Okay my lovlies. The last Chapter. Hope it's up to standard. Enjoy xx

Chapter 4

Joe was driving Vera back home from her Doctor's appointment and he noticed that she'd gone very quiet. He figured maybe she was just tired. At the very least he hoped that was all it was. As they pulled up outside her house Vera suddenly burst into tears which took Joe by suprise.

"Hey what's wrong. Come on. Let's get you inside eh".

Joe got out of the car and then walked round to Vera's side and helped her out and escorted her into the house. He helped her remove her jacket and helped her to sit down.

"I'm sorry Joe. God knows what you must think of me".

"You're allowed to be. All part of being pregnant I'm told".

"It's not that pet".

"Well what is it then".

"What if I'm no good at this Joe".

"You've lost me now".

"A mother Joe. What if I'm crap at it. I'm not maternal. I've never had to think about anyone else but myself before. Damn Stuart for getting me into this situation".

"Hey. He wasn't the only one there that night. I know you would never have gotten rid of the baby because at the end of the day it's your's".

"I know pet. I just don't want to do this on my own".

"How many times do I need to tell you this. You're not on your own. I'm not going anywhere am I". Joe said. Taking hold of her hand.

Vera gave Joe a small smile and as Joe smiled back at her she began crying again so Joe gathered her in his arms. They stayed that way for a few moments.

"Thanks Joe". Vera said. As she kissed his cheek.

Vera was definately getting soft during her pregnancy Joe figured. Looking into her eye's Joe just couldn't help himself and he kissed her. Vera found herself kissing him back. She pulled back from him and gave him a soft smile.

"Joe. Why did you do that".

"Not sure really. Spur of the moment thing I guess. It felt right though. Don't you think".

"Joe. You don't want to get involved with me pet".

"Say's you".

"I'm your Boss and I'm having another man's child and to top it off I'm too old for you love".

"Would you stop putting yourself down all the time. I care about you and I want to help you. Both of you". He said. Smiling at her.

As the months went by Joe and Vera began spending alot more time together. Joe accompanied her to all her scans and was by her side when she had the baby. Joe had finally managed to sort out the custody of his children with Celine and apart from a few snide comments from Kenny and Billy the other memebers of the team offered their support.

Joe was on the phone to the office informing everyone about Vera and the baby when the Doctor appeared by his side.

"Joe. You can go back in now".

"Are they okay".

"They're fine. Baby's all cleaned up".

"Thanks Doc".

Joe made his way back into Vera's room. He couldn't help but smile at the image before him. He walked over and sat on the bed beside her.

"You okay". He asked.

"Couldn't be better pet. Just a little sore. It was worth it though. Look at her Joe".

"She's beautiful. Just like her mother. I love you. Both of you". He smiled.

"We love you too Joe". She replied. Leaning into kiss him.

She loved Joe very much and the idea of them as a couple would take alot of getting use too. However after Stuart's death and then finding out about the baby and how scared she had been. Just knowing Joe was there made her fear of being alone a distant memory.