Chapter Thirty Eight - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Cassidy stood on the side lines during practice, snapping pictures while the players took turns doing different plays. She knew she was supposed to stay for the whole practice, but the more she looked at Scott, the more upset she became as she remembered the things he said and what happened between them earlier in coach's office.

She glanced over at Isaac, snapping a quick picture of him, catching his eye. She lowered the camera then nodded her head toward the parking lot, telling him she was leaving out early. He nodded his head and mouthed out the words,'call me'. She nodded her head back, letting him know she would, then she walked over to the coach, telling him she wasn't feeling well, but she got several great pictures.

After her short talk with Coach Finstock, she turned and began to walk away, then paused for a moment to look back at the field, looking at Isaac again and shooting him a small smile, which he returned. She felt someone looking at her from the corner of her eye, causing her to turn her head to the side, seeing Jackson watching her with a confused look on his face. He could tell something was bothering her, he knew what that look on her face meant. Like he told her that night they were stuck in the school, even if they were broken up, he still remembered everything about her.

He saw her eyes flicker over to Scott and saw something that he had never seen coming from her before when looking at Scott. Fear. He didn't know what could have happened between them, but it was clear to see she was scared of Scott now.

Cassidy took a deep breath and slowly released it, then turned back around and began to walk toward the parking lot. She slipped behind the wheel of her car and pulling out on to the road. She stopped at her house to grab the overnight bag she packed the night before and grabbed a few movies, then made her way to Allison's house.

She felt like she was on autopilot, as she exited the car and walked up to the front door, ringing the door bell and waited for a moment, until the door swung open and Mrs. Argent was standing on the other side.

"Hi, I'm here to see Allison. We're suppose to be having a sleep over." Cassidy announced, as she shot her a friendly smile.

"Of course, dear. Come on in." Mrs. Argent said, as she stepped aside and opened the door wider. "She's in her room." She added, as Cassidy walked into the house.

"Thanks." Cassidy said, as she headed for the stairs. She walked down the hallway, then lightly knocked on Allison's closed bedroom door.

When Allison called out a 'come in', she opened the door and made her way inside the room. She smiled over at her friend, who was laying on the bed, and sat her bag down on the floor. A teddy bear off to the side caught her eye, as it looked like it had been hit with a taser, the wires were still attached to it.

Cassidy glanced over at Allison with raised eyebrows, as she asked,"and what did Mr. Bear do? Attack you? Tried to rob you at gunpoint?"

Allison softly chuckled, as she sat up, folding her legs under her, as she said,"no, nothing like that. My aunt Kate was teaching me how to use a taser gun."

"Probably not a bad idea." Cassidy said, as she sat down on the bed beside her. "With all the ... attacks lately, it would probably be a good idea if we all learned how to use one."

"Yeah if I would have had one the other night, maybe I wouldn't have felt so scared and helpless." Allison said, as a sad look appeared on her face. She hated feeling weak and she had never felt as weak as she did that night. She never wanted to be the type of girl who was scared of everything, she wanted to be strong and capable. She wanted to be like her aunt Kate, she honestly believed there was nothing Kate was scared of. She was always able to take care of herself, and that's how she wanted to be.

"I know what you mean." Cassidy mumbled, agreeing with her. She too hated the way that night made her feel. It was not something she wanted to go through again.

"I'm sure Kate can teach you some things too." Allison suggested. She saw Cassidy nodded her, then spoke up and began to say,"or ..."

"Or what?" Cassidy asked when she paused.

Allison thought about what she was going to say, wondering if she should tell her, then finally turned to face her as she said,"ok, there's something I've never told you about me."

"What?" Cassidy asked, confused.

"It's really stupid and you're probably going to laugh, although please, don't laugh." Allison said in one breath, then added,"I'm actually pretty good at archery."

"What you mean like shooting arrows and stuff like that?" Cassidy questioned, then added when Allison nodded her head,"why would I laugh about that? I think that's great! Maybe you can teach me some stuff."

"That's what I was going to suggest." Allison said, smiling.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Cassidy asked.

Allison shrugged, then said,"I don't know, I guess I thought people would find it stupid so I don't tell many people. I did tell Scott though."

A sad look appeared on her face when she thought about her ex boyfriend. She knew he was keeping something from her, but even with knowing that, she still missed him. She still thought about him day in and day out, wondering exactly what happened. What changed.

"You ok?" Cassidy softly asked, when she saw the look on her face. She knew what that look meant. She too got that face when Stiles crossed her mind.

"Yeah, I just, I miss him." Allison said, barely above a whisper, as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

Cassidy wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her toward her for a hug, as she said,"I know how you feel."

The two friends were still for a moment, just hugging each other, until Allison took a deep breath then blew it out, as she pulled away and said,"we shouldn't do this. We should not be crying over our exs."

"Or if we are, we should at least pig out while we are doing it." Cassidy suggested, as she laid back against the pillows.

Allison chuckled at her comment, then said,"no, we are not going to pig out and we are not going to cry. This is a sleep over, it's suppose to be happy."

"What should we do then?" Cassidy questioned.

"I know exactly what we should do." Allison said, as she stood up from the bed. "Come on!" She added, as she grabbed Cassidy's arms and pulled her up. "We are not sitting here, we are going out, we are going to be bad-asses."

"Where are we going?" Cassidy asked, as Allison walked toward the bedroom door, pulling her along behind her.

"You'll see." Allison answered, as she shot her a grin from over her shoulder.

The two girls made their way down the stairs. Allison grabbed her car keys then yelled out to her mom that they would be back later, then the two made their way outside and to the car laughing and talking the whole way. For a short time no boys crossed their minds, they were just two friends, hanging out and having fun.

Several minutes later, Allison pulled the car into the parking lot of a sporting goods store, then exited the car. Cassidy stepped out after her, glancing around, wondering why they were there. She thought maybe Allison was taking them to the mall, she never thought she would bring them there.

"So, why are we here?" Cassidy asked, as the two girls walked across the parking lot and toward the building.

"This is our first step to standing on our own two feet, of taking control of our lives and not being scared anymore." Allison answered, as she opened the door and ushered her inside. Once the two were inside the store, she continued,"if you were serious before and wanted to learn some things, I figured this would be the place to go."

Cassidy glanced around the store with a unsure smile on her face. She did want to be able to take care of herself, but could she actually do it? She wasn't as strong as her sister or even Allison for that matter, she had never been the type to stare danger in the face. She practically broke down when Scott told her he was a werewolf and they were locked in the school with one. What if she was too weak to go up against something like that.

"You'll be ok." Allison whispered over to her friend, as if she knew what she was thinking. She wrapped an arm around her shoulder, as she added,"you can do this, Cas."

"Let's do it then." Cassidy said, as she smiled over at her.

The two girls walked further into the store, looking around at different things. They had only been looking for a few minutes, when Cassidy heard her cell phone ringing. She reached into her front pants pocket, bringing out the phone and sighed when she saw it was Stiles calling. So much for avoiding exs tonight.

She hit the ignore button and placed the phone back into her pocket, right as it began to ring again. She pulled it out again, hitting ignore, then waited a minute, hearing it ring again.

"Stiles?" Allison questioned, when the phone went off again.

"Yeah." Cassidy answered with a sigh. She hit ignore and slipped it in her pocket again. It didn't take long for it to go off again, only this time it was a text message, not a call. She pulled the phone out again, reading the message and softly gasping when she read the message.

"What is it?" Allison asked, with a concern expression, as she walked over toward Cassidy. She looked over her shoulder to look at the phone, reading the message and lowered her eyebrows in confusion when she read the three short words, Bright Blue Unicorn. She had no idea what that meant or why it would cause Cassidy to worry.

"What - What does that mean?" Allison asked, still feeling confused.

"It's uh, It's something we made up when we were little. It's our emergency word. We each picked a word, mine was unicorn, Stiles was blue and Scott ... well you know." Cassidy explained, then added,"but yeah we only used it when it was really an emergency, like, life and death emergency."

"So for Stiles to send you that, that means something is wrong?" Allison questioned.

"Yeah, very wrong." Cassidy mumbled, as she brought up her contacts and highlighted Stiles' number to call him back. She told Allison she would be right back, then took a few steps away from her for privacy, as the phone began to ring over the line as she called Stiles.

"Hey." Cassidy said when he answered.

"Cas, thank God!" Stiles said, then added,"I wasn't sure if you would call back or not. I'm sorry I had to use the emergency phrase, but you wouldn't answer your phone and I.."

"So there's not really an emergency?" Cassidy asked, feeling herself getting angry, thinking he had tricked her.

"No, no. There is an emergency and I need your help, Cas." Stiles said in a panic.

"What's wrong?" Cassidy asked, fearing the worst.

"Scott escaped." Stiles answered.

"O... Kay." Cassidy said slowly, not understanding what the big deal is.

"You do realize what tonight is right? It's a full moon and Scott is out there, all wolfy and crazed." Stiles explained.

"So that's why he was such an ass today." Cassidy stated, as she remembered how he was acting toward her. It still didn't excuse it, but it made more sense now.

"Yeah, look, I don't know what happened between you two before practice, but whatever he did Cas, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I asked him to talk to you, but when I saw you on the field afterwards I could tell something happened." Stiles said, feeling guilty. Scott wouldn't tell him what happened, he bit his head off when he asked, but he could tell from the look on her face afterwards it wasn't anything good. Whatever did happen, all he knew was he was pissed off at Scott about it. Which was why he was giving him a hard time earlier at his house until Scott got away.

A part of him didn't want to care, the part that was still pissed, but a bigger part of him couldn't leave Scott out there alone, not with hunters around who wanted to kill him. No, he needed to find his best friend, he just hoped his other friend, his ex, would help him.

"Why would you even ask Scott to talk to me? If you want to talk to me, just talk to me." Cassidy pointed out.

"I've tried Cas, but you won't talk to me." Stiles called out, as he ran a hand over his head.

Cassidy sighed, then said,"you're right. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to ignore you Stiles, it's just hard."

"I know. I know I screwed up, I know Scott screwed up, but he needs us, Cas." Stiles said, then added,"there is still so much you don't know about all of this, so much we haven't told you."

"Like what?" Cassidy asked.

"Like the alpha, the one who had us locked in the school... He's the one who turned Scott and wants him to join his pack. Also there are hunters, actually werewolf hunters that will kill Scott if they find him." Stiles explained, then added,"so you see, he needs us, Cas, please help me find him, before they do, before the alpha finds him."

"Alright, I'll help." Cassidy said with a sigh. She was still pissed at Scott, both boys actually, but she couldn't just sit back and leave him in danger.

"Thanks. Thank you so much, Cas." Stiles said, as he breathed out a sigh of relief. "I'm already out, driving around looking for him. I can swing by the house and pick you up." He added.

"I'm not at home. I'm at that sporting goods store down town with Allison." Cassidy said.

"Why are you at a sporting good store?" Stiles asked confused. She was always more into photography than sports.

"Seriously, Stiles? With everything else going on that is what sticks out?" Cassidy questioned, as she rolled her eyes, then before he could say anything, she added,"just come get me here. I'll see you soon."

He told her he would be there in a few minutes, then ended the call. She slipped her phone into her pocket, then made her way back over toward Allison, who was looking at a couple of crossbows.

"Hey." Cassidy said, as she came to a stop beside her.

"Hey, is everything ok?" Allison asked.

"I don't know. Stiles needs my help with something, something to do with Scott." Cassidy explained. She hated that she couldn't tell Allison the truth. She deserved to know just as much as she did, but now was not the time to get into that. Besides she hoped Scott would step up and tell her the truth soon, if not then she would have to do it, but she at least wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt first.

"Is Scott ok?" Allison asked with a concern look.

"He will be." Cassidy said, hoping that was the truth. She nervously looked down at her hands, playing with her fingers, then looked up as she said,"how much would you hate me if I left? I mean, I know we were doing the whole sleep over thing, but ..."

"No, it's ok. If something is going on with Scott, I would rather you help him." Allison said. All she wanted was Scott to be ok.

Cassidy nodded her head in thanks, then said,"I'll get Stiles to drop me off at your house later to get my things and my car. We'll do this whole kick-ass sleep over thing again really soon."

"Ok." Allison said, as she stepped forward to hug her. She pulled back to look at her friend, as she added,"keep me updated about Scott, ok?"

"I will." Cassidy promised, as she gave her a small smile, then turned to walk away.

She walked out of the building and stood near the door as she waited for Stiles. She didn't have to wait long as she saw the Jeep pull into the parking lot and come to a stop in front of her. Stiles leaned over to pop the door open for her, then waited till she was inside and had her seatbelt on before he pulled out of the parking lot and back out on to the road.

The two didn't say much as he drove to any place they could think of, hoping that was where Scott would go, but the more places they checked the more discouraged they were getting.

"Where is he? Where could he be?" Cassidy questioned out loud, as they checked the last place they could think of. She glanced over at the driver side at Stiles, as she added,"where else would he go?"

"I don't know." Stiles answered, as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel while he thought about it. "I can't think of another place. We checked everywhere. All the places we use to go when we were young, our hangouts now. We've been all over town." He added with a sigh.

"You don't think... You don't think hunters or the alpha got him, do you?" Cassidy asked nervously.

"I don't know. I don't think so, but ... no. No, he's ok, he has to be ok." Stiles said, trying to convince her and himself, as he pulled into an empty parking lot, beside an old park they use to play in when they were younger. It was the last place they could think of.

Cassidy blew out a breath, then opened the car door, stepping out into the dark night. It still boggled her mind sometimes, that werewolves were real and her best friend was one. Add that to all the other drama lately and being stuck in a vehicle with her ex for hours, she needed to get away. Just for a moment and breathe.

She walked over to a picnic table, sitting on top of it and took a deep breath, trying to get her emotions under control.

Stiles stepped out of the Jeep and made his way over toward her. He saw her rest her elbows on her knees and drop her head in her hands. He knew this had to be hard for her, trying to wrap her head around all things werewolf and being worried about Scott. Plus he figured being around him probably didn't help after he royally screwed up.

"Hey, you uh, you ok?" Stiles asked, as he cautiously took a step toward her.

Cassidy raised her head with a sigh. She looked over at him, a sad look her face, as she shook her head and said,"no, I'm not. I'm not ok, Stiles. I'm... well, actually I don't know what I am. I don't know anything about anything anymore." She took another deep breath and released, tears filled her eyes as she continued,"it's crazy. Things are so crazy now and I just... I don't know what to do, I don't know what to think, what to feel. I just don't know."

"Hey, shh, it's ok." Stiles mumbled, as he reached out and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her toward him, as more tears fell from her eyes. He ran his hand up and down her back, trying to comfort her, as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He held her for a few minutes until he heard his phone beep, letting him know he had a new message. He wanted to ignore it and just hold her, assuming he would never get a chance like this again, but with Scott out there somewhere, he figured he better check it.

He pulled away from her, seeing her wipe the tears from her face, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He read over the message and blew out a sigh of relief. It was from Scott, saying he was with Derek and was ok. The two were hiding out for the rest of the night.

"What is it?" Cassidy asked, when she saw the look on his face.

"It's Scott. He's ok." Stiles answered.

"Good." Cassidy breathed out.

The two were quiet for a moment until she stood up from the table and said,"guess we should go then."

"Yeah. I'll take you back to Allison." Stiles said, as the two began walking to the Jeep.

The two didn't say much more to each other, as he drove across town. Many minutes later, he came to a stop in front of Allison's house and turned the Jeep off.

He nervously played with the key chain on his key ring. It was the silver circle key chain she gave him years ago as a present. The one that said 'best friends forever' around it. He just hoped that was still true, if nothing else he hoped they were still friends.

He cleared his throat then glanced over at her, as he whispered out,"I'm sorry, Cas."

Cassidy turned her head to look at him, as mad as she was that he had lied to her, she could see in his eyes how badly he felt about it. She nodded her head a little, as she said,"you don't have to keep apologizing, Stiles."

"Yeah, I do. I screwed up. You're right, I never should have lied to you. I made you a promise that I wasn't keeping anything else from you and I broke that promise." Stiles said, as he lowered his head, beating himself up over it.

"As much as I hate that you and Scott lied to me, I do understand why you didn't tell me. I understand that you two were trying to protect me, but Stiles, we have been through so much and I thought we all had a better friendship than that. As hard as the truth can be sometimes, I thought we could always be honest with each other." Cassidy said, explaining why the lying hurt so much.

"I know, you're right. We should have been honest with you from the beginning and for that I am sorry." Stiles said. He paused for a moment, then looked over at her, as he continued,"I'm also sorry for whatever I might have said the other night. The night I was drunk. I don't remember everything I said, but I know I was mean to you and I was wrong. So I'm sorry."

Cassidy gave him a small smile as she nodded, accepting his apology. She looked over at him, as she said,"I just want you to know, I never messed around behind your back. When I was with you, I was completely with you. I do care about you Stiles, I do."

"I know. Like I said, I know I was wrong ..."

"You didn't let me finish." Cassidy softly said. She took a deep breath, then slowly released it, as she rubbed her sweaty hands on her pants. "Speaking of being honest, I think it's time I'm honest. You wasn't all wrong about Isaac." When he shot her a confused looked, she continued,"I think I do like him. I mean, I don't know for sure, but when I am with him, I feel something and I .."

"Cas..." Stiles said, getting her attention. "While I am glad you are being honest with me, like you said we do need to be honest with each other, it's definitely something we need in our relationship, but this is all just..." He shook his head, as a pained look came across his face, before continuing,"this is just too honest right now."

"You're right. I shouldn't - I wasn't thinking. I'm so, so sorry Stiles." Cassidy said sincerely.

"Thanks, for, you know, being honest." Stiles said, his voice slightly cracking, as he tried to keep it together. Even if he always knew something was there with her and Isaac, it hurt like hell hearing it from her. He felt like any chance he had in getting her back was gone. She was moving on and he had to let her.

He laid his head back against the head rest, not sure what else to say. There wasn't much he could say. He screwed up, he lost her and he couldn't really blame her. He broke her trust, there wasn't anything he could say to make that ok again, or was there?

As she whispered out a 'bye' and reached out to open the door, he lifted his head and laid a hand on top of hers, gripping her hand. She turned her head to look at him, wondering why he stopped her.

"There was one thing I said that night that I did mean." Stiles softly said. He saw her lower her eyebrows in confusion, wondering which part he was talking about, but before she could question him, he said,"I have always loved you, Cas, and I always will."

Cassidy took a shaky breath, then leaned forward to softly kiss his cheek, keeping her lips pressed against his skin a little longer, then in a flash she was out of the car and making her way toward the Argent's front door, Stiles words echoing in her ears.

Stiles watched her ring the doorbell and saw the porch light turn on, almost like it was shining a spot light on what he lost. He cleared his throat, wiping at his eyes, then cranked the Jeep and pulled away. He couldn't even be mad at losing her, it was all his fault.

Cassidy glanced over her shoulder, watching him drive away. A part of her feeling like she should go after him, but another part couldn't move. She didn't know when it happened, but at some point she became torn between two guys, and she had no idea what she should do other than following her heart, which at the moment was leaning toward one boy more than the other. She just hated to hurt the other one.

Before she could think about it even further, she heard the front door open and saw Kate standing before her. She gave her a friendly smile, then said,"hey, I'm not sure if you talked to Allison, but something came up and I'm not able to stay tonight. I'm just here to get my stuff."

"Sure, come on in." Kate said, as she opened the door wider for her to come in. "Where is my niece?" She questioned, as Cassidy stepped into the house.

"We were at a sporting goods store when a friend called with an emergency. I think she was going to stay there a little longer and look around." Cassidy answered.

"Ah, ok." Kate said with a nod. She couldn't help but wonder what Allison was looking for at the store. Was she maybe thinking of getting back to her archery roots? She honestly hoped so. She knew Allison would make a damn good hunter when the time was right to bring her in, which was coming up very soon.

"I'm just gonna go ..." Cassidy began to say, as she nodded her head over toward the stairs.

When Kate nodded her head, Cassidy walked over to the stairs and went up them, making her way to Allison's bedroom to grab her bag. She had just placed the bag on her shoulder, when her cell phone began to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket, seeing that it was her sister, Parker.

"Hey, Parks." Cassidy said, as she answered the phone.

"Hey, Cassie, where are you? I was hoping you would be home." Parker said back.

"Yeah, sorry, I had made plans with Allison." Cassidy said. She opened her mouth to tell her she was coming home now, but before she could, Parker spoke up.

"You're at the Argents' now?"

"Yeah." Cassidy answered.

Before either girl could say anything else, there was a light knock at the door, before it opened and Kate walked in, calling out a friendly greeting. She quickly apologized when she saw Cassidy was on the phone.

"It's ok. What's up?" Cassidy asked Kate.

"I just talked to Allison and I told her you were here. She said she's on her way home now if you wanted to stay a little longer. Have that sleep over after all." Kate said.

"Oh, well ..." Cassidy began to say, as Parker called out her name over the phone, trying to get her attention. "Yeah?" Cassidy asked her sister.

"Is that Kate?" Parker asked, feeling anger over take her. She hated the thought of Kate being so close to her sister. She didn't trust her and feared what she might say to her or do to her.

"Yeah." Cassidy answered.

"Cassie, I need you to listen to me, this is very important. You need to come home, right now." Parker said, as calmly as she could, trying to keep her anger under control.

"Ok, I'll be there shortly." Cassidy said, wondering what the big deal was. She told her sister 'bye' then ended the call, slipping her phone back into her pocket.

"Everything ok?" Kate asked her. "Maybe it's just the aunt in me, but I can always tell when someone is bothering Allison and right now, it looks like you have the same face going on. What's up?" She added.

"There's just so much going on right now." Cassidy said with a sigh, as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Allison told me you are going through a break up too." Kate said, hoping to push her to talk.

"Yeah, he wasn't being truthful with me. Actually there was a lot of that going on." Cassidy admitted.

"Yeah, it sucks when family and friends lie." Kate said, sighing, trying to make her believe she understood her pain. Even though the truth was, she lied often, only telling the truth when it would benefit her.

Cassidy nodded her head for a moment, until she realized what Kate said, causing her to shake her head as she said,"wait, family? No, it's just friends lying to me. Although I did view them as family."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought ..."

"You thought what?" Cassidy asked, when Kate paused.

"I just thought maybe Parker finally told you." Kate said.

"Told me what?" Cassidy asked, confused.

"No, I shouldn't... I shouldn't say. It's her story to tell." Kate said, as she held up her hand with a fake concern look on her face. She turned around to leave the room, then smirked when Cassidy called out to her. She plastered a fake concern look again, then turned around to face the younger girl. She had her right where she wanted her.

"No, wait, tell me what? What story?" Cassidy asked, feeling her heart begin to beat in her chest. It couldn't be true. Please don't let there be anything her own sister was lying about. She didn't think she could handle any more lies from the ones she loved and trusted the most.

"There is a lot about your sister you don't know." Kate said, seeing the confused look on Cassidy's face. This was almost too easy and she was going to enjoy every minute of ruining Parker's world. She took a step toward the bed, sitting down on the edge. "I'm sure Parker never told you, but we use to be friends, back when I use to live here."

"No, I never knew that." Cassidy quietly said, as she folded her arms across her chest. Wondering what else her sister never told her.

"Like I said, there is a lot you don't know, and I hate to be the one to tell you, but you deserve to know." Kate said. She patted the spot beside her, as she added,"have a seat. I have a lot to tell you."

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