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Step 15: Requirements for Hire…

The second Sunday of the month was shawarma night. It was just a simple get together, a means of just... keeping in touch after the fight with Loki in New York back before all of them moved into the Tower. These days it was just an excuse to leave the Tower, to kick back and enjoy spending time together. Assuming they weren't on a mission together.

Today they were celebrating Bruce's clean bill of health and the fact that Army was finally backing down. It had been over three weeks since the incident and everyone can safely say no permanent damage was done (with the general exception of the game of "who was paying for the damages" that the Army, SHIELD and SI were playing but Tony is letting his accounting and legal department and Pepper deal with it.)

"I would like to propose a toast," Tony said holding his drink.

"Shouldn't we wait for Phil?" Clint asked.

Tony waved his hand dismissively. "We'll just do another one when he gets here!"

"Any reason to drink Tony?" Natasha mused.

"Here Here!" Thor agreed.

Steve cleared his throat. "Alright alright. Let's just get this onward. To Bruce's good health."

Tony tackled on. "And the Army bastards finally getting the message that you don't mess with the Avengers!"

Bruce smiled. "Cheers," he said, raising his glass. Everyone clink their glasses together and drank. It was a great start to a grand night.


Despite his best efforts, Coulson was late. As usual paperwork was the culprit. This game of "Who was paying for the damages" between SHIELD, the Army and SI was rapidly de-evolving into a frustrating mess. The Army was suing SI for the damages their boss did to Fort Soren, SI in return was suing SHIELD because Avengers was SHIELD's responsibility as well as suing the army for the damages they did to SI's building. SHIELD was suing the army for attacking one of their own. Coulson was sure SHIELD could bury the army in enough paperwork to make them accept. He just needed to convince Pepper to drop the lawsuit.

That was a terrifying idea, because Pepper was a force of nature herself and she would eventually get her way.

'Note to self, buy Pepper a bunch of flowers and chocolate and send some junior agents to grovel at her feet.'

Phil had just reached the shawarma joint when suddenly a loud deafening boom sent him flying into the wall across the street. Dust rose as the explosion sent bricks and shrapnel scattering. The last thing Phil saw, blood coloring his vision red was the building collapsing onto itself.

Then the world turned black.


Phil woke to white walls and the smell of aseptic. His body ached and throbbed like someone was taking a jackhammer to the ground. "What happened?" he moaned, trying to remember how on Earth he ended up in a hospital.

"The shawarma joint got bombed."

The explosion. Of course. Phil turned to his side to see Pepper sitting on his bedside. Aside from the redness around her eyes, there was no sign to tell that she had been bawling her eyes out a few minutes ago. Phil winced. No one liked it when Pepper cried.

Fear gripped Phil's heart as the startling realization that no one else was in the room beside Pepper. Under normal circumstances, Tony would not pass up a chance to torment him while Phil was stuck in a bed and unable to escape. Not to mention that Natasha and Clint had a bad habit of camping in his room whenever he got hurt. No one was in sight. Had they been in the building when it exploded?

"The Avengers?" Phil asked. "They weren't in the building were they?"

Pepper shook her head. "No. The building was empty. Director Fury and Agent Hill at the scene looking for clues. We know they were there, just... don't know where they went."

"SHIELD will find them," Phil reassured.

Pepper gave a bitter laugh. "Forgive me, Phil," she said. "If I don't want to trust SHIELD with this. The whole fiasco with the Army has shaken my faith in government agencies for awhile. No, there's already a team working on this."

Phil blinked. "Who?" Pepper wouldn't hire a team of hit men just because she doesn't trust SHIELD would she?


Phil felt his heart skip a beat as he suddenly realized that someone was at the foot of his bed. "Mr. Yamashita," Phil said, once he realized who exactly that was. Kai was dressed in black from head to toe, a katana hung across his back and various pouches around his waist, arms and legs. A simple white cat mask rested on the side of his head, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He was perched on the footboard of the bed, muscles tense and ready to spring into action. If there was any doubt in Phil's mind that this man was a dangerous, it was blown out of his mind.

"Agent Coulson," Kai greeted. "Are you alright?"

"I've been in worse," Phil said.

Kai nodded and turned to look at Pepper. "We've located Mr. Stark and the rest of the Avengers, Miss Potts. Would you like us to proceed?"

Pepper nodded. "Be careful and bring them home."

Kai nodded.

"Hold it," Phil said, interrupting. He struggled to get up from the bed. "If you're going to rescue them, I'm coming with you."

"No," Pepper shot back, pushing him back down. "You need your rest."

"They're my team," Phil said.

"You're hurt!"

"My team."

"If he can get us a Quintjet," Kai cut in. "I won't have to go through the trouble of stealing one myself."

Both Pepper and Phil stared at him. "I'm... going to pretend I didn't hear that," Phil finally said.

Pepper sighed, giving in. "Fine." She glared at Phil. "You owe me big time for this. I shouldn't be enabling your bad habits."

Phil smiled. Then looking at Kai, he said in a serious tone. "I am not telling you that there is a Quintjet in Hanger 35. Nor am I telling you that code that will overwrite the security to that Hanger which happens to be 345602. I am also not handing you the paperwork that orders anyone you encounter to give anything you wanted." He handed Kai a slip of paper.

Kai gave a mock salute and vanished out the door. Phil looked at Pepper. "We should meet him at the door."


This was becoming old.

Tony was sick of waking up in a place he didn't recognize, wrapped in chains and unable to move. At least time he didn't wake up in a cave with a car battery attached to his chest. His head felt foggy and his thoughts were sluggish. A dangerous position to be in, because Tony needed his wits. There was heavy collar around his neck that was attached to a chain which was cemented into the middle of the ground. Likewise his wrists as well, forcing him into a kneeling position.

"You're awake."

Tony looked up to see a rugged looking man sitting in the chair in front of him. A scar ran across his nose and a gun rested loosely in his hands. Tony knew who this man was. "Kevroc," Tony said with a charming smile. "There was a rumor you were out of prison."

Kevroc was the Drug Lord Tony had rescued the kids from two months ago. A vile man, grossly obese and greedy. Tony had handed him to the authorities before turning his attention to the kids.

"Well, I suppose I have you to thank for putting me in there," Kevroc sneered.

"Your beef is with me," Tony said. "Why target the other Avengers?" He noticed behind him, where his teammates were chained up that everyone beginning to stir. Kevroc was a small time criminal. He didn't have the smarts or the influence to play in the big leagues.

However the hum of electricity that was pulsing around Tony's neck was saying otherwise. "Don't try anything stupid," Kevroc said, noticing Tony staring at the collar. "I had those specially made. They'll pump 100,000 volts if you try to break those off."

He gestured to the side. Tony felt his stomach lurch as he recognized Bruce's still form attached to the wall. The doctor's body twitched ever so slightly. Kevroc grinned. "The Hulk was kind enough to test it out for me. Still managed to break a wall before the good doctor came back out."

Kevroc pointed his gun at Tony, pulling the trigger. It rushed passed Tony's head and to his horror, buried itself in the wall right next to Natasha's head who was behind him. "Oops, my finger slipped," the drug lord taunted.

Music filled the air, as Kevroc's cellphone buzzed. He flipped it open. "Speak," he commanded.

"Mister Kevroc?" It was female's voice, cool to the tone.

Kevroc frowned. "Who is this? How did you get this number?"

"It doesn't matter how. Word on the street is that you are in possession of the Avengers."

"Word travels fast, little lady," Kevroc said. He wasn't sure how this bitch knew he was in possession of the Avengers but it didn't matter. The Avengers were his.

Just as he was about to close the phone, she said, "50 million for Hawkeye."

"The archer?" Kevroc said, seeing dollar signs as he eyed Clint. "What do you want him for?"

"I won't bore you with the details but the man murdered my father. I've been tracking him down for years and didn't find him until the Avengers went public. I want him death."

"I can do that for you," Kevroc said. He aimed his gun at Clint's unconscious body.

"I do not want it to be quick and painless," the lady snapped. "I want to break every bone his body, rip his nails off his fingers, and pull every tooth from his mouth. I want to slowly hack away each of his limbs until he begs for his death."

"Kinky," Kevroc said. "You have yourself a deal. A 100 million for the archer. Allow me to call you back to arrange for a meet up."

"Hardly necessary. I'm coming to you."

The line went dead. Kevroc chuckled. This was a wonderful day. Not only had he managed to capture the Avengers, he just scored a cool 100 million for one of them. He gave a swift kick to Clint's body before looking at Tony. "Your friend pissed off the wrong lady Stark." He burst out laughing and left the room.

Once the steel door slammed shut, Tony stained to look at Clint. "Who the hell did you piss off Barton?"

Clint's eyes snapped open. "Bastard, kicking me," he muttered. He had been conscious for the last five minutes, just after the bullet landed near Natasha's head. As soon as he got free that bastard was dead. Then in a louder tone, he answered Tony, "Like I'm supposed to keep track of the idiots I pissed off."

Natasha spoke up next. "So any ideas how to get us out of here without shocking us to death?" She eyed the bullet hole next to her head. That was a close call.

Tony looked over the collar. He could feel something going down his back from his collar, like a cord of some sort and from his limited view his teammates, they had similar ones. "Well on the bright side, whoever designed these collars are idiots. They actually have to be plugged in to produce that kind of voltage."

"Meaning?" Steve asked from his corner.

"If this place gets hit by a blackout, the collars will be useless."

"A blackout?" Thor questioned.

"No more electricity. The building turns off," Tony explained.

"And how do we do that?" Clint asked.

"I don't know."


The simple thought of a cool 100 million for Hawkeye sent Kevroc over the moon. Of course, he wasn't completely stupid and knew that if this bitch was coming to him, (how did she find this place?) Kevroc was going to be ready. "Oi send some guys up to the roof and some behind that crates," he barked. "We got ourselves a guest. She tries anything funny, kill her."

Within the hour a single black car pulled up to the warehouse. Kevroc was expecting some little rich bitch, dressed in some skimpy red dress, carrying an annoying mutt and surrounded with armed bodyguards. Instead out of the car, stepped a high class black haired business woman. She was dressed in a black suit and wearing sunglasses. Two metal cases came out with her and more importantly she was alone.

"Mister Kevroc I presume," she said in a cool crisp voice.

"The one and only," he boasted.

"I am Malinda Vong. You'll understand that I wish to see you have the... merchandise before we complete this deal right?"

Kevroc gave her a razor like smile. "Of course. This way."


"So," Phil said. He was sitting on the couch in the Avengers Tower. There was fury of activity behind him but Phil paid no attention to it.

"So," Pepper said. She was sitting next to him, sipping a cup of coffee.

"We just wait?"

"Welcome to my world."

No one noticed that downstairs, a group of mercenaries were crawling through the still shattered remains of the front door.


Malinda's eyes narrowed behind her sunglasses as she examined Clint. The archer was still unconscious it seemed. An effective drug. "Hmmm, yes this is him. But what are these bulky collars around their necks?"

"Just my way of keeping them tied up," Kevroc said. He stood in the middle room, watching as lady examined the archer.

"They are plugged into the wall," Malinda said dryly.

"A design flaw," Kevroc said. "The collars won't work without being plugged in." He motioned for his two guards to unhook Clint from the wall.

"Leave him," Malinda ordered. "I have something I want to discuss before we finish." Her eyes swept down the still forms for the Avengers.


Malinda circled around Tony who glared at her. Her long black hair swaying around her. "What are you planning to do with him?" she asked. "He's such a wonderful... specimen."

"I'm too good for you baby," Tony flirted back.

"Cute," she snapped.

"I planned to kill him. The bastard ruined my life," Kevroc said.

"Love you too," Tony snarked.

"Hmmm, I want to buy his arc reactor when you're done," Malinda said, setting a metal case down in front of Tony. She tapped the glowing circle of light before reaching to grab his chin to force him to look at her. "Such a pretty face," she said, nudging her sunglasses down to look.

Tony's heart leapt into his throat. He knew those eyes. Glancing at the case, he was surprised to see words quickly flash before him 'Wait for blackout, then yell deploy'. As quickly as the letters appeared, they vanished as Malinda picked up the case.

"I will give you another 100 million for it," Malinda said, coming to stand in front of Kevroc. She placed the two cases on the ground.

"Why is so important?" Kevroc asked.

Malinda smiled. "Let me worry about that."

The drug lord scowled. Did she take him for some fool? "Fine, but only for 500 million."

"You drive a hard bargain," Malinda said. "Very well."

"But first let's see the money for the archer," Kevroc demanded.

"Of course."

Just as Malinda reached down for the case, the lights flickered out. "DEPLOY!" Tony roared.

The room filled with a bright light as a repulsor blast went off.

"Steve, Thor now!" Tony shouted among the screams and gunfire.

In the dark, Steve and Thor leapt forward, pulling at the cables with them. There was a snap as chains and cords broke. The lights flickered on, to show Kevroc had been thrown into a wall and slumped on his side. There was a gaping hole in the wall that led into the hallway and a guard was scrambling to his feet. The guard punched a red button and yelled into it "THE PRISONERS HAVE ESCAPED!" He collapsed, shot through the chest.

And standing in the center room, was the Iron Man armor.

Steve freed Tony from his chains as Thor broke Natasha and Clint free. "Wait, what just happened?" Clint asked.

Tony just smiled. "Hotaru I could kiss you," he called out.

Malinda who shot the last guard, turned to pull the black hair wig off her head. Sun-kissed brown hair spilled out as she took off the sunglasses. "Happily married, Mr. Stark," Hotaru pointed out.

"Mrs. Yamashita?" Steve said, gapping.

"Lady Hotaru!" Thor greeted.

"How?" Natasha asked.

Hotaru tossed the second case to Clint. "Bow and Arrows in there." Then she took out another gun and an extra magazine and handed it to Natasha. "Here, guns for Agent Romanov."

Tony grinned as he stepped into the Iron Man armor, letting it wrapped around him. "Let's blow this joint," he said.

Thor picked up the still unconscious Bruce from the ground. Bruce groaned and moaned. "How are you feeling, Friend Bruce?"

"Like hell," Bruce groaned.

"Don't worry. We shall get you out of here," Thor promised as Bruce slipped back into unconsciousness.

They headed toward the hole in the wall. As they approached, a man dressed in black with a cat mask appeared before them. Clint fired off an arrow. The arrow was sliced in half before it had even reached its target.

Tony on the other hand opened up his faceplate. "Kai! You came too!"

Kai removed his mask, placing it on the side of his head to reveal his face. "You didn't think I would let my wife wander into a drug lord's warehouse without me did you?"

"Mr. Yamashita?" Steve spoke out gapping. Why on Earth are the Yamashitas here?

"I knew it!" Clint accused. "You are the world's greatest ninja."

Kai rolled his eyes. "I didn't say I wasn't, Agent Barton. I just said no to being recruited by SHIELD." Kai handed Steve that Kai had been carrying on his back. "Here you go Captain Rogers."

"Thanks," Steve said.

Arashi appeared around the corner, armed with a rifle. "You go too fast, Kai," the doctor complained.

"You should keep up," Kai reprimanded.

"Not all of us are secret ninjas Kai," Arashi said.

"You're a former soldier. This should be child's play," Kai pointed out.

Whatever Arashi was going to say next, died on his lips as he finally noticed Bruce in Thor's arms. He made a strangled cry. "He just finished healing from the fever!"

"Treatment can come later," Kai said, placing his mask back on. A guard turned to corner. With a quick flick, a shuriken buried itself into the guard's throat. "We need to go." Kai darted down the hallway, Arashi and Tony following after.

Hotaru hummed and followed after her husband. "You're not fazed by any of this?" Natasha asked, leaving with her. According to her file, Hotaru was an average everyday civilian compared to her husband. It was one thing that she was unfazed being threaten back at the Tower but it was another thing that she could calmly walk into enemy territory with no training at all. Thor followed after them, leaving Steve and Clint to watch their back.

The secretary smiled. "Not at all. I've been married to Kai for sixteen years. This is nothing. Beside the whole thing reminds me of a mix up of our first date and second anniversary. I'm actually getting quite good at this whole disguise thing."

Natasha gave her a look. "I really want to know how you two met."

Hotaru just smiled. She stepped over the destruction Kai, Arashi and Tony created. Let's see she counted ten down guards, four holes and two guards tied from duct tape. At the end of the hall, the three of them were waiting, impatiently. "Come on guys," Tony called out. "We don't have time to dilly dally!"

"We're coming Stark," Natasha shouted.

Another corner and they were outside of the warehouse. "Now what?" Thor asked.

"We have a QuintJet waiting for us," Hotaru said. She shrieked as Kai suddenly grabbed her and bullets rained down where she was standing.

"Gunmen on the roof," Steve said. "Clint -!"

The gunmen fell to the ground.

"Was that you Clint?" Natasha asked.

The archer shook his head. "I didn't even have time to draw an arrow."

"Tam is here," Arashi said.

Tony let out a giddy laugh that was muffled by the iron faceplate. "Really?"

"Who's Tam?" Steve asked.

"She's a former army sniper," Hotaru said.

The Avengers sans Tony stared at her. "A sniper?" Natasha asked.

"What is a sniper?" Thor asked.

"Someone who uses a gun to shoot from a distance. Like Clint but with a gun," Bruce weakly answered, stirring back to consciousness. Arashi was instantly at his side, doing a quick check.

"Where did you get a sniper?" Steve asked.

"She works for me," Tony said. "Tam delivers our mail. She's also dating Asho, you know the PR guy that helped us with whole Army kidnapping Bruce incident."

"Ahem," Kai interrupted. "We're in the middle of escaping?"

Bright lights flooded the area as the sound of engines filled the area. "I heard you guys need a ride," came Red's voice over the speaker.

The Quintjet landed to the ground, its back hatch opened and Tam standing in the entrance. "So... where did you get the Quintjet from?" Tony asked, entering the jet. Everyone else stumbled on after him. Arashi took Bruce from Thor and started an examination.

"From SHIELD," Kai said, removing his mask, perching it on the side of his head.

"So SHIELD knows you're here," Natasha said.


"Well they do now," Red answered from the cockpit. "I just called them."

"You guys stole a Quintjet from SHIELD?" Clint asked, baffled.

Kai snorted. "Please. I had permission."

"Permission?" Natasha asked. Her eyebrow rose as she questioned the truth of the statement.

"Friend Red I did not know you knew how to fly this aircraft!" Thor said.

Red grinned and gave a thumb up at Thor without removing his sight from the controls. "Yeah. I had tested this bad boy back when it was just a prototype."

Steve looked at the rest of the people on the tiny jet. "So... do all of you work for Tony?" he asked the employees.

"Yes," was the chorused answered.

Steve turned his attention to Tony. "Your employees just rescued us," he stated.

Tony grinned. "Aren't they awesome?" His employees were the best.

"Returning to Avengers Tower," Red announced.

It was time to go home.


"W-what happened here?" Steve asked as they tiredly entered the living room.

The entire area had been trashed. There were bullet holes in the wall, stuffing from slashed pillows spread across the floor and broken glass everywhere. The ground was cracked as if someone had been slammed hard into the ground. Likewise there was a similar impact on the side wall. There were scorched marks near the bar, half of the counter gone. Pepper and Phil sat on the couch in the middle of the room; the couch across from them slashed in two. Kit had commandeered the stool and the remainder of the bar counter in the back, typing away furiously. Ita took the leftovers remains of the coffee table and had paperwork scattered across it. Seika sat behind him typing away on her laptop and signing whatever Ita handed to her. Asho stood in the corner, on his cellphone speaking quietly. Piled near the elevators was a bunch of men tied up in duct tape and unconscious.

Veer smiled and held up a tray. "Coffee?" he offered.

"Sure!" Tony said, grabbing a cup. He collapsed on the couch in between Pepper and Phil.

Ita handed him a stack of papers. "Sign these papers boss."

"What is this?" Tony asked.

"The papers to sue the bastard responsible," Ita answered.

Tony scowled. "It isn't even worth to sue that damn bastard Kevroc."

"Not him," Veer said. He handed a cup of coffee to Kai and Hotaru who took a seat next to Seika on the ground. Tam helped Arashi laid Bruce on the ground before he dashed off to get more medical supplies. Red stalked over to the kitchen and stole some poptarts from the cupboards. He tossed one to Thor who followed him in there and gladly opened the package. The rest of the Avengers just stood, stun still at the state of the room and partly too exhausted to move.

"Clinton Ravera," Kit called out. "I'm currently hacking through his systems. Apparently he was the one responsible for getting Kevroc out of prison and had been backing the man for awhile, supplementing his fortune with some of the money Kevroc made dealing drugs. He also was one of the supporters of General Ross and started the whole "Hulk is Dangerous" rumors."

"Ravera?" Tony asked, looking at Veer.

Veer scratched his cheek. "Ahaha yeah. My dad seemed to have turned to a life of crime. Apparently the last straw was me coming to work here. He's always been jealous that SI always trumps him in the computer field. Never thought he would go this far. The mercenaries are from him too." He pointed to the group of unconscious men.

Clint let out a whistle. He managed to collapse on the chair nearest to Phil. Natasha followed after him, and flipped the turnover chair next to Clint back upright to take a seat. "How-" Clint started.

He was interrupted as Seika let out a triumphed cry. "YES! All the money has been drained from his bank account. It's been funneled into various charities including The Peggy Carter Institution."

"The what Institution?" Steve asked. He took a seat on the ground, clearing it from glass and staring at the surrounding destruction.

"Are all of you alright?" Phil asked.

"We're fine, thanks to them," Natasha answered.

"And Bruce?" Pepper asked.

"I'm fine," Bruce mumbled, struggling to sit up.

"No you're not. At this point, there isn't any lasting damage," Arashi said. "He'll just need to rest and no more Hulking out for at least a week." He pushed Bruce back down into a lying position.

"I just successfully downloaded all of the company's blueprints, emailed all of his dirty secrets to SHIELD so someone can arrest him, and ruined his credit score," Kit announced.

Asho snapped his phone shut. "In a few hours so his reputation via media will be down the tube. I just... anonymously sent some of his "dirty secrets" including that he works together with a drug lord to every new station and newspaper publisher in the country. JARVIS is helping me um... spread false stories on every forum board, blog and website possible."

"It is quite... interesting," JARVIS said sounding almost amused.

"Okay," Tony said, signing the papers and handing them back to Ita. "But I do have to ask who put the bullet holes in the wall?"

"That was me," Phil grunted.

"And the broken window?"

Pepper flushed a bright red color. "I might, uh, have kicked someone out the window. He's alright though!"

Tony grinned. He looked at Pepper's black and red heels. "With your precious Louboutin?" he teased.

She smiled. "Of course. I can kick ass in these heels."

"Why is the couch slashed in two?" Natasha asked.

"That was me," Kit called out. "The idiot dodged."

"That's probably a good thing," Kai said. "Aren't you a Nidan, Kit?"

Kit paused her typing to look back at Kai. "Yeah. Father insisted I learn Kendo from him."

"What is Kendo?" Steve asked.

"Japanese sword fighting," Hotaru filled in. "And Nidan, 2nd Dan that is, is pretty impressive. It's like... being a champion fighter."

"Close enough," Kit said.

"Who is responsible for the body imprint on the ground?" Tony asked.

The room quiet and those who were present to see the fight, turned to look at Seika who was ignoring everyone. "Is there something you haven't told anyone Seika?" Tony asked with an eyebrow raised. He had no idea his favorite accountant was capable of things like that.

"...No," was her answer.

"She's lying," Ita spoke up. "She's been a master of her family's martial art style since she was sixteen."

Seika reached over and swatted Ita on the back of his head. "Like you haven't been breezing through my family's martial art style like a duck to water over the last eight years!"

"So... the body imprint on the wall was Ita's doing?" Tony asked. He had no idea Ita had gotten that strong. Tony had known Ita had started learning martial arts from Seika as a way to get to know her better but that was impressive.

"Yup," chorused Pepper and Phil together.

"I'm gonna assume the fire in the bar was Asho's doing then?" Tony continued.

Asho smiled. "I learn it from Ita."

Tony had to nod in agreement. Ita had a talent for setting things on fire, something Tony knew first hand. That incident with the duck, rubber bands and a stove came to mind.

Clint looked around in the room. The Avengers, Phil and Pepper aside, the rest of the occupants in the room were SI employees who happen to include the world's greatest ninja and his unflappable wife, two martial artists, a former army doctor, a hacker who was also a swordswoman, a former army sniper, a pilot, a guy who rocked the media and a coffee boy. Basically, not normal people. "Tony," Clint asked. "Is being a badass a requirement for hire for SI?"

Tony preened. "Badass, eccentric, insane, genius or all of the above. Stark Industries doesn't hire anything but the best."

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