Early morning sunshine poured into the room illuminating the faces of the two figures, one male, one female, blissfully sleeping on the bed. The woman, with chestnut hair as silky as the very sheets beneath them, stirred and turned to her side, lightly resting her hand on her companion's bare chest. She sighed contently and gradually opened her chocolate brown eyes. Though her vision was still blurry, due in part to the blinding sunlight, she stared at the man next to her.

So handsome, she thought, so innocent, so... Dr. Crane?!

"What have we done?" She whispered rather loudly. The answer came in hazy detail: there had been drinking, laughing, dancing in the moonlight and... "Oh, dear."

"Hmm?" Niles drew a long, slow breath. Was that really Daphne's voice he was hearing? Or was he having that gloriously vivid dream where they'd just gotten married and had just woken up in their luxurious honeymoon suite? No matter, he thought, it felt real to him. Bringing his hand to rest on top of hers and with a broad, goofy smile, Niles said, "Good morning, Daphne. Don't get up yet. Just a few more minutes."

Propping herself up on one elbow, Daphne carefully withdrew her hand and tried to put as much distance between them as possible. In doing so, she moved too close to the edge and almost fell off the bed. Fortunately, and thanks to her quick reflexes, she managed to get ahold of the headboard. It was also then that she noticed she wasn't wearing her usual sleepwear but a white, long-sleeved, button up shirt... and not much else. It was definitely Niles'; she had helped him pick it out the week before when they ran into each other at her favorite department store.

He'd also been wearing it last night.

Where are my clothes?

Daphne looked around the elegant room - by now she'd accurately concluded it wasn't hers or, God forbid, his. There was a champagne bottle on the nightstand accompanied by two champagne flutes, remnants of what she assumed had been strawberries on a platter, and a trail of scattered yellow rose petals that seemed to have originated by the door.

The romantic setting, although pleasant to think about under normal circumstances only added to the splitting headache she'd woken up with. Hangovers were never a pleasant experience. But none of that concerned her half as much as not knowing for sure what may have happened between them last night - it wasn't as obvious as it seemed. Surely she would have remembered having sex with someone, in this case Niles.

"Oh, God. Did we or didn't we?" The answer scared her. Aside from Roz, Niles was her best friend. A best friend who much like her was minimally dressed. He was only wearing boxers and, oddly enough, a tie. She couldn't help but blush.

"Dr. Crane," she said shaking his arm. As embarrassing as all this was, uncertainty was driving Daphne up the wall. Hopefully Niles could shed some light on this. "You really need to wake up."

"Oh, must I?" he whined.

"Yes, you must."

Turning to his side, Niles' eyes fluttered opened and as Daphne came into focus, he quickly sat up blinking repeatedly. That action was instantly regretted as a low, dull pounding in his head had him wishing the room hadn't been so god awfully bright.

"Daphne?" Was he still dreaming? "What are you doing in my..." Niles trailed off as he spotted an overstuffed sofa across the room. That certainly wasn't his. In fact, as he surveyed the room, none of furniture in it looked familiar. "Where-"

"Remember that thing I suggested we do last night?" Daphne asked. "You know, about jumping on a plane and doing something wild and adventurous?"

Niles frowned and then closed his eyes, thinking and trying to remember the series of events that may have led to this - starting with Daphne's arrival. "I - I think I do." He opened his eyes and nodded. "Yes, I do."

Wordlessly and with that panic stricken look on her face, Daphne climbed down from the bed and hurried to the Window. She drew the sheer curtains apart and waved him over. "Come here."

Niles tried to do as he was told but found himself too distracted by her long, perfectly toned legs and attire. Or lack thereof. Was she wearing his shirt?

"Dr. Crane?"

Niles jumped and clumsily climbed down from the bed. "Oh, yes! The view." And what a view it was.

As he approached, something silver, or maybe platinum, encircling Daphne's left hand ring finger caught his attention.

"I think we're in-"

"Reno, Nevada," Niles said without looking. A brief image came to him.

Daphne turned in his direction. "But you haven't even-" She stopped talking and followed his line of sight, gasping as she saw the object he was staring at. "We..."

Niles looked down at his hand and saw a ring on his own finger. "I think we did."

He plopped down on the chaise lounge behind him - his legs felt like they had just turned to jelly.

"How could this happen?" Daphne said pacing the room. "Were we really that drunk?"

"I guess we were." Apparently dreams do come true, thought Niles. First, Daphne came to him asking if he would be the father of her child, sort of, and now here they were in Reno, married. "But why can't I remember doing it?" Daphne froze in her step and sheepishly turned to look at him. "Getting married, I meant." But his clarification didn't do much to put their minds at ease. It brought up that other question that neither dared to address: had they consummated the marriage?

"There's just so much from last night that we can't seem to remember," Daphne said, self-consciously pulling down at the hem of the shirt. "We should get dressed."

The scene - alone in a room with Niles and wearing something that belonged to him - reminded Daphne of that infamous hot summer night when she showed up at his apartment seeking comfort and, as the night progressed, something more. That happened two years ago and since then neither had ever mentioned it again. It was just too embarrassing but at least then nothing had happened - thanks to her watch and thyroid pills. Unfortunately, they weren't sure how far their little adventure had taken them this time. But if they were basing it solely on their current appearances, anyone would've assumed they had...

The phone started to ring. Niles, who was closest to it, got up and went to answer. "Hello?"

Here was Daphne's opportunity to temporarily escape. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Staring at her reflection and breathing heavily she said, "What have we done?" Her hair was a tangled mess and her rosy lipstick was smeared all over her lips - both clear signs of how far things had gone.

How could so much happen in one night? One moment they were at his apartment celebrating and the next they were in Reno. Had it not been for the ring on her finger, Daphne would've never believed it. And there was no telling how much damage this would do to their friendship.

Daphne began splashing water on her face and with a clean towel removed what little makeup remained on her eyes and lips. Having done that, she combed her fingers through her tangled hair, styling it like she normally did.

"There." Daphne wanted to look presentable because like it or not she had to eventually come out of the bathroom and face Niles. They had to sort this out.

"We're adults," she said then scoffed and added, "Yeah, two adults who ended up behaving like a couple of irresponsible teenagers. This is going to be awkward."

Backing away from the mirror, Daphne sat on the edge of the bathtub and closed her eyes. "Breathe." When she opened them again after a few seconds, she was met with a familiar and relieving sight: her clothes!

As she reached for them, Daphne immediately noticed a large stain on her blouse and capris pants - it smelled of alcohol. She must've spilt champagne on herself at some point during the night and changed into... Niles' shirt? That didn't make sense. She could've just as easily put on a bathrobe and waited for her clothes to dry. Or simply have the hotel send them to the dry cleaners.

So why hadn't she?

The shirt was pleasing to the eye with its mother of Pearl buttons and subtle elegance, she admitted. It was soft to the touch, comfortable to sleep in and, with Niles' Cologne added, it smelled very good. Plus, there was just something incredibly comforting about wearing a man's shirt. It made her feel secure and... loved.

Daphne sighed and, for the first time since she'd woken up, smiled. But it quickly vanished as a knock on the door startled her out her thoughts.


She stood and walked to the door making sure it was properly locked. "Yes?"

"Is - is everything all right?" Niles nervously asked. "I know this has been quite a, uh, shock to both of us. I just want to make sure you're okay."

"I'm fine. Just fine." Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Okay." He cleared his throat. "That was the concierge letting me - us - know that breakfast is on its way up."


"Compliments of the hotel because this is - we're on our, um..."

"Honeymoon," Daphne finished quietly. She looked at the simple ring on her finger and leaned against the door.

Niles did the same on the other side and sighing repeated, "Honeymoon."

They remained silent for a moment until something unexpected happened.

"Honeymoon!" they yelled simultaneously. Strangely enough, it was the one word neither had uttered since they'd woken up. And somehow it managed to trigger their memory.

Overwhelmed, Daphne dropped her clothes and opened the door, coming face to face with Niles, who was standing mere inches away from her.

"I - I think I remember," he said.

"I do too."