Hey, I've been waiting for someone to put up a story where these two have a heartwarming reunion, but that hasn't happened, so I'm writing one myself. Both the Smuggler and the Warrior are lightsiders, because that's how I roll, plus I think it would take a light side Sith to fall in love with Vette. Anyways, here's the first chapter.

Vette walked through the entrance of the Star Cluster Suites Hotel on Nar Shaddaa, and nodded to herself in approval. Granted, it wasn't the fanciest place in the galaxy, but for Nar Shaddaa, this was as good as it got. The hotel's casino really was impressive. As Vette eyed the card tables, she could already picture her husband using his little mind trick thing on the other players to win them mountains of credits. They might even end up profiting from this vacation! Plus Vette would finally have time to get her lekku buffed like she'd been planning to do for what seemed like ages now.

Of course, she couldn't forget about the best part of coming here: Unlimited alone time with Benevolon.

There were times when Vette thought she dreaming, and at any second she was going to wake up and find herself back in the slave pens on Korriban with that prick, Jailer Knash, testing how high he could set her shock collar without it making her pass out from the pain. Then Benevolon would give her that endearing look of his, and all of Vette's fears would cease to exist.

Even when Vette remembered how she'd met him, and how she'd gotten to where she was now, part of her still couldn't fully believe it. When Darth Baras had given her to Benevolon as a reward for completing his trials and becoming his apprentive, Vette had thought she'd end up dead within a week under the ownership of this massive Sith Pureblood. When he didn't kill her for speaking her mind, she decided to go for the jackpot and asked him to remove her shock collar.

He'd taken it off without hesitating, and while she was ridiculously grateful, it also made Vette feel kind of dumb for not asking sooner.

The more she traveled with Benevolon, the more he surprised her. He was mature, reasonable, insightful, and sometimes when he talked with her, he even seemed to have a sense of humor!

Of course, as Benevolon's reputation and his rank among the Sith grew, they also came across quite a few women in their travels who were hoping to "experience the power of the Sith." Vette had felt sick whenever they encountered these harlots, expecting to not see Benevolon for a few hours, and possibly even go back to Balmorra so she could use that amnesia serum the Republic had there on herself. But Benevolon would surprise her yet again, and he would make it very clear to those schuttas that he was not interested in their offers.

Benevolon would even assist Vette in her personal affairs. He helped her recover a priceless Twi'lek artifact, reunited her with her sister, and he was even there for her when her mother was laid to rest. As they did all this, Vette eventually realized something that, quite simply, blew her mind: Benevolon liked her. And not in the friendly sense.

He was a highborn pure-blooded Sith Lord! He could have any woman that he wanted in the galaxy - hell, he could probably have several! But he picked her, a Twilek, and a former slave - his former slave. When Vette had asked him why, Benevolon told her that she was beautiful, charming, occasionally crazy, and she always found ways made his life interesting - why wouldn't he choose her?

The first time he had kissed her, Vette swore she'd felt electricity on her lips, and had spent the next several hours locked in her quarters, trying desperately to get her breathing and heart rate back down to normal. The next day, she'd ambushed Benevolon in his quarters and made out with him for at least an hour.

As their relationship progressed, all Vette could think about was how wonderful Benevolon was in every aspect imaginable. She's never been good of keeping track of dates, but by the end of what she thought was a month (it could've been a week for all she knew) she had told Benevolon that she was in love with him. She'd been terrified that he wouldn't understand, or he wouldn't reciprocate her feelings But her concerns were unfounded once again as he smiled, kissed her, and calmly told Vette that she didn't have to rush their relationship - he'd be there for her no matter what. And that only made her love him more.

Eventually she'd gathered the courage to tell him why she wouldn't take their relationship further. Before Vette had been separated from her mother, she'd made a promise that she would never lie with a man unless she was married to him. But instead of arguing with her, Benevolon walked right up to Vette, looked her in the eye, and asked her to marry him.

Vette had said yes. Then she said it again just to be sure, and then a third time for good luck. All the while, she was bouncing with pure joy

And now that the two of them had finally managed to get a break from the war, Vette wanted a honeymoon just for herself and her perfect husband. She'd contacted a good travel agent, and this hotel was one of three places he'd recommended, and now Vette was here to make sure it was suitable for her little romantic getaway.

Vette walked up to the male Twi'lek sitting at the front desk, but before she could talk to him, another woman beat her to the punch.

"Excuse me," The human woman said. "I have a reservation here under the name Valia Beutara."

As she waited, Vette stopped to think. 'Where have I heard that name before...' Then she remembered. Back when she'd been part of Nok Drayen's crew, Vette had been best friends with the crime lord's daughter, Risha. As well as constantly getting into all sorts of trouble, the two girls would often talk about how Risha would one day inherit her father's criminal empire. Despite only being a child, Risha had been well-trained by her father, so the girl knew that she would need plenty of aliases in the future. When they couldn't find something to do that was really fun, one of their activities had been to come up with pseudo identities for each other.

"Valia Beutara" had been in Risha's top ten list.

The woman turned around, and when she saw Vette staring at her in shock, she frowned. "Is there something I can help you with, miss?"

"...Risha?" Was all that Vette was able to get out.

The human woman's eyes widened briefly, then she recomposed herself took a step closer to Vette.

The Twi'lek felt the barrel of a blaster poking into her side.

"Who are you? How do you know who I am?"

"It's me... Vette."

"Vette! What the- !" Risha took a couple seconds to make sure she'd heard correctly, then eventually holstered the blaster she'd been pointing at Vette and asked her childhood friend "What are you doing here, Vette? And how did you recognize me? We haven't seen each other in over a decade!"

"I was just here to check the place out, and when you checked in, I recognized the alias you used. But what are you doing here, Risha? I-I thought you and Nok were dead!" Then a thought crossed her mind. "Wait, if you're alive, does that mean that Nok's still kicking too?"

Risha glanced around, and saw that they were beginning to attract attention. "Vette, why don't we go find a place to sit down, where hopefully we'll have a little privacy." The two old friends found themselves a small table near the edge of the casino, where they'd easily be able to spot anyone who tried to sneak up on them.

"Alright," Risha sighed as she answered Vette's questions. "Vette, you were once my closest friend, so I figure you deserve to know the truth... My father and I didn't die all those years ago. Well, he's dead now, but here's what happened: We went into hiding after one of Nok's lieutenants infected him with an incurable disease that slowly ate him from the inside out. So he had to freeze himself in carbonite, until I was ready."

"Ready for what, Risha?" Vette wondered, her curiosity eating away at her.

"The Drayens were not always crime lords and pirates, Vette. We were the rulers of Dubrillion until the current king's ancestors usurped the throne from us. When my family was driven into exile, my great grandfather hid the crown and all his greatest treasures in a derelict starship floating in deep space, to be left there until a Drayen heir would have the strength necessary to reclaim it."

"And you did?"

"Yes," Risha confirmed. "But I had a lot of help."

Suddenly remembering the stories she'd heard buzzing all over the HoloNet awhile back, Vette said "I think I heard something about this. If I remember correctly, this help came in the form of a Mirialan hotshot starship captain, who has a reputation for being a bit of a womanizer. I hear that now he's pretty much taken over the entire criminal underworld, and has somehow managed to be the Republic's biggest patriot at the same time."

Risha rolled her eyes at the womanizer part. "You got it in one. As much as I hate to admit it, the man can be ridiculously charming, but he's absolutely incorrigible when it comes to women. Sometimes I ask myself why I ever even considered marrying him, and other times I wonder why I didn't do it sooner."

Vette's eyes widened in surprise. "Wait, did I just hear you right... You're married to the king of the underworld?"

Risha proudly held up her left hand so Vette could feast her eyes on the bright band of solid gold placed firmly on Risha's third finger.

Suddenly Risha's holocommunicator started beeping, and she smiled apologetically at her old friend. "Sorry, that's probably my husband. I have to take this." Vette nodded in understanding, and Risha turned around to speak to her lover.

Risha turned on her holo, and instantly a hologram of her husband appeared in the palm of her hand. "Hey there, beautiful," He said as he gave his wife a smile. "Everything going smoothly for you?"

"Things are going great for me, Vaalrinn," Risha responded. "I actually bumped into an old friend while I was checking in. She and I were just catching up when you called."

"Oh? Well then perhaps you'd like to introduce me to your friend," Vaalrinn said with a deviant grin on his face. "We can... get to know one another."

Risha's eyes turned to ice. "If you say another word continuing that train of thought, I'll personally make sure you don't even see a woman for an entire month."

"Okay! Okay!" her husband exclaimed, now scared. "It was just a joke, Risha."

"Whatever," She shrugged, apathetic. She was used to Vaalrinn's "escapades" and knew how to counter them. "How soon can you be here?"

"I'm looking at the building you're in right now," He answered. "I'll be there in less than a- Hang on," He paused as something caught his attention. "There's a Sith Lord heading towards the hotel."

"A Sith?" Risha exclaimed, genuinely surprised. "Why is a Sith coming here?"

"Don't know, don't care," Vaalrinn shrugged. "All I know is that I'm not gonna let the Empire screw up my wife's vacation. Give me five minutes, babe, and I'll be right there as soon as I've blasted this Sith into next week."

"Of course," Risha said. "And just know that if you get hurt, I'll be sure to kiss it better."

"You always know how to motivate me, Risha." Her husband laughed. Then he disappeared as he hung up.

Risha put away her holo and then turned around to continue her conversation with Vette. "So, I've told you about my adventures since we last saw each other. What have you been up to?"

The Twi'lek grinned "Well, not too long after you and Nok 'died' I fell in with a group of Twi'lek artifact hunters who were dedicated to restoring Twi'lek pride. I pulled my best heist ever with them on this Duros scum-sucker named Cada Bliss who was notorious for exploiting Twi'leks in every way imaginable. We took everything we possibly could from him, and then some."

Risha laughed "I'd be disappointed with anything less, Vette. You are the best thief I've ever met."

Vette blushed, and continued. "Me and the gang pulled a few more jobs together. We never had that much money, because we sold whatever artifacts we had to the people who would put them where they belonged, not to the highest bidder. Eventually, we got a tip from a mysterious informant about a job on Korriban that seemed to have a lot of potential."

"You tried to steal from the Sith homeworld?" Risha gaped. "Are you crazy?"

"Yeah. And it doesn't help that our informant turned out to be Cada Bliss," Vette sighed. "The Sith found us breaking into the tomb of Naga Sadow - as you can probably imagine, they weren't very happy. The gang barely escaped, but I was caught, and got thrown into the slave pens."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I can't imagine what it must have been like in that terrible place." Risha said. The stories of what the Sith did to their prisoners were horrifying. Rumor claimed that as they tortured their prisoners, they'd use the Force to keep them alive, and then twist the strange power even further to force the victim to feel every last painful sensation of what was being done to them.

"How did you escape that awful place?" Risha wondered.

Vette paused before answering. "Well... that's actually kind of a funny story. You see, I never really escaped, what happened is-"

Suddenly the main entrance door for the hotel was blasted off its hinges, and as the two ladies spun to watch, Risha saw her husband fly through the air, and stop as he crashed into a sabaac table. Before Risha could become concerned, though, Vaalrinn sprang to his feet, and fired a series of bolts from his blaster at the person responsible for his brief flight.

Standing in what what was left of the entrance was a massive pure-blooded Sith Lord, who wielded a single lightsaber with an amethyst blade. And he used it masterfully as he deflected every one of Vaalrinn's shots, sprinting towards him as he did so. People who'd been gambling away their life savings mere seconds ago suddenly ran from the hotel's prime casino, screaming the entire time.

Risha whipped out her blaster, and pointed it at the Sith, but before she could pull the trigger, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye: Vette had a blaster in her hand, and she was pointing it at Vaalrinn.

"Vette, what are you doing!" Risha screamed as she yanked her friend's arm down. Thankfully, she'd done so before Vette had been able to fire a shot.

"I'm trying to kill the guy that's trying to kill my husband!" The Twi'lek snapped, indignant.

Despite the fact that the man she loved was fighting for his life, Risha stared at Vette for a full three seconds with her mouth open before she managed to ask "...What did you just say?"

Vette chose to be blunt. "That Sith Lord over there is my husband. It's all a really long story, and believe me when I say that I'm just as surprised as you are, Risha. But can we talk about this later? Right now I need you to help me kill the punk that my husband's currently fighting."

"Uh, no," Risha retorted. "Because that 'punk' is my husband!"

Now it was Vette's turn to stare at her friend.

"You have got to be kidding me..." The Twi'lek finally groaned as she shook her head.

Suddenly the attention of the two women returned to the fight as Vaalrinn leaped aside to avoid Benevolon's strike, his lightsaber cleaving a pazaak table in two.

"Benevolon! Wait!" Vette screamed as she ran towards the two men.

"Vaalrinn, stop shooting right now!" Risha shouted, right behind her friend.

Fortunately their words were able to reach the men's ears, and the fighting ceased, though both kept their weapons ready, and eyed one another with a hostile glare.

Never taking his eyes off Vaalrinn, and keeping his lightsaber in a steady grip, Benevolon muttered "Nice to see you too, Vette. Care to lend a hand?"

"Both of you put away your weapons right now!" Vette yelled at them. When they hesitated, she rounded on her husband. "Why are the two of you fighting? And what are you even doing here, Benevolon?"

The Sith Pureblood answered "I got sick of having to deal with the Dark Council, so I decided that whatever problems they had could wait, and took some unscheduled R&R. I came to Nar Shaddaa because I knew you were here, and I wanted to surprise you. I was about to come in through the door when he," Benevolon pointed accusingly at Vaalrinn, "came out of nowhere and started shooting at me."

Now that the attention was focussed on Vaalrinn, the Mirialan stammered "Well... I was about to come in here to see Risha, but then I noticed the big guy and... He's a Sith and I figured..." He stopped as he noticed the look of absolute fury in Vette's eyes. "Please don't kill me."

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