Chapter 1: Aftermath

The Auditor was long gone. Dead in fact, as well as the core of the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton (or A.A.H.W. as it is commonly called). The three brilliant fighting legends, Hank, Sanford, and Deimos, had finally won the battle for freedom from the dictatorship of the Auditor; a powerful yet evil man who had threatened not only the hometown of the three fighters, Nevada, but all of the United States as well.

With all three improbability drives destroyed, things seemed to finally go back to normal for the world around them. The sky was blue and the sun was shining bright; a sight that they fought with their lives for. Hank, the strongest of the three, had died more than 8 times, and was resurrected again and again by supernatural forces against his will. Sanford had survived the slaughtering without meeting death once. Deimos, however, was killed at the climax of the entire struggle. Even though all three of them had gone somewhat unrewarded through it all, their efforts paid off, not only with liberty, but with rewards from their god-powerful leaders, the "Higher Powers".

Hank was returned from his monster-like state into a normal human being again; with all of his scars being removed and mangled body parts put back in place. Even though he didn't need it, Hank decided to keep the outfit (his Madness Combat 7 one) because, you had to admit, it was pretty badass. And of course, you can't forget his retirement gift: a giant blender.

Sanford's scars too were removed. He was given a new hook as an antique from the bloodshed he had gone through and a really nice car to replace the one that was destroyed (in Madness Combat 9).

Deimos was, of course, brought back to life with his body fully intact. Sanford was glad to see his friend back again and thanked the Higher Powers for giving him a second chance although they said that they weren't going to make anymore revivals. Deimos was given a new supercomputer and a large machinegun (much like the one in Madness Combat 7.5).

So the three were returned back to their normal states, and were given a home that they didn't need to pay the bills and taxes for (since they did save Nevada from utter destruction). But there were two problems.

First, although their physical scars had been healed, their mental and emotional scars weren't. After all, how could you go completely back to normal after killing dozens of people? Hank, Sanford, and Deimos were sleepless for some nights because of the constant adrenaline of enemies sneaking up on them rushing through their bodies.

Secondly, even though they had risked their lives and had gotten injured badly in the process, Hank, Sanford and Deimos, weren't seen with the hero status they ultimately deserved. In fact, they were seen as monsters. Some of the A.A.H.W. members were forced against their will to fight for the Auditor, and were taken away from their homes and families. They couldn't show pain or weakness because the Auditor would just kill them otherwise.

And most of those members, Hank, Sanford, and Deimos had killed; members who had wanted to go home to those they loved.

So, the ultimate question is this: how can you be forgiven by someone's family after you killed him?

Society is a strong, powerful, force that not even the Higher Powers could fix.

It's up to the three men to choose the road of destiny to walk on.