The first time Elizabeth Lemon went to Jack Donaghy's office was two days after he asked her to marry him. It hadn't been a proposal per se, but he had asked if he were to ask her, would she say yes. To Elizabeth, it was the closest thing to being proposed to, and she wasn't sure if she'd say yes.

But when she walked up to Jack's office (after getting lost three times), she was ready to give him an answer. She wasn't (extremely) desperate to get married, but if Jack was serious, she was willing to give it a shot. She liked him, thought that he was decent enough to take home to her parents, and could see herself with him in forty years. She could see herself signing his last name whenever she signed her name, and she could see herself accompanying him to Don Geiss' various soirees. And any other soirees they would be invited to, of course. She could even see their children running around, with her curly brown hair and his eyes. The answer was quite clear in her head.

"Is Mr. Donaghy in his office?" Elizabeth asked Jonathan when she arrived to his office.

Jonathan nodded. "He is just finishing up a meeting, so you'll have to wait," Jonathan informed Elizabeth.

So, she took a seat and waited. It was nearly an hour later when she stood up. "Can you please tell Mr. Donaghy that I came by?" she asked Jonathan.

Jonathan nodded and Elizabeth left. By the time she reached the elevators, she heard running footsteps behind her. It was Jack, trying to catch her before she got on the elevator. "Elizabeth… wait!" he called out as he ran the last few paces toward her.

She was poised to press the button to call an elevator, but paused. "You're finally out of your meeting," she observed.

He gestured for her to follow him back to his office. Elizabeth was several strides behind Jack, but she managed to catch up so that they were walking shoulder to shoulder. "I have an answer for you," she told him quietly as they crossed into his office.

Jack closed the door behind them and watched as Elizabeth took a look around the office. "My goodness… this room is at least three times as large as my office…" she murmured.

"When I run this company, your office will be three times larger," he promised as he poured himself a scotch. "Would you like something to drink?"

She shook her head. "No thank you…"

A silence fell between them as she examined her surroundings and as Jack nursed his drink. "Are you going to run this company someday?"

Jack smiled at her. "That's the plan."

"Is Geiss on board with this plan?" she replied.

"I don't know… but hopefully I follow in his footsteps."

"That's why you're here, isn't it?"

Jack nodded. "At Princeton, I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Geiss, and I have been even luckier to call him my mentor. Do you know how many men would kill for that?"

"I'd have to suppose just as many men who would kill for my job," Elizabeth laughed as she seated herself in one of the chairs in the room.

Jack stepped closer to her. "So, you had an answer for me? What question is this answering?"

"Were you serious about your semi-proposal?" she asked him.

"My proposal of marriage?" he asked.

She nodded. He nodded in response. "Would you marry me?" he asked.

"I would."

"And how soon would you do this?"

"As soon as you see fit," she answered.

"Well, I see this fitting into a very near future."

"How near of a future?"

"No later than the first day of spring."

"Well, it's late February… how soon are you supposing?"

"A March wedding would be lovely."

"Should I be telling my parents?"

"It would be preferable that you did."

"And when should I have my parents meet you?"

"As soon as possible."

"And when will I meet your parents?"

"I will inform Colleen of the circumstances."

"Is your father not living?"

"It is best if my father is not included in this."

"I see. So, we are getting married in March."

"Yes. We are."

"I should probably start preparing."

"That would be prudent."

"I will start doing that."

"Very well."

"I am going to go now."

"Good night, Elizabeth," Jack replied.

"Good night, Jack," Elizabeth answered as she stood from the chair and walked out of the room.

Even if he never ruled the world, he knew that at least he'd have one hell of a wife to support him through his efforts to running this magnificent company he'd come to cherish and envelop in his life.

That seemed like enough.