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Here it is, thought Lydia, first day of sixth year. She was very nervous but she was not sure why. She hugged her parent's goodbye and got on the train. She looked around for a seat. A bunch of excited looking first years took the first place she looked (her usual box). All of which Lydia was sure would be sorted into Gryffindor. She had always had the gift of knowing where someone would be sorted. Even when everyone else thought she was crazy. A full blood wizard who was extremely bright and cunning be sorted into Hufflepuff? There was no way. Nevertheless, it happened. In all of her six years of Hogwarts, she had only ever been wrong once. That happens to be her sorting.

Lydia was sure she would be sorted into Hufflepuff. She was not very brave and she was not very determined. She was however very loyal, like a Hufflepuff. The moment the Sorting Hat graced her dirty blonde head of hair it declared she was (much to her surprise) a Ravenclaw. When she wrote home to inform her parents or her sorting, they replied, "We knew it!" When she asked how they knew, they told her that she was smarter the she realized. She never understood why she was a Ravenclaw. She was not dumb, but she was not incredibly smart either. She had always been average. However, to quote her teachers 'she just hadn't unlocked her full potential'.

Finally, she found an empty compartment. She slipped in and settled by the window. She took off her shoulder bag and pulled out the book she was re-reading for the hundredth time Hogwarts, a History. She loved reading it on summer holidays it made the wait for school a little easier. Her stomach lurched as they drove through the countryside. She had been reading for quite a while before the compartment door opened. Lorelei was so absorbed in her book she did not even hear it.

"Lia you must put down your book" her best friend Sophia exclaimed. She put down her book and looked up. There they were, all of her friends. She smiled.

"Now where have you all been?" she asked. And with that, they each went into stories of their summers. As they discussed the newest breed of dragons found in Romania, All she could think about was how luck she was. She was almost to Hogwarts. She was almost home.