The day after the awful assembly, Hermione woke Tora up at 6 o'clock in the morning, to get ready for her first day of real classes. Getting dressed into her new Gryffindor robes that had been given to her by Professor Mcgonagall the night before, she brushed her silky, honey-blonde straight hair and then separated two sections from the front to twist back and tie together with an elastic band at the back of her head. Hermione smiled appreciatively at her, but Tora could tell that her mind was preoccupied with Harry and Ron's friendship issues.

The girls made their way towards the Great Hall for breakfast and noticed Harry was already there, keeping his head down over his untouched breakfast and trying to ignore the glares pointed in his direction. Hermione took the seat next to him and Tora sat in the seat directly across from her. As Hermione and Harry chatted quietly, so as no one could hear, Tora sat listening and inconspicuously eating her jam on toast.

Tora suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling of someone and she looked in the general direction of the stare. She noticed a platinum blonde haired boy with grey eyes staring at her questioningly from across the room. As soon as their eyes met, though, he looked away sharply. He was sat at the assigned Slytherin table Although the fairly handsome boy had stopped looking, Tora kept staring curiously at him for a moment, before Hermione noticed.

"What are you looking at?" The latter asked, trying to follow her gaze. Tora seemed to snap out of it and meet Hermione's eyes.

"Oh, a, um...boy was staring at me a minute ago, and he looked kind of...confused." Tora muttered.

"Who was he?" Tora raised an eyebrow and gave her an amused smile. "Sorry, stupid question. What did he look like?"

"He has blonde hair and grey eyes. He's on the Slytherin table." Tora answered.

Hermione's expression darkened. "Malfoy. Just ignore him, he's an egotistical prat." Tora shrugged and continued eating, ignoring the occasional glances he was throwing at her.

Because Hermione did all four of the lessons that Tora had been given this year,Tora was with her in all of them. However, since Hermione's first lesson was Defence Against the Dark Arts, Tora was going to be doing some Controlling practise with Duimbledore in the Room of Requirement. Hermione had promised to leave her lesson five minutes early, since she always got all her work done within the first twenty minutes, to come and show her where Professor Snape's classroom was.

Tora entered the room to find Dumbledore already there, and she took off her outer robes ready for practise.

"Good morning, Tora." I do hope you're settling in well with Miss Granger."

"Yes, I am, she really is a great friend and I hope she considers me to be one as well." Tora smiled.

"Good. Now today I would like you to practise some Earth Control, starting with a wall to block off any unfriendly spells. As you know, even the killing curse cannot penetrate your wall if you hold it strong enough." And so the lesson began, with Dumbledore shooting minor hexes curses towards her and her protecting herself with a wall of earth she brough up from the ground. By the time the lesson ended Dumbledore had worked his way up to the stronger spells, an Tora still almost effortlessly deflecting them. "Well done, Miss Bennett. You have progressed very far since you first started this form of defence last year. Good job. I shall see you after lunch for your theory lesson."

Tora picked up her robe from the floor and put her arms through it before picking up her heavy (although rather light compared to any other student's) bag and stepping outside to find a waiting Hermione.

"We're going to be late if we don't hurry!" Hermione panicked, grabbing Tora's sleeve and half-running down the corridor. Four flights of moving staircases, another non-enchanted one, and five hallways later, Tora and Hermione made it to the dungeons where only five other people sat. Hermione had told her before that Tora could sit next to in Potions, as she usually sat on her own because she worked so much faster that anybody else. Snape was late, as always, and the other students hadn't arrived yet.

"I thought you said we were late!" Tora whispered as she sat down next to Hermione.

"We take this class with the Slytherins, it's embarassing when you aren't on time." Tora raised an eyebrow, but let it drop.

A few minutes later, the students all trickled in and Snape entered like a bat, holding his hands out and whilst gripping the edges of his ebony robes. He smirked at the class when his gaze landed on Tora sitting in the second row. Tora had the strangest feeling Snape was going to use this against her somehow. How right she was.

"Today, instead of working with the person beside you, you will be switching around so that our new student, Miss Bennett, will be able to mingle with people other than her assigned escort." When everyone turned around to look at her, she blushed a deep red and lowered her eyes to the desk. "Therefore, everyone sitting on the right side of the desk will come and stand at the front." He ordered. Half of the class stood up to walk to where the teacher's desk was, including a reluctant Tora. Snape worked his way down the line of students standing at the front and sent them off to a different desk to the one they were at before. The goofy-looking boy in Gryffindor robes stood next to her, who Snape called Neville, was sent to work with Hermione and Tora was ordered towards the desk in the back left corner of the room. Next to her, she noticed way the boy from breakfast who had been staring at her, Malfoy, was it, that Hermione'd called him? She sat on the wooden stool she had been allocated and took out a piece of parchment, her quill and a bottle of ink.

"In the first half of the lesson, you will be studying the uses of and memorising the Wit-Sharpening Potion. The second half will be spent brewing it." Snape introduced. "Open your Magical Drafts and Potions textbooks to page one hundred and forty nine. Study and discuss the desired outcome of the potion and any side effects and then memorise the ingredients needed and the tame gap between each ingredient." Snape then sat down behind his desk, his beady eyes watching the class down his large nose.

Tora turned to the grey-eyed boy beside her. "Hi, I'm Tora." She said, smiling in a friendly way.

"So I suppose you just moved here from another school, then?"

"," She said uneasily. She had been instructed to release information about herself on a need-to-know basis.

The boys looked at her. "So you were homeschooled, then?" He said this a little distainfully, as if it was something undesirable.

"Yes, I was." Well, she wasn't lying. It wasn't like she'd been to any other magical schools and she'd often practise Controlling at home.

"What's your blood status?" He asked bluntly.

"I'm sorry?" She exclaimed, a little too loudly. Some people nearby turned to look at her and Snape sent her a silencing look.

"I said, what's your blood status, are you deaf?" He told her like it was the most normal thing to ask a new student in the world.

"What does it matter what blood status I am?" She asked, exasperated.

"You are clearly new to the system. My name's Draco Malfoy, descendant of the longest known line of purebloods at this school, which makes me automatically better than anybody else here, unless you happen to have longer than a hundred or so generations in a line of pure blood."

"Okay, better than me? Please. Just because you have a long line of inbreeding does not make you better than me or anybody else here." She was quickly losing her temper with this pale, irritating boy. Dumbledore had told her all about the views of some about supposed 'superiority' of purebloods and how Tora should never believe it. She was not about to lie down and take it. She continued on. "So tell me, Draco Malfoy, oh pureblood extraordinaire," sarcasm dripped off her words, "what exactly is it about pure blood that makes you so much better than a muggleborn? Hm? It can't be intelligence, Hermione can run laps around you in that department. It's certainly not charm, since you don't seem to be making much of a positive impression on me. So what is it? Please, do enlighten me." She finished, secretly proud of herself, though she wouldn't let her face betray her pride. Malfoy looked gobsmacked. His mouth kept opening and closinglike a goldfish, but no words came out. He just turned back to his work and utterly refused to look at her again. Tora smirked.