The Halloween Hookup
Naruto x Orihime
Author's Note
Another Master of Death: Human Perspective offshoot. This time with an Halloween twist.

It was Halloween, a holiday not often celebrated in Japanese culture, but each year was starting to become popular. The boom that the candy industry supported, not to mention the stores getting increased revenue from costumes and decorations was making the holiday one to celebrate.

Naruto though in particular was enamored with the Holiday and decided to convince the gang to go to a Halloween party. The night was anew on the 31st as giggling and shrieking trick-or-treaters were running down sidewalks with little bags and buckets of candies.

Naruto, feeling rather nostalgic decided to dress as Jiraiya. He was disappointed that a lot of people weren't able to figure out what he was. Tatsuki, or Suki-chan as he called her was dressed as Toph Bei Fong from Avatar, which was so amazingly appropriate.

Ishida, boringly enough was dressed as a doctor. Must have been that Quincy pride, or something or another.

Chad, was dressed as Frankenstein though. Huge tattered coat with green face paint, fake bolts coming out of his neck and a very convincing wig and headset? Head dress? Well whatever that thing was called.

Ichigo didn't dressed up though, his adopted brother decided to go with that he was a ninja and that his normal clothes helped him blended in. The bastard.

Mizuro's outfit was probably as fitting as Tatsuki's as he was dressed as something akin to a pimp and Keigo was a soccer player.

''Hey where's Ino?'' Naruto asked, noticing the last member of their little entourage wasn't here.

''She said she was going to be running late.'' Tatsuki explained.

''What are you supposed to be?'' Keigo asked, drawing Naruto out of his thoughts.

''I'm a Shinobi.'' he simply explained.

''The same as Ichigo huh!?'' he asked as Keigo dead panned. ''Lame!''

Naruto's eye twitched and a growl escaped his lips. He reached out and pulled Keigo into a head lock. ''Listen here ass-hat I'm the original shinobi, no one is as awesome as Uzumaki Naruto you here!'' he ranted as Keigo began to scream and profusely apologized.

Tatsuki shook her head and merely uttered 'idiots' having long grown use to their antics.

''I'm sorry I kept everyone waiting.'' a familiar voice stated, drawing Naruto's attention. Naruto's eyes widened and he let Keigo dropped as he caught site of the beautiful orangette.

Orihime's figure had a habit of making even the school uniform quite sexy, but what she was wearing threatened to cause his heart to jump out of his chest. She was dressed as a witch, a sexy one at that.

She had the black pointy hat, but instead of a long cloak or old cackling shack witch dress, her outfit had a cleavage window showing off her bountiful breasts, the side of the outfits let open revealing her sides with a long black strand connected to her skirt with a pumpkin cliff. The skirt itself was cut at the sides showing off her long, luscious legs and knee length black and purple striped socks and black boots.

The group was dumbfounded, even Chad's eyes could be seen under his hair. ''I sort of spilled juice on my angel costume so Yoruichi-san let me borrow one of her spare outfits.'' she explained with a giggle.

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle as well. He remembered Orihime's initial plan to dress as a female robot spider, but of course Tatsuki vetoed that idea.

Naruto found himself taking a deep breath. Orihime looked absolutely sexy in that outfit. Tatsuki was the first to get over it, telling the orangette why she didn't ask for her help and now how she was going to have to fight off every horny boy at the party.

Naruto immediately double dope slapped Keigo and Mizuiro who were looking at Orihime too long for his liking. Ichigo though was doing his best not to look at the busty witch. Naruto was once more questioning if Ichigo was asexual.

''Ara-kun!'' she called out to him, after finishing talking with Tatsuki. ''How do I look?'' she asked with a bright, innocent smile.

''You look great,'' he responded, wiping his brow as he threatened to break out in a sweat. That bright smile and the way those hazel eyes lit up nearly hypnotized him.

''Arigto.'' she replied with that warm smile of hers. Orihime found herself thankful that Arashi, she still had trouble remembering to use his real name at times, was spending so much time with her as of late. It seemed whatever his interest in Tatsuki was, that it was fading.

That left them more time to hang out and get closer. ''A Shinobi and a Witch. I say that makes a great alliance.'' he remarked, extending his hand.

Orihime swallowed, feeling rather bashful, doing her best to suppress the crimson blush that was threatening to form on her face. She took a step forward and took his hand. Why was she feeling so nervous? She and Naruto walked arm and arm all the time.

Tatsuki and Uryuu shared a smug, knowing look between themselves. It seemed like Naruto was finally getting over his cluelessness and Orihime was becoming a bit more bold.

Chad and Ichigo were both happy to the soon to be couple. It was becoming so obvious as of late that the two were crushing on each other that even the latter could pick up on it.

Orihime though was already in one of her happy little fantasies, being quickly derailed from a romantic dinner to a drag race. The group finally came to a house on the edge of the city. It belonged to a classmate who inherited it from a rich uncle who recently passed away.

Naruto found himself craving something, anything to drink. Thankfully there was plenty of liquid at the party. Dozens to hundreds of students crowded the main room, more than enough to surpass the number of students in their class grade. There were soldiers, plenty of anime girls, people with blue hair and astronauts. Their were slutty school girls, slutty anime character, scantily clad nurses, plenty of people dressed as animals.

More then enough of these costume characters were couples. Making out from the stairs to the couch or spots at various walls. Naruto found himself swallowing, ideas suddenly being placed in his head. He shook his head, clearing the thoughts. ''Come on! Let's get out and have fun!'' he exclaimed, his energetic and brash nature over riding his nervousness.

Orihime though didn't share that enthusiasm. Tatsuki was right about drawing the eyes of others. A lot of boys was looking her over, her thoughts making her feel dirty. Her thoughts were shifted when she felt an arm protectively wrapped around her. ''Just stay close to me Hime-chan.''

Without thinking she snuggled up next to him. Her chest pressing against his side causing a shiver to course through Naruto.

''Dance! Don't ask questions!'' Tatsuki barked at Uryu, not even giving him a chance to reply. Ichigo had got a call and dismissed himself from the group. Keigo spirited off to a group of scantily clad girls and Mizuru, the little pimp, was chatting of the party thrower's older sister. And Chad was getting into a flexing contest with the party's other Frankenstein. That just left the two of them. Suffice to say things were only going to get more interesting from there on in.