Okay so we all know by now that something obviously happened between Vera and Stuart but we were never told what and Joe and Vera's relationship is just amazing and I want to explore that. Hope you enjoy xx

The Fear Of Being Alone.


Chapter 1

He stared over into her office for the tenth time that day. He was starting to worry about her now. It had been over 4 weeks since they had buried her friend Sargent Stuart Macken. There had been some gossip that there had been something going on between Vera and Stuart when she had ran into him 5 months previous. Rumors obviously started by Billy and Kenny who had nothing better to do with their time. Joe began to wonder if maybe they had been right all along and something had gone on between them. When Stuart Macken's daughter Stella had been injured and they'd met him at the hospital there had been some akwardness in their manner which Joe had dismissed at the time. When Stuart had taken his own life it had hit Vera alot harder then he'd expected.

This past week he'd noticed that there was somthing bothering her and he was starting to get concerned.

"Joe. These were just delivered for you by Celine".

"Ahh great bloody divorce papers. Well can't say I wasn't expecting them. Is she still downstairs".

"No mate. She left. Sorry".

"No worries Kenny. Cheers".

"By the way. What the hells up with her lately". Kenny asked. Looking over into Vera's office.

"She's just buried her friend Kenny".

"That was over 4 weeks ago".

"There's no time limit on grief Kenny".

"I guess. Well I'm off home. Catch you all tomorrow".

"Yeah night Kenny".

Joe watched as the others followed suit. Before he knew it he was alone in the darkened office. He looked over at Vera once again and decided enough was enough. He got up and walked over to her office and opened the door.



"You okay Vera".

"Sorry pet". She said. Looking up.

"I asked if your okay".

"Fine love".

"Liar. You looked exhausted. Actually you haven't looked right for weeks".

Vera looked around the room at anything so as not to make eye contact with him.

"Can I ask you something". Joe asked.

"Can I stop you".

"Was there something between you and Stuart Macken. I mean before his daughter ended up in hospital".

"You get straight to the point don't you". She said. Sarcastically.


"Alright. Yes. We had a brief relationship years ago and then 5 months ago when we met again something happened with us. The thing about Stuart was that he never cared about the way I looked. If I wore make-up or not. He was with me for who I was".

"You loved him".

"Oh shock, horror. Your Boss had a personal life".

"Yeah alright. Look I'm not bloody judging you".

"Aren't you".

"No I'm not. If you think I am then you obviously don't know me aswell as you thought".

"I'm sorry pet".

Joe wasn't stupid. He knew there was something she wasn't telling him.

"Look. I know you don't like people interferring".

"But your gonna anyway. Yes".

"I'm worried about you".

"Well there's no need. I'm fine".

"No your not. Your tired all the time. Your distracted. Pale. You look like your loosing weight".

"I wish".

"Does it have something to do with the Angina".

"It's not the Angina Joe. I told you before that's under control".

"Then what is it because it's something".

Jow watched her sway slightly as she stood up from her desk. Without really thinking. He rushed over to her side and put his arm around her waist to stop her collapsing on him.

"Hey. You okay".

"I'm alright. Just stood up too quickly. I'm okay. Stop fussing". She yelled.

"Come on. Sit yourself back down". He said. Lowering her back into her seat.

"Sorry Joe. I didn't mean to yell at you".

"It's fine. You know whatever it is. You know it won't leave this room. Your not well Vera. You need to see a Doctor".

"I've already seen a bloody Doctor".

"Okay. Well good. So. What did he say".

"I'm not sick Joe".

"Vera come on".

"I'm pregnant".

Joe just looked at her with utter shock displayed on his face. At first he thought she was pulling his leg but on closer examination he could see she was being completely serious. If she had been younger then it would have made perfect sense to him way before now. Looking at her pale complextion, the distractions, the dizziness. She clearly had all the normal symtoms.

"Are you gonna say something or are you just gonna stand there looking gormless". She asked.

"I'm sorry. It's just. Well. I'm kinda shocked".

"Your shocked. How the bloody hell do you think I feel".

"When did you find out".

"A week after the funeral".

"You've known about this for over 3 weeks and you never said anything".

"Don't you yell at me. I just needed to get my head around it".

"So have you".

"Well ofcourse I bloody haven't".

It was very rare that Joe saw her upset like this but he put it down to the hormones. God hormones. Just associating that word with his Boss sounded strange.

"I'm not sure I can do this Joe. Me, kids. We don't mix well".

"It's different when you have your own".

"I'm not the most maternal woman in the world am I".

"Right now all you need to ask yourself is do you want to keep this baby because if you don't then you have some tough decisions to make".

"I do want to have it. It's part of Stuart. Ofcourse I do. I'm just really scared Joe. I'm not sure I can do this on my own".

"You won't be on your own. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere".

"What would I do without my faithful Sargent, eh". She smiled.

"Come on. It's time we were getting you home".

He stretched out his hand which she accepted with the minimum of fuss and left for the evening and thinking about all the decisions she was going to have to make.

To Be Continued...