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It sure was a beautiful day. The sun was shining very brightly. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, stunning. People were heard to be smiling and laughing in the hot glazing sun. Playing on the playground, one of the most stunning places ever. The grass was pure green. It had a fresh feeling looking at one of the most attraction spots there were in Magix. The birds were chirping happily, just like Cinderella. Although, this young girl didn't feel happy at the moment. She didn't hear people happily laughing. All she heard was her stomach growling.

This young girl sighed. She hasn't eaten anything in a while. Knowing, she's completely broke, breaks her spirits for having a great life. She sat on her chipped wooden chair sadly. Looking at people's happiness made her envious. How can people live such care free life when she's suffering so much?

Thinking about it too much made her sigh once again. She stood up and changed out of her 2 day clothes. Changing into something fresh, she brushed her teeth. Although she's poor, she still has the teeth as a model. This young girl's name was Stella. She lost her parents at age 5. Living on her own was difficult. Having no one with her made her cry every night. But, because of this, she can tell the difference between fantasies and reality.

Stella left her beat down house and walked towards the bakery. She had a small amount of money, but she needed to eat. Suffering, huh?

Stella, humming to herself, feeling the breeze that hit her face in the morning sure was a great feeling. Reaching to the bakery, the scent of fresh bread, cakes, and goods were tempting. Although, she did learn how to endure things in a situation like this.

"Hi Mister Cornell."Stella said happily.

"Ah. Stella. What brings you here to my bakery?"Mister Cornell said.

"I'm hungry, as usual."Stella said.

"Stella. You need to eat more. You're pale as ever. When was the last time you ate?"Mister Cornell asked.

"Hmm. Now that I think about it. Maybe 3 days ago?"Stella said staring at some goods freshly out of the oven.

Handing Stella some fresh bread, he sighed,

"Here you go, Stella. No charge. It worries me so much to see you like this. I know you're a strong girl, but I don't like seeing you like this."

"Tch. Don't worry about me. You always been and I always feel like I'm in debt for your kindness."Stella said nibbling on her bread.

"Please, Stella. You should never feel like that. Thinking about your past, makes me worried about your condition." Mister Cornell said worriedly.

"Thank you. You have always been like a father to me. I'm very thankful." Stella said.

"No worries. Oh, and did you hear?" Mister Cornell asked.

"What? Did anything fortunate happen?" Stella asked.

By the time she asked, she was nibbling on her second piece of bread.

"The Royal Family will be visiting my shop soon. It seems like they love my goods here. I don't think this shop is worthy enough." Mister Cornell said.

"No worries. I'll be sure to be here to encourage you. Give me a call and I'll be here to support you. I, myself, want to meet the handsome prince. He's known for all his kindness throughout his kingdom." Stella said.

"Alright. Thank you. Now I feel like I'm in debt with you." Mister Cornell said sheepily.

"Ha. No worries." Stella said.

As soon as she said that, the Royal Family walked in with pride. With servants and guards surrounding them precious jewels. Prince Brandon locked as with Stella. They were memorized by each other's eyes for a moment until he looked away. That filled her soul with sorrow. Made her heart heavy. At the moment, Stella felt butterflies in her stomach.

"Damn. Why is she so beautiful?" Brandon thought.

"Oh my gosh. Brandon is so hot." Stella thought.

Stella and Mister Cornell bowed at the Royal Family.

"Please rise." The Queen said.

They did as she said and smiled gratefully for coming to Mister Cornell's bakery shop.

"I'm the Queen. This is my husband and my son, Brandon." The Queen said.

"Why don't you introduce yourselves?" The King said.

"Yes. My name is Noah Cornell and this is Stella." Mister Cornell said.

Stella smiled brightly and bowed. The Queen eyed her suspiciously. After a while, her eyes twinkled.

"Awwh, such a beautiful young lady." The Queen said.

"Thank you, your majesty." Stella bowed.

"Oh, sweetheart, do you have a job? Do you have somewhere to stay?" The Queen asked.

"Oh. I do have a job actually. I work at the Café down the street. Mademoiselle. It pays $3.00 an hour. It pays great. To be honest, I live at house near that café, actually." Stella said.

"Oh my. That café? That is so beat down. $3.00 an hour? That's horrible! And that house? Ughh. I can barely look at it! Oh my. Brandon, honey, catch me."The Queen said pretending to faint.

Brandon reluctantly catches her from hitting the dusty floor. The place looked horrible, but the food was delicious.

"No worries. It's not like it's that bad. I've been living like this for over 10 years." Stella said.

"Ten years?" Brandon asked dropping his mom.

"Ahh!"The Queen yelled.

Everyone gasped and Brandon picked her up.

"Ha. Sorry, Mom." Brandon said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ughh. Stella, why don't you become a maid at our kingdom? We're short on maids and I definitely want a maid like you! We can become family! I've always wanted a daughter, but Brandon seemed to be enough trouble." The Queen said.

"Oh my .That's too much to ask for." Stella said.

"Oh no, no, no. That won't do. My wife wants you to become a maid. Please. She's very stubborn sometimes." The King said.

"Oh, honey. You know me so well." The Queen said to her husband.

"Mom, Dad. We're in public." Brandon said.

The Queen smacked the back of his for saying such thing. Romance is romance. Freedom is freedom.

"Please, Stella. I know that The Royal Family is not supposed to talk this way, but when I'm with you, I feel so young." The Queen said.

"Oh my. I'm so honored. I would love to be a maid for you. Serving the Royals must be great! I'm so honored." Stella said happily.

"Ha. No problem. Brandon, sweetie, do you think you can show her around when she moves in?" The Queen asked.

"It's not like I have a choice. You may always say freedom is freedom, but when I'm with you, I feel like a trapped animal." Brandon murmured.

"Stella, please teach him some manners. My son sure has his own way of thinking." The Queen said.

"Of course. Thank you for suggesting me."Stella said gratefully.

"Wow. Seems like you all very much hit it off. Please your majesties. Come this way." Mister Cornell said leading them into the kitchen.

When they all happen to leave. Stella and Brandon stayed behind. Silence was all that was encountered.

"Why do I keep starring at her? I could have any girl in this whole universe, but my heart beats as fast as if I've been running a 1000 meter dash." Brandon thought.

"Has he been this beautiful? No hot. No gorgeous. People say he's magnificent and majorly hot, but they forgot one thing. He's a super alluring. Those chocolate deep brown eyes have its own way of reeling people in. Note to self; don't stare at his eyes for long. You'll become weak." Stella noted herself.

"Well, it seems as if you're going to live with me. Well, in the kingdom. Please don't intrude in my life. Just because my mom loves you doesn't mean I need to." Brandon said coldly.

"That's right. Tell her up straight. She'll think as if I like her!" Brandon thought.

"My mom always told me that the ones who think you're useless falls in love with you one way or another." Stella said.

She faced him and smirked.

"Bye. Don't wait. Just fall for me already." Stella said smirking.

"Why you." Brandon said madly.

"Bu-bye." Stella said and left.

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