Chapter Nineteen - Sisterly Advice

After all the excitement from the lacrosse game and afterwards, Cassidy spent the rest of the weekend holed up in her room since her friends had other plans, well the friends she would have wanted to be around, she was still annoyed with Scott and Stiles. She knew they were keeping something from her and lying about it. Plus there was still the whole being stood up thing by Stiles. Needless to say, she didn't want to talk to either boy, although that didn't stop Stiles from trying to get in touch with her all weekend. She was lucky enough to avoid him, but now it was Monday and the start of a new school week, she knew her luck was about to run out and she would unfortunately have to see him which put her in a foul mood this morning.

After getting dressed, Cassidy made her way downstairs and into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee before heading off to school like she usually did, but when she walked into the room she was surprised to see Parker sitting at the small bar off to the side, drinking a cup of coffee from a pot she had already made. Even though Parker had been around all weekend, she was still shocked seeing her home. It had been so long since she had been in the house and with their father hardly around, Cassidy just wasn't use to seeing someone else in the house. Although she figured it was no use getting use to it, knowing Parker she would probably be gone again soon.

"Morning. Want some coffee?" Parker asked, without looking up from the newspaper she was reading when she heard Cassidy walk into the room.

"Yeah, thanks." Cassidy answered, as she opened one of the cabinet doors and grabbed a coffee cup.

"I just brewed a new pot. It's over there." Parker added, as she pointed behind her toward the coffee machine, her head still down.

"I know where the coffee is Parks. I do live here you know." Cassidy snapped without thinking then instantly felt bad. Sure she was in a bad mood, but it wasn't fair to take it out on her sister, she needed to take it out on the person who deserved it, which would be Stiles. Although she still wasn't ready to talk to him at the moment.

"Wow. Sounds like someone already had a bowl of bitch flakes this morning." Parker joked, as she turned to the next page and went back to reading the paper.

"Parker, I'm sorry." Cassidy said sincerely, then added,"I'm just not in a good mood this morning, but I still shouldn't take it out on you, so once again I'm sorry."

"Since when are you not in a good mood in the morning?" Parker asked, as she folded her arms and rested them on top of the paper. She looked up at her sister then added before she could answer,"you use to always be in a good mood first thing in the morning. You use to be so chipper and it use to bug the hell out of me. But I have to admit, your early morning happiness would rub off on me by the time I made it to school which was a good thing cause we both know I was far from being a morning person. I kind of miss that."

"I'm still a morning person." Cassidy said, as she poured some coffee into the cup she was holding. When she was done, she sat the pot down then added sadly,"I just don't have anything to be cheery about this morning."

"I'm sensing some teen angst going on here. So spill. What's going on?" Parker asked, as she closed the newspaper then pushed it aside, giving her sister her full attention.

Cassidy didn't say anything for a moment as she took a sip of her coffee. It had been a long time since she talked boy drama with her sister and she honestly didn't even know where to being or how to explain the things that had been on her mind lately. Even if she was mad at Stiles at the moment, the truth was she liked him and then there was Isaac. They had become good friends in such a short amount of time and somehow while that was happening, she begin to like him too. She wasn't sure if her sister ever had a problem like hers before and would even be able to help, but it wouldn't hurt to try right?

Cassidy cleared her throat as she sat the cup down and opened her mouth to begin to talk, but before she could say a word, the two sisters heard the doorbell ring. Parker jumped up from her seat, telling her sister to,"hold that thought", then made her way toward the front door, wondering who could be visiting this early in the morning. She couldn't help but shake her head when she opened the door and saw the familiar face of Stiles as he stood in front of her. He might be a little older, but he still looked exactly like the same dorky boy that use to hang around the house all the time.

"Thank God! Cassidy, I..." Stiles begin to say excitedly, as soon as the door opened. He assumed it was Cassidy on the other side and was overjoyed at the thought that she was finally giving him a chance to explain that it took him a moment to realize it wasn't the Miles family member he was hoping for.

"P-Parker? Is that you?" Stiles asked surprised. It had been years since he had seen her and he didn't even know she was in town. Which just proved how pissed Cassidy still was at him. Normally if something big, like her sister coming home for the first time in years, she would have called him to tell him all about it. He mentally kicked himself for the millionth time since he stood her up, he didn't think he could ever forgive himself for screwing up this badly. He had finally got his dream girl and with one bad decision he had ruined it all. He couldn't really blame her for cutting him out of her life, but he still wished she would give him one more chance.

"Well, well, its little Stiles Stilinski." Parker said smiling, then added,"you haven't changed a bit."

"Yeah, you're right. You know what, I actually think I am the same height now as I was when you left town." Stiles joked sarcastically.

"Ok so you might have a changed a little in the last six years since I've seen you." Parker said with a laugh, then added,"you're a little taller and a little less dorky."

"Thanks... I guess." Stiles said, as he ran a hand over his buzzed hair. He then tried to peek around her to look inside the house as he tried to look for Cassidy without getting caught, but when he didn't see her, he cleared his throat nervously then looked back at Parker as he asked,"so um, can I talk to Cassidy for a minute?"

"Yeah, sure, hold on." Parker begin to say, as she turned around, getting ready to call out her sister's name, until she saw her peeking her head out from the kitchen doorway, where Stiles couldn't see and begin to shake her head back and forth. Parker wasn't sure what was going on between the two friends and normally she would think it would be best if they talked things out, but when she saw the pleading look in her sister's eyes she knew now was not the time to push them to talk. She turned her head back toward Stiles and with a apologetic smile said,"actually you know what, you just missed her."

"But her car is still here." Stiles said, as he pointed behind him where her car was still sitting in the driveway.

"Right, well, um... that's cause she took my car." Parker lied, thankful that she had parked her car in the garage the night before.

"Oh ok. I guess I'll talk to her at school then." Stiles said, with a disappointed expression on his face.

"I'm sure you will." Parker said with a small smile, feeling bad for him.

"See you around, Parker." Stiles said, as he gave her a quick wave before turning around.

Before he could walk away, Parker glanced down and noticed a bouquet of colorful gerbera daisies in his hand, which she knew was Cassidy's favorite flower.

"Hey!" Parker called out, getting his attention. She waited until he turned around then she pointed to the flowers and said,"now I know those are not for me since you didn't even know I was here, so I'm guessing they are either for my dad or sister."

"Oh, yeah, they were for Cas." Stiles said, as he looked down at the flowers with a sad expression still on his face.

"I'll make sure she gets them." Parker said, as she held her hand out.

"Thanks." Stiles said, as he handed her the flowers. He gave her a small wave then turned back around to walk away, making his way to his Jeep that was parked out on the street.

Once he was gone, Parker shut the front door, flowers in hand, then made her way back into the kitchen to see Cassidy sitting on one of the stools, drinking from her coffee cup.

"Ok, what is going on with you and Stilinski? And why is he bringing you flowers?" Parker asked, as she laid the bouquet on the counter.

"It's a long story." Cassidy answered with a sigh, as she looked down at the colorful flowers. She softly touched one of the petals with a unreadable expression on her face.

"Well I have time." Parker said, as she sat down on a stool beside her sister.

"I don't, sorry, I got to get to school." Cassidy said, as she stood up, needing to get away from the flowers. The longer she was around them, the harder it was to stay mad at him. Once on her feet, she walked across the floor to place her empty cup by the sink then made her way toward the front door, where her book bag was sitting, waiting for her.

"Oh come on! You can be late just once." Parker said, as she stood up to follow her, wanting to hear the latest drama.

"No I can't. You know I hate being late." Cassidy said.

"You are such a little nerd. I have seriously failed you." Parker said, then added,"I bet you have never even skipped school."

"I happen to like school." Cassidy argued.

"No one likes school Cassie." Parker argued back, then added,"wait I take it back, some people do and those people are called nerds."

"Ha-ha, you are not funny." Cassidy said sarcastically.

"I'm kidding little sis." Parker said with a laugh.

Cassidy chuckled at her sister as she placed her bag on her shoulder, then she held out her and as she said,"ok I'm off, give me your keys."

"Oh! You got jokes now I see." Parker joked, as she folded her arms across her chest.

"I'm not joking Parks. You told Stiles I took your car, so I should probably drive it to school." Cassidy pointed out.

"Or you could just stop avoiding him and talk to him. Whatever is going on between you two I'm sure it can be fixed but ignoring each other is not going to solve anything." Parker argued.

"You're right, I do agree with that, but Stiles hurt me pretty bad and I'm just not ready to face him yet." Cassidy explained, then added,"how would you feel if the guy that you really liked stood you up and lied to you?"

Parker looked down at the floor as Derek crossed her mind. Once upon a time they were in love and they had a plan to spend their life together, but then tragedy struck and he lost most of his family in a house fire. Then they made plans to leave town together until he left without her and without saying good-bye.

Parker shook her head, trying to get rid of those old hurtful memories, then looked up at her sister to answer softly,"like crap."

"Then you understand why I can't talk to him now. He hurt me and made me feel like crap and I just don't want to deal with it right now." Cassidy explained.

Parker nodded her head then took a few steps toward the front door to grab her car keys that were handing on a hook by the door. She handed her keys to Cassidy then said,"yeah, I do understand and I'm sorry you're having to go through this. Sadly it's all part of growing up. The one guy that you think you can count on will disappoint you and chances are many more guys after that will disappoint you."

"Wow, that's really depressing. Thanks Parks." Cassidy said sarcastically.

"You didn't let me finish." Parker said with a laugh, then added,"but no matter what Stiles did, at least he showed up to make it right. That's more than some guys do. So just remember that ok?"

"Ok." Cassidy mumbled, as she took the keys from Parker's hand.

"Oh and don't worry. I'll put your flowers in water for you." Parker called out, as Cassidy turned around to walk away.

She gave her sister a quick wave to thank her as she made her way into the garage and got behind the wheel of Parker's white bmw convertible then made her way toward school with Parker's comment still on her mind. She was right, at least Stiles was trying to talk and make things right, she just wasn't sure if she was ready to listen and forgive yet.

All morning Stiles had searched the hallways looking for a certain brunette, but apparently she had gotten better at hiding from him is what he figured when he wasn't about to find her. But now it was time for chemistry and there was no way she could hide from him in there unless she skipped but he knew she wasn't the skipping type.

Stiles quickly made his way inside the classroom with Scott following along behind him as he continued to freak out, which is what he had been doing since arriving at school. First Scott thought he had hurt Allison after having a very vivid dream about attacking her in a school bus. For a moment he had feared it really was true when they came across a destroyed school bus filled with blood and claw marks. After seeing the bus, Scott was close to losing it and wolfing out in front of everyone, he even damaged Jackson's locker with one punch. He feared what would happen next if he didn't leave right then, luckily when he turned around he ran into Allison, literally.

Now Scott was wondering who was hurt in the bus and if he was responsible for it. As he sat in front of Stiles, he went over the dream in his head again. In the dream he had been making out with Allison then had turned and attacked her. Now that he knew she wasn't really in the bus, he was confused on who could have been. Who's blood was all in the bus?

With that question in mind, he turned to look at Stiles, who was chewing on the collar of his shirt as he bounced his legs up and down while watching the door at all the students walking in. He didn't even think to question why Stiles was acting that way and instead said,"maybe it was my blood on the door."

When Stiles didn't comment and kept looking at the door, Scott spoke up again and asked,"Stiles? Did you hear me?"

"Have you talked to Cassidy?" Stiles asked suddenly, as he spit his shirt out of his mouth.

"Uh, no actually." Scott answered with a surprised expression on his face. With everything that had been going on, he couldn't believe that he had not talked to her in a while. There use to be a time when they would talk every day and now he had not talked to her since the game last week.

Stiles almost fell out of his seat as he scrambled to get closer to Scott, taking him by surprise, as he asked,"what if it was Cas?"

"What if it was Cas what?" Scott asked confused.

"What if it was Cas on the bus." Stiles said a little louder than he meant to, then added quietly after the teacher shot him a look,"what if you killed her."

"What? That-that's crazy." Scott said back, surprised that he would even think that. Then he added,"I think I would know if I killed my best friend."

Stiles stuttered a few times at his comment then said with wide eyes,"just a few hours ago you were convinced you killed your girlfriend cause you didn't remember anything so how do you expect to remember if you hurt Cassidy or not?"

"But that's different. B-because... uh..." Scott begin to say, as he tried to think of a good reason. When he couldn't think of anything to add, he instead said,"I thought you went by her house this morning."

"I did, but she wasn't there. Parker said she had already left for school but I haven't seen her yet." Stiles explained.

"Wait.. Parker?" Scott asked confused, then added,"Parker is in town? Since when?"

"Since now." Stiles answered, then asked,"you didn't know she was in town? I didn't know, but did you know?"

"No. Cas never told me she was." Scott answered, thinking it was strange that his best friend never mentioned the fact that her sister was back in town for the first time in six years, which is what he told Stiles.

"Exactly! It's weird that Cas wouldn't tell at least one of us that Parker was back." Stiles said, then added,"she has always been the type to call us when something big happened and this is pretty big and I know she's pissed at me but you would think she would at least call you unless..."

"Unless what?" Scott asked when the other boy didn't continue.

"Unless something bad happened to her. Like she's ..." Stiles begin to say, but was not able to finish the sentence. The more he thought about it, the more freaked out he was becoming. What if she had called Scott and they made plans to meet early this morning but he just doesn't remember? What if Scott wolfed out and begin to chase her and she ran on to the bus to get away from him? What if Scott followed her and ...?

Stiles quickly shook his head, getting rid of all the 'what ifs'. He had to find Cassidy and he had to find her now, she had to be ok, she just had to cause he honestly didn't think he could live his life without her. She was a big part of his past, his present and hopefully his future.

As the bell rang, he quickly stood up, planning to rush out now to search for her, she was never late for class which meant something was wrong. But before he could take a step, Cassidy rushed into the room as the bell stopped ringing, which was her plan all along. She knew if she would have showed up to class early like she usually did, Stiles would try to talk to her and now was not the right time. As she breezed past Stiles, he stood still with his mouth dropped open, surprised and relieved to see her. For a moment he thought about rushing over to her and wrapping his arms around her for a big hug since he was so happy to see that she was alive and ok, but while deep in thought he heard his teacher, Mr. Harris, call out his name and told him to sit down.

Now that they knew it wasn't Allison or Cassidy on the bus, the two boys begin to wonder again who could have been on it and what actually happened. Stiles looked away from Cassidy, who he had been staring at for several minutes, then suggested to Scott,"maybe it could have been animal blood. You know, maybe you caught a rabbit or something."

"And did what?" Scott asked confused.
"Ate it." Stiles answered matter-of-fact.

"Raw?" Scott asked.

"No you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven." Stiles said sarcastically, then added,"I don't know. You're the one who can't remember anything."

Scott opened his mouth to say something else but before he could, they heard their teacher call out to Stiles again,"Mr. Stilinski, if that's your idea of a hushed whisper, you might want to pull the headphones out every once and awhile. I think you and Mr. McCall would benefit from a little distance, yes?"

"No." Stiles answered back, then sighed when the teacher pointed at them then pointed at two empty seats far away from each other, telling them to move.

As the other students giggled, Cassidy looked up from her notebook and felt bad for them. She would never understand why Mr. Harris was hard on Stiles, it just wasn't fair. When she saw the two boys stand up to move, she couldn't stop a groan from escaping when she saw Stiles headed for the empty stool beside her. So much for avoiding him today, she knew with him right beside her, he would definitely try to talk things out now.

"Hi." Stiles whispered to her, as soon as he sat down. As much as he originally hated that Mr. Harris made him switch seats, he had to admit, now he was happy about it. He might just have to send Mr. Harris a card now to thank him.

"Hey," Cassidy whispered back, as she looked back down at her notebook, hoping to ignore him which was hard to do when he was staring at her, which she could tell he was doing out of the corner of her eye.

"Listen Cas, I..."

"Don't." Cassidy said, interrupting him as she quickly lifted her head to look at him, then added,"not now Stiles."

"Then when? Just talk to me Cas, please." Stiles pleaded with her.

Cassidy looked down again and squeezed her eyes closed as she took a deep breath to control her emotions. It was getting harder and harder to just ignore him. When he looked at her the way he was now, it physically hurt her cause she couldn't stand hurting him. No matter what he was her best friend. He had been there for her a lot through the years and it killed her to not talk to him but he had lied to her, which was something she, Stiles and Scott had always promised they would never do, yet here they were lying to her.

She took another deep breath then opened her eyes as she lifted her head to look over at him. He reached out and placed one of his hands on top of hers, which was sitting on top of the table, as he begged again,"please Cassidy."

Cassidy opened her mouth to say something, but before she could say a word, they heard a female student toward the front of the room call out,"hey, I think they found something."

After her comment, everyone jumped up and raced toward the windows to see paramedics wheeling someone toward a ambulance. Stiles looked over at Cassidy for a moment, then toward the front of the room where Scott was standing with the rest of the class. He knew he needed to be there for Scott but he didn't want to leave Cassidy, so he kept a hand of her hand as he stood up and pulled her up along with him. As soon as she was on her feet, she pulled her hand away and begin to walk by herself toward the windows. Stiles tried not to feel hurt as he watched her walk away, he looked down at his hand sadly, missing the feel of her hand in his for that brief moment, then made his way toward the windows and stood behind Cassidy and beside Scott.

"That's not a rabbit." Scott mumbled over to Stiles.

Suddenly the man on the stretcher sat up, causing all the students to jump back in surprise and even caused a few to yelled out. One of them being Cassidy, who jumped back and slammed into Stiles, who instinctively laid his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him, wanting to protect her. Cassidy felt her heart racing as she felt him lightly squeeze her hips, she took a deep breath, hoping to control her beating heart. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder and saw him looking at her with a goofy grin on his face. She couldn't deny that it felt right to be this close to him, but she was still so hurt and confused.

As much as he hated to let her go, he knew he had to talk to Scott, who he could tell was worried after he saw how messed up the man was. He looked behind him to see that Scott had taken several steps back from the rest of the students. He shot Cassidy a apologetic smile, then made his way over to Scott, hoping to convince him that the man jumping up was a good thing, dead men can't do that, but he could tell Scott was still worried about the whole situation. He was really started to believe he did do it, he attacked an innocent man and almost killed him.

While Scott was freaking out, Stiles saw Cassidy leave the class room, looking upset and felt torn. On one hand he wanted to help calm his best friend down, who may or may not have attacked someone, but on the other hand he wanted to check on his other best friend, the girl who had been the star of his dreams for years but he didn't know what to do. One needed him and the other wanted nothing to do with him since he screwed up, but he couldn't just let her leave. She might not have needed him, but he still needed her.

With that thought in mind, he held up a finger to Scott, telling him to hold on a second, he would be right back, then he turned and ran out of the class room looking for Cassidy. He ran down the hallway then skid to a stop when he saw her walking down another hallway to his right. He turned to run down that hallway, calling out her name.

"Hey Cas, hey, hold on." Stiles called out, as he raced up behind her. He reached out to grab her arm to bring her to a stop then turned her around to face him. His mouth dropped open in surprise when he saw tears in her eyes then he asked,"hey, what's wrong?"

"I can't. I can't do this right now Stiles." Cassidy said, as she shook her head.

She turned around to begin walking away, but before she could take a step, Stiles turned her back around and asked,"what? You can't do what now?"

"This!" Cassidy answered, as she gestured between them then added,"do you know how hard it is to not talk to you? You're my best friend Stiles. We've been through so much together and you're such a big part of my life that it kills me to not talk to you."

"I know. I feel the same way Cas." Stiles admitted softly, as tears filled his eyes. For a moment he was worried that he was going to lose her for good. That she was going to say they couldn't even be friends anymore, but what she said instead surprised him.

"Then why did you lie to me?" Cassidy asked point-blank.

"Wha-What?" Stiles asked with a shocked expression. He knew he had been lying to her a lot lately, ever since Scott started turning into a werewolf, but he didn't realize she knew he was lying. He thought he was sneakier than that.

"Why did you lie to me Stiles?" She asked him again, as he continued to stare at her.

She waited a few moments, giving him a chance to explain, but when he begin to stutter as he tried to think of another lie, she shook her head then said,"yeah, that's what I thought."

As she turned to walk away again, Stiles called out,"wait, Cas, just give me a moment to explain."

"I did. I just gave you a chance to explain and you didn't." Cassidy said, then added,"I know you Stiles and I know you were standing here trying to think of any lie to dig yourself out and make things right again, but if you can't tell me the truth, then we have nothing else to talk about."

"C-Cas... Cassidy.." Stiles said, trying to plead with her as he watched her turn and walk away.

This time he didn't stop her, this time he just watched her walk out of his life and he hated himself for it. He wished he could chase her down and tell the truth, but he had promised Scott he would keep his secret, he just never thought keeping a secret like this would cause him to lose the girl he had been crushing on for years, the girl he loved, the girl who had been his best friend since they were kids.

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