Wow guys! I'm totally impressed by how I got like 6 follows and favourites and 4 reviews in under an hour of posting my Shenny one-shot! So, I got myself motivated using chocolate orange and The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition and got busy! Here, I present you with "You owe me a favour". The title may change, but that's what it'll be for now!

This is another Shenny fic, and I'll probably continue to do them for the foreseaable future. There may be others, but here we go!

Quick summary- Sheldon finds his relationship with Amy is grinding to a halt, especially when news from a distraught Penny alters his emotions towards her. A strange romance ensues, but not without humour and a dash of angst!

Characters involved; Bernadette, Amy, Howard, Priya, Leslie Winkle (brief mentions only), Raj, Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and Stuart.

Chapter 1- Up in flames

"So it's over. This time I know it's gone." ~ Coldplay

Sheldon POV

Video-calling Amy had started off difficult but progressed to being easy to handle for me. She provided sensible, reasonable and entertaining conversations most of the time, unless she was craving human intimacy, a problem I feared I would need to extinguish in order to keep the paradigm of our relationship somewhat "romantic". However, recently I had found myself unwilling to call her, using every opportunity to escape from conversation. It was one particular night when my excuse was too rushed for my brilliant mind to calculate, and Amy began to question for the truth. I was boringly discussing the best adaptation of Batman on an official forum, when a ringing sound erupted from my computer, making me gasp in surprise. I clicked on the icon without thinking about the consequences, making me question my mind after I answered it. Amy's ruining my mind.

"Hello Sheldon. How are you today?" She asked. I knew it was just a social convention and she was trying to fit in with society, but since we were alone I had no desire to keep up with such pretences.

"You and I both know that no one cares Amy. I am sorry to have given you hope, but I'm busy writing a paper on String Theory and Quantum Mechanics associated with it…" I said, my eyes barely twitching as I struggled to ignore the lie I was spinning.

"Really? The same paper you published two days ago? Sheldon, what are you actually doing? I don't care, but I don't appreciate being lied to. I read in a book that relationships require honesty." She droned on and on, and I feared she would never stop, so I accidentally spun a lie that was even less believable than the first.

"I'm watching…" I trailed off whilst I searched around the room subtly for an excuse.

"I'm watching Babylon 5."

"You don't like Babylon 5. You almost cussed last time it was on TV." She said, her eyebrows furrowing in a mixture of sadness, anger and confusion.

"I have to go Amy. I bid you farewell." I slammed the laptop screen down with more force than necessary. I grabbed the television remote and settled down in my spot, absorbing myself in some classic Star Trek. I was aggravated, as it was Vintage Game Night yet the trio of men who called themselves "friends of mine" were off trying to flirt with women. However, observing Spock once again made me relaxed, and the minor incident with Amy was soon put to the back of my mind, but I was cursed to remember it, because of my eidetic memory. My hearing made me aware of Wolowitz, Leonard and Raj plodding up the stairs. Judging by the time gap between each thump of the steps they took in sync, made me think they had no luck at the bar with women. A minute or so later, and Leonard clumsily threw open the door. He was quite intoxicated, which made me roll my eyes in disappointment. This reminded me of the time when I first went on a date with Amy, and I sighed and said "Muggles" to which she grunted in agreement. Not a heartbeat after Leonard stumbled through the door did Raj and Howard follow. Howard wasn't intoxicated, and although Raj had definitely drunk alcohol, he wasn't in a state like Leonard was.

"Hey-hey Shelly Bean!" Leonard yelled, raising an imaginary wine glass to propose a fake toast to me. I sighed and experimented yet again with another colloquial.

"Sup." The phrase left a bitter taste on my tongue, and I immediately regretted it. However, the phrase amused Leonard, for he started giggling uncontrollably. He threw his keys in the wooden bowl beside the door, but it missed completely and thumped to the floor uselessly.

"Score!" He exclaimed, fist pumping the air victoriously. He tripped over his own feet for the third time, before collapsing on the floor, groaning. Howard and Raj exchanged looks that I assumed were looks of concern, before picking up the intoxicated noob and dragging him off to the bathroom. With yet another sigh, I retired to my bedroom too for the night. Before I turned off the light to sleep, I noticed the papers that lay organised by my bedside, next to the latest Flash comic. On it the title read "Relationship Agreement concerning the altered relationship paradigm between Sheldon Lee Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler". I picked up the sheets, considering the words. At the time of our relationship's beginning, the agreement was as close as it could be to perfect. I had spent many hours perfecting it, tweaking it just right. I admitted to myself on several occasions that I was proud that Amy was delighted over it, but for her to find it romantic was pushing the proverbial boundaries. A soft knocking on my bedroom door snapped me rather rudely from my thoughts. I looked at the clock, and was confused as the time read 11.30. I was late getting to bed, so I deliberated over ignoring it. However, a light sob that followed the knocking finally persuaded me, so I reluctantly opened the door to a sobbing Penny. Her hair was curled and loose, and her make-up ran down her face, reminding me rather strangely of the Joker.

"Penny, what are you doing here? You're not allowed to enter my bedroom unless in an emergency." Her emerald eyes were wide and tearful, and I very reluctantly opened the door to grant her access.

"I'm sorry Sheldon… I just need someone to talk to." She sniffed.

"Why choose me? There are plenty of other people who will help you at this time of hour. I was retiring for the night. Also, I doubt I can help you, but you ought to know that." I chided. Another tear trickled down her face, so I pulled open a drawer and handed her a handkerchief marked "Friday" in green.

"You have a hankie for each day of the week?" She asked through her tears.

"It's organised, something you'd know little about." I replied. Penny didn't respond, but took the hankie and blew her nose disgustingly loudly on it. My stomach churned at the thought of Penny's insides all over my belongings, but I tried extra hard to control myself and my twitching.

"I know you're little or no help, but I just need a sympathetic ear. Could you do that for me?" She asked quietly.

"This needs more consideration Penny! Again, you're proving your awful organisation! If you wish to change my personality, even if only for a brief period of time, I have to have a warning or request three hours in advance. It says so in the Roommate Agreement." I stated, pointing to an open drawer which inside held the Agreement itself. It wasn't until the last words were uttered that I realised what I'd implied.

"Sheldon- I don't live here. Why would I pay attention to the Roommate Agreement?" She pointed out.

"Well, I calculated the average number of nights spent here, and it adds up to over 60. This applies for a temporary Roommate Agreement." I insisted, continuing to point.

"Whatever Sheldon! Put it this way. Listen to me and offer me advice as a favour." She pleaded.

"What favour do I owe you?"

"I gave you Leonard Nimoy's DNA, and a signature including your name on it." Drat, she has me, I thought bitterly. I sat gingerly on the bed, and motioned for her to sit on the very end of it.

"Thank you." She whispered, scrunching up the hankie in her hand.

"Who has Leonard been seeing at the University?" She sniffed, looking at me in the eyes, searching for honesty. Conflicted, I debated telling her the truth. I remembered the debt and answered honestly. After all, even in my Roommate Agreement it was written that honesty must be held highly in a relationship.

"What do you term seeing?" I began, treading carefully on the eggshells the devil woman had planted.

"I mean, who has he been spending a lot of time with that he wouldn't usually?" She continued, co-operating with me to understand.

"Leslie Winkle." I answered without a moment's hesitation.

"That bitch." She muttered, dabbing at her eyes with the hankie again.

"Why do you ask?" I ventured.

"Because I heard Leonard on the phone earlier- he was doing gooey talk and saying about how he loved this girl. I asked who it was he was calling and he said an old friend from the University." Her voice wavered in sadness.

"I thought you terminated your relationship a week ago. In fact, I know you did. Eidetic memory." I reminded her, tapping my head wistfully.

"Yeah, but we agreed to give it another whirl. But he was still dating Winkle whilst dating me." She put her heads in her hands, her sobbing once again uncontrollable. I felt awkward watching her cry, so I patted her on the back.

"There, there."

"He's drunk now, throwing up all over your bathroom floor because Lesley dumped him, he got depressed and drunk and then admitted it to me, and then I dumped him." She muttered darkly. She stood up, her tears of sadness melting in to anger.

"You know what? He deserves to be alone. I deserve someone better than him." I sat in stunned silence as she ranted about Leonard. After ten minutes of her calling Leslie Winkle several rude names, she thanked me, hugged me and went to bed. I digested all I had learned, and found myself strangely angry. Penny didn't deserve that- she would never do that to Leonard. I thought, toiling over my emotions.

The next morning, I woke up at exactly 6.00am to get up, wash, dress and be in time for Doctor Who. When I entered the bathroom, it was impeccably clean. I knew from what Penny had said that it ought to have been a disgusting state, with alcohol and sick all over the floor and walls. However, the room was completely clean, and I found that it cheered me up immensely from my unexpected bout of anger towards Leonard I experienced the previous night. A note was written on the sink, and I picked it up eagerly and read it. "Because I owe you one. –Penny x" was written on it, in her tidiest handwriting. Content, I stored the note away, washed myself efficiently and dressed. I wore a new T-Shirt I had purchased at the Comic Store. It was black, save for Tony Stark's Arc Reactor printed on the chest of the shirt. I switched off the light, and began to prepare breakfast. I ate a low fibre cereal, with a ¼ cup of 2% milk, and settled down to watch Doctor Who. After Doctor Who ended, I folded my clothes and put them in the wash basket, preparing for 8.15pm, laundry night. Then, I prepared to visit Penny. It seemed she had some explaining to do.

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