Chapter 37: Final Salvation

"Papa?" a child's voice said. The young boy was five, with brown hair from his father and blue eyes from his mother. An extremely rare mix.

A man groaned, as he rubbed his face from tiredness. He was lying on the couch, watching the TV blare at him with the local news.

"Papa?" the child repeated.

The man sighed. "Yes Damion?"

Damion made a cheeky grin, lifting up a piece of paper with a crude drawing on it with three people: a woman, a small child, and a man, all holding hands and smiling. Written with some words that were almost illegible are: "Mama", "Papa", and "Me", with arrows pointing to each person underneath.

The man smiled and patted his son's head. "Good job Damion! One day you can become a great artist!"

Damion shook his head. "No papa! I want to be a superhero that saves the world, just like you!"

The man laughed. "I believe you can."

Damion, content with his father's answer, ran back to his room to draw more stuff. The man sat back on his chair, much more relaxed now. Just then, a blonde woman called his name.

"Hank! There's a roach on the wall!" she yelled.

Hank looked at the kitchen wall from the couch. Sure enough, a large brown cockroach was crawling. The pest stopped moving, realizing that it had been spotted. It took a pause to anticipate its enemy's movements. The blonde woman continued to wash dishes calmly, knowing that her husband will take care of the problem.

Hank pulled out his trusty pocket knife, the same one he used to kill Dan. He had to admit though, roaches sure made good target practice.

Hank chucked the knife at the wall almost ten feet away from him. Before the roach could even fly off, the knife stabbed it from the back, making it fall onto the counter.

"Got it Cathy!" Hank yelled back.

Cathy nodded, putting the last dish in the rack. She swept the dead insect off into the trash, tossing the knife back to Hank from the blunt side. Hank caught it with one hand, knowing that Cathy knew the process they used to kill roaches "the fun way".

"Thanks Hank!" she gratefully said.

Hank made a low grunt as he continued to watch the news for anything interesting. Suddenly, the door rang. Cathy wiped her hands off and walked towards the front door while Damion ran out of his room. Cathy opened the door and smiled.

"Come in!" she welcomed the two men at her door.

They both walked in, Damion jumping with glee.

"Uncle Sanford! Uncle Deimos!" he yelled out loud.

Deimos grinned, picking the young boy up into the air, tossing him upwards and catching him again.

"Hey Damion! How's it been?" Deimos replied.

"Good!" Damion said back out loud. Damion ran back into his room to get his drawing.

Sanford chuckled. "The only reason why that kid likes you more is because you still act like one..."

Deimos smirked. "No need to be jealous Sanford! You wish you had my awesomeness!"

Sanford shook his head. "Still can't believe you were able to get Mary pregnant with the little 'awesomeness' you had left in your balls after masturbating so much when you were young."

Deimos turned red and turned to Sanford angrily. "Will you just PLEASE stop holding that over my back bro!"

Sanford turned back to Deimos with the same response. "Only if you shut the hell up about that time Hank threw up on me! Damion still thinks I got 'barf' germs all over me!"

Deimos laughed. "I know right! Isn't it cool?"

Sanford smacked him on the top of his head. "Retard..."

Deimos grinned, not caring the least about the pain in his head. Hank walked up towards them.

"Well, how are you two doing?"

Sanford spoke first. "It's all good here."

Sanford turned to Deimos. "How 'bout you?"

Deimos crossed his arms, turning his head. "'s got those damn cravings again. I mean, come on! I gotta deal with this shit for the next 6 months!? She's bustin' my balls back at home!"

Hank chuckled. He looked back up at Deimos.

"Don't worry Deimos. You'll get used to it. Plus, it'll all be worth it in the end." Hank advised him.

Deimos pouted. "You better be right Hank..."

"Have I ever lied to you before?" Hank questioned.

Deimos shot his back straight up. "Yeah you did! When you took my computer to look up your crap, and you saw my...uh..."

"Porn." Sanford finished for Deimos.

Deimos gritted his teeth and turned to Sanford. "I'm going to kick your ass..."

"Ha! As if! Wanna go another round in the boxing ring at the gym? I'll sweep your face all over the floor! Better yet, let's wait for the baby to be born first so he can see me do it!" Sanford bragged.

"You got lucky last time..." Deimos muttered.

"No I didn't. You just suck."

"YOU suck...balls..." Deimos countered weakly.

Cathy finished all the dishes. She walked into the living room and saw the TV. Cathy tapped Hank's shoulder and pointed at the news. Hank saw what was on and turned the volume up over Sanford and Deimos's arguing.

"Looks like we got more trouble waiting for us!" Hank told Sanford and Deimos, who saw the news. A robbery was taking place in the local bank. And it was a big one.

Hank pulled on his mask and armor while Sanford and Deimos waited for him. Damion ran out of the room.

"Yay! Daddy's gonna become super-Hank again!" Damion cheered.

Deimos and Sanford snickered while Hank rubbed his son's hair again. When Damion was out of the room, he glared at Sanford and Deimos.

Deimos tried hiding his smile from Hank. "Yeah, looks like daddy's gonna be super-Hank again!"

Sanford and Deimos laughed loudly while Hank stared at them, not amused by the slightest.

"Come on you dickheads..." he said as he dragged them by their collars. Cathy waved them goodbye.

The three of them drove down the street as fast as they could to the bank. It was far off, so it would take them a little while to get there.

"Wait!" Deimos suddenly yelled at Hank.

Hank shook his head from how loud Deimos was. "Christoff,'re trying to make me go def?"

Deimos ignored Hank's joke. "Stop here for a minute! I wanna see our statue again!"

Sanford looked at Deimos with a dumbfounded look. "What!? You've seen that stupid thing twenty times before! It ain't updating itself every time we pass by here you know!"

Deimos looked at Sanford with an expression that begged him to do what he wanted.

Sanford turned away. "Fine! Look at that thing all you want! We're leaving you if you take too long!"

Deimos smiled with glee and ran out of the car. Sanford watched him run off and shook his head. Suddenly, something crossed his mind.

"Hey Hank?"


"Why did you start using Christoff instead of Jebus all the time?"

Hank grinned to himself, knowing Jebus's real identity was a secret.

"It's just my thing." he lied.

Deimos ran up to the statue, watching it gleam from the sun's rays reflecting off its golden surface. Deimos smiled. The city had made this statue to reward Hank, Sanford, and Deimos for saving Utah and Nevada, and for throwing Dan into jail. Dan was somewhere off the coast of Hawaii in a large prison made only for him.

Deimos saw the three figures on top of the pedestal. It was the three of them in amazingly cool poses with guns flaring. Hank was in the middle, Sanford was at the right, and Deimos was at the left. God Deimos loved this statue so was way better than any of the medals the world gave them, including the Nobel Peace Prize. But what Deimos loved even more about it was the quote written on the plaque underneath it.

Deimos went down on one knee reading it to himself. He heard Hank honk the car horn to signal him to hurry up.

Sanford stuck his head out of the window. "Deimos! Get your ass in here now!"

Deimos sighed, looking at the large memorial. Five years since that day they defeated Dan. Five years they've been free of segregation and their murderer statuses.


"Alright I'm coming! Jeez!" Deimos yelled back at Sanford as he ran back to the car.

Deimos sat into the back seat and they sped off. Deimos sighed in happiness, remembering the quote that gave him hope of what lies later for him.

"Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make these dreams come true."


Deimos sat back, grinning.


At long last...

At long, long, last...

They've reached it...

They've reached the Final Salvation...


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