hand, zooming past everyone else as they stared at us.

I know it's short, but that's just the opening, more soon I swear, review!

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