The Halloween Hookup


Naruto x Orihime


Author's Note


Another Master of Death: Human Perspective offshoot. This time with an Halloween twist.


Story Start


"Do you recognize anyone else?" Naruto asked as Orihime timidly shook her head. "I can't believe the others ditched us." He grumbled. "I mean I'd expect this Keigo and Mizuro, maybe even Ichigo because he can be a bit clueless but not from Chad, and especially not Tatsuki."

"Let's just try and enjoy the party." She suggested with a false smile. She couldn't help but feel unsettled; being around strange people she didn't know put her on the edge. Did Naruto sense that? Was that why he was by her side? Instead of going out and enjoying himself. "You can go and try to find the others if you want." She suggested, but the next words that came out of her mouth made her blush.

"I'd rather have you with me, if that's okay." He awkwardly stammered. The heat of the room seemed to escalate. Suddenly someone bumped into Orihime who collided into Naruto, pressing him against the wall. Both their faces grew hot as the heat and sensation of their bodies grew imperative.

They were brought out of their little spell by the sound of a yelp. "Did you hear that?" Orihime asked.

"It was probably nothing." He loudly announced over the sudden change of the music to a much louder track.

Orihime began fidgeting with the front of her outfit. Looking at it now it was rather suggestive. She was just so upset that her previous outfit had been ruined and so ecstatic when Yoruichi offered her a replacement she didn't put too much thought on the overall seductive nature of the outfit.

"Why don't we dance?" he suggested as a softer song began playing.

Orihime reached out and grabbed the hand. Their fingers laced as she placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder. She couldn't help but notice him tense.

"Are you okay?" she asked, trying to avoid looking into his eyes.

"Y-Yeah, I'm just not much of a dancer." He answered. 'Idiot, it was your idea to dance.'

A faint smile formed on Orihime's face. She couldn't help but inwardly giggle, she couldn't help but notice how unusual Naruto was being. She was used to him being more energetic and direct, yet he was being rather bashful.

Suddenly something seemed to surge within her. Her heart began accelerating and she felt faint. Then there was a slight throbbing in her head causing her to let go of Naruto. "Hime-chan?" suddenly she lost her balance and slipped back. She opened her mouth but no sound would come out. Her eyes closed and she waited for the pain, but found herself suddenly stopped.

Quickly, she opened her eyes and her stomach did a flip when she noticed she was in Naruto's arms. "Are you alright Hime-chan? What happened?"

"I-I'm sorry, I don't know what that was about." Carefully, he put her down on her feet.

"Why don't we go outside?" Naruto suggested. "The fresh air will do you good?"

Orihime nodded and followed the blond outside. Unfortunately no matter how drunk the idiots were inside, there were drunken idiots outside who decided they wanted to have fun with a certain witch. Suffice to say seeing someone fling the Highschool's Quarterback over an eight foot wall proved to be quite sobering and also led to the two of them being kicked out of the party.

"I'm sorry Ara-kun, if it wasn't for me you'd be having fun right now."

"What?" he stopped, causing her to stop as well as she were following closely behind him. He turned to face her, resuming speech. "You don't have to apologize; I made the decision to throw that idiot over the wall. Some guys just don't know how to act around a lady, but just in case some of those drunk idiots decided to follow us, you should stick close to me." He said, grabbing her hand.

"What are we going to do for the rest of the night?" she asked, remembering that it was only eight, meaning they still had several more hours until Halloween was officially over.

"We can go to my place and watch scary movies?" he suggested. "You probably think that's lame huh?"

"No," Orihime hurriedly cut in. "That sounds fun." Despite how much they frightened her, she couldn't help but enjoy watching horror movies. For the first time tonight she felt completely thrilled, hopefully she wouldn't experience anymore bouts of fainting. Despite this, they took frequent stops because he didn't want her to push herself. Orihime, suddenly feeling courageous placed her head on Naruto's shoulder, cuddling up next to him at their latest stop on a park bench.

Naruto felt his stomach flop. Why was he acting like this? Orihime was his longtime friend, there wasn't any reason for him to act like some high school student with a crush, he chastised himself. Though no matter how much he tried to deny it, a part of him knew he had fallen for Inoue Orihime. It was simply how love worked. It couldn't be explain or planned, it was just something that happened, like a bolt of lightning. Did she feel the same way? He wondered as he kept stealing glances at her. His body betrayed him at the moment as his hand reached out and cupped hers.

Orihime looked up with those doe like eyes all wide and surprised at the action. "N-Naruto." His name escaped her lips. She was cut off by the sudden forwardness.

To hell with the little voice at the bad of his head, for once wasn't Kurama. Uzumaki Naruto was not a coward. He rose his hand up and cupped her cheek as he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Orihime's lips. He was often told that electricity coursed through you when you kissed the person you liked for the first time. For him it felt like his spine had turned to jelly and his stomach dropped to his knees. When the kiss was over Naruto felt so happy he had stop himself from bursting out into a fit of chuckles. Seeing the flushed and dazed look on Orihime's face he assumed he wasn't the only one that enjoyed the kiss. "Inoue, I, well…" how was it he found the courage to kiss her, yet he still couldn't confess.

"That was nice, Naruto-kun. Does that mean…you…" he nodded. Orihime couldn't help but giggle, then quickly covered her mouth, feeling rather embarrassed. It was all simply too good to be true. As they made their way over to Naruto's face, neither of them said anything as they wore a goofy face the whole time.

Meanwhile their friends were spying on them from behind some trees. "Noo! My money!" Keigo wailed as he crouched over the side, crying hysterically. He wasn't supposed to lose? Naruto was almost as oblivious as Ichigo. What made it worse that he was the only one to lose money. The only who didn't earn a cut was Ishida as he considered gambling both immoral and childish.

"I can't believe I allow you lot to convince me to invade Inoue-san's privacy like this." Ishida grumbled.

"Oh stuff it mister, I have to make sure Uzumaki doesn't violate Inoue-san's virtue." Tatsuki shunned him.

"Keigo-kun, shame on you for not having faith in our friends. Don't you know love conquers all." Mizuro questioned.

Ichigo and Chad said nothing, but silently agreeing that after tonight they needed to make saner friends.