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"What do you see when you look into the mirror?" Harley asked herself as she studied her reflection.

Harley had stumbled across the question in a copy of Cosmo magazine and couldn't seem to get it out of her mind. It seemed like a simple question, but the more you thought about it, the harder it seemed to answer.

Sigh. This question was a real zinger.

Harley poked and pulled at her face in the mirror, stretching her smile, and sticking her tongue out. What was this question asking anyways? Was it talking about her appearance or something else?

Appearance wise she saw a girl with crumbling white make-up covering her face and down her throat to the collar of her Jester outfit. Big blue eyes that were helpful in convincing the physiatrists at Arkham she was a happy, healthy, sane girl stared at her with a calculating expression. An expression remnant of her days of being a psychiatrist. Her jaw had a bruise from the Bats, or was it Mistah J?, that could be seen under her make-up in florescent lighting.

But that was all physical. What was the mental under all that?

As an on again off again patient at Arkham the mental should be obvious. She had to be a lunatic. But Harley never felt like a lunatic, everything she had ever done could be melted down to the desperate actions of a woman in love. And everyone knew love made you crazy, it was a fact of life. She was as sane as everyone else in this world as far as she was concerned.

So what did she see in the mirror?

Harley shook her long blonde pony tails and shrugged her shoulders. The psychiatrist inside her had a million answers to the question, and not all of them pleasant. But the Jester in Harley wasn't ready for those answers just yet. Instead she gave one last smile to the mirror and shrugged.

She saw a girl in love, a girl who didn't want to be anything else. A girl who at the moment was happy, and didn't want to risk that happiness by pondering silly questions.