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Sophia walked down the hallway like a mad man. She had to find Lydia. She had not heard from her in a month. She was not going to be ignored. Sophia was a Ravenclaw in her sixth year. Everyone thought she was going to be a Gryffindor. She had always outgoing and adventurous. Her mom had been a Gryffindor, so she was expected to do the same. Nobody never that she enjoyed doing homework and she was good in school. On her train ride when she was a first year, she could not find anywhere to sit. Sure, she got offers from everyone asking her to sit with them, but they did not feel right. Her twin brother had made friends insantly and left her alone. That was quite odd. Because Grant and her had been inseparable since birth. Not because they were twins, but because they knew from a young age, they were different from the other kids in their school. Then they started showing signs of being magical, so their mother took them out of school, she decide to teach them on her own. This was good for them. Everyone knew her brother was going to be in Ravenclaw, her mom even told them when they little and asked about Hogwarts.

"Grant, because you're a very bright young man I would say your going to be a Ravenclaw. No ifs, ands, or buts. Soph I am willing to bet that you will be in Gryffindor. Because, you are brave and caring. And have more courage then anyone I've ever met."

Eventually she looked into a mostly empty compartment that first year. She saw two girls about her age.

"Is it alright if I sit in here with you all?" she asked timidly. She had never been timid in her life and that was a surprise to her. Why was she nervous?

"Yes! Are you a first year too?" the girl with light auburn replied.

"Yes" Sophia said.

"That's nice." said the other girl. Her hair was a nice dirty blonde color. "We are too. I'm Lydia Corner."

"And I'm Amelia Wildsmith." the ginger said.

"Sophia Branstone." she replied.

"You can sit down you know." Lydia said.

Sophia, who had not realized she was still standing up, was embarrassed. She had stood there like a freak.

"Sorry." she said hoping they would not think she was weird.

"No problem. I did the same thing." Amelia said. "We were just talking about sorting. Where do you think you're going to be sorted?"

"I've always been told Gryffindor. But I am not sure. It's the only house that fits me." Sophia said. It was the first time in her life that she was not sure about where she belonged.

"Whoever told you that was wrong." Lydia said. "You're obviously a Ravenclaw like Amelia."


"She thinks she's good at guessing sortings." Amelia said. "She said James Black, who is a typical pure blood, is going to be in Hufflepuff."

"Well I'm a pure blood and I'm going to be in Hufflepuff." Lydia said.

"You're a pure blood?" Sophia asked.

"Yeah, But I'm as Hufflepuff as they get."

"I bet you're not a Hufflepuff. I bet you're a Ravenclaw."

"That's not going to happen"

"Why not?" Amelia added in.

"I'm not a genius. I'm average." Lydia replied "But, the both of you are extremely smart. I can tell."

"I'm not really." Sophia said, "My brother is smarter then I could ever be."

"Well that's why you can't see why you're a Ravenclaw. I bet you've been compared him your whole life."

"We are twins. So, yeah."

"You're a Ravenclaw! I know you are. There's no other way around it."

"You need to calm down just a little." Amelia said.

"Ok. Sorry I get fired up about some things." Lydia apologized.

"It's fine." Sophia said. "I think I hear the candy lady."

Sure enough, there was the candy woman. They each bought a chocolate frog. On the way to Hogwarts, they told stories about their lives and laughed until their sides hurt.

That was six years ago. Now the girls are best friends and all of them were sorted into Ravenclaw. In the past six years, they had been through everything from the Owl's to rude Slytherin's who picked on Amelia for being the smartest girl in their year.

"Soph!" Amelia said snapping Sophia out of her trance. They had stopped walking

"Huh. What?"

"Well for one the boys are here." she said gesturing towards the two boys that had joined them. "And two" she pointed at the compartment to the right of them. The compartment was empty except for a girl sitting next to the window reading a book. It was Lydia. They had found her. Sophia opened the door as quietly as possible; sat down across from her she put her hand on the book and lowered it.

"Lia you must put the book down." she said.

Lydia smiled "Now where have you all been?"

"We were thinking about asking you the same thing!" Amelia exclaimed,

"In here, reading. I am sorry I did not write anyone back this summer. Pip broke his wig and I've been helping him recover."

"Is he better?" their friend Will asked.

"Yes. Just in time for school."

"Now Bradley please tell us about this new breed of dragons your dad found." Amelia said.

Nate went into a story about the spikes on the new dragon's tails, and how it almost killed him. Everyone listened and added things to the story every few minutes.

Sophia sat and listened to everyone's exciting stories about their summers. She looked out the window and thought about how much they had changed in the past six years. They didn't even start hanging out with the boys until halfway through their first year. And look at them now. However, the girls were closer then the boys they told each other everything. Stuff the boys did not know about and would never know about. During the school year, they only spent time with the boy at lunch and if they needed a partner in lessons.

Sophia loved Hogwarts more then anything in the world. It was the only place where she felt smart. She had her brother. She had her best friends. She was ready to be back. She was beyond ready to be at Hogwarts. Back home.

"Guys!" she exclaimed. They all looked at her. "Were back"

They looked out the window. Sure enough there it was.