this is my second gravity falls fic (i haven't published the first one online) and this is the first GF fic shipping dipperXpacifica ever! :D, i actaully invented this ship,yay!, i do ship dipper and wendy, but after watching irrational treasure, i just couldn't help but write this, if you haven't seen irrational treasure, heres a link: ?q=node/39290

this story will only make sense if you watch that episode, now onto the story:

Perfect. Just perfect, her whole life completely ruined by some stupid boy, his sister and some papers, she was going to be thirteen in a week, and had no friends to come now, the big party she was going to have had no point now, the pre-teen girl let out a few light sobs, her whole life was a lie, a sham, and realized that she never had any real friends

She had gone to the forest, so she could be alone, she was currently sitting on a fallen tree, before long however, she heard footsteps, then a voice "MABEL! Get back here! Give me back the book!" Pacifica recognised that voice, it was the voice of the boy who wrecked her life, she noticed her sobs had got louder, she sniffed and wiped away her tears with her hands, she was just about to stand up and walk away when she heard a voice. "Pacifica?"

Pacifica stood up, she looked straight at the boy and said with a hiss "what?!" the boy blinked "were you, crying?" his voice sounded, soft, almost like he actually cared, she was just about to shout no at him, when she noticed her mascara was running, there was no way she could deny it now "what if I am?!

"Well...Um...what's wrong?" the boy said. Pacifica just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, however she found herself for some reason glued to the spot where she was standing "nothing, except for the fact that YOU RUINED MY LIFE!" she forget to add, and your sister, but wa pretty mad at him and just wanted to leave, maybe that would stop him from asking her anymore questions

"Geez, I was just trying to nice...I'm sorry if I "ruined your life", but get over it!" the boy shouted at her Tears started to fall again as Pacifica replied "I have no friends, my birthday is soon and I have no friends to come, no big party because my parents think there is no point if there are no guests..." the boy walked over the log that Pacifica was standing in front of, "no one? Not one friend?" he asked

Pacifica glared at him, she noticed there was a look of, empathy? In his eyes "well...I could come..." he trailed off, slightly blushing. Pacifica laughed "you're kidding right?" "No I'm not" Pacifica stopped laughing, she paused for a moment, thinking, also slightly blushing "you would have to dress nicer then that" Pacifica said gesturing to Dippers clothes. "Look, do you want me to come or not?" "Fine, I guess you can come"

"I think we may have got off on the wrong foot, how about we start over?" the boy suggested "ok, my name is Pacifica northwest, what's yours? " "Dipper pines" he would tell her it was nickname later, if ever. "Huh. Dipper, nice name" Dipper smiled "yours too" Pacifica smiled back.

"Dipper! If you ever want your book back, you better bring lots of candy to pay the ransom!" Mabel said from further into the wood

The book!, Dipper thought he had completely forgotten "what book?" Pacifica asked "uh it doesn't matter, I have to go, when is the party?" "Next Tuesday, come at whatever time" before Pacifica knew it, he had ran off into the forest. "YOU BETTER NOT FORGET!" she shouted to him.

well there you have it, the first dipperXpacifica fic ever, XD