I didn't have the heart to tell Pallu even after all those promises. Although now would be the right time for the usage of the word "empty" before "promises". But I could not help those big eyes full of hope waiting upon intently for my opinion

It all started about a week ago. Like every year we were going to have a school musical drama and auditions were open for everyone Pallu optimistic as ever was the first to sign up for the lead role..Little but ignoring the fact that she didn't know the first thing about singing. Singing does not come to everyone as a natural talent but when it comes to Pallu, she wouldn't even qualify for a bathroom singer. Her voice sounded more like the morning rooster with something stuck in its throat. Unfortunately Pallu was too blind to see this. She lived in a utopia of her own where she had substituted her "nails scratching on a board" voice with that of a nightingale's

Auditions were not till the following day, and so there was plenty of time for practice. I figured since she was practicing all the time maybe she wouldn't suck so bad. Although this pleasant thought didn't keep me occupied for long I saw a clip of her last practice that she had e-mailed me before the auditions. There wasn't much to say except for the fact that I turned deaf for the following 10 or 15 minutes. It was the day of the auditions and Pallu was so blithesome and trilled about the whole thing. I did not have it in me to rip apart her spirit. I didn't have to. Minutes after she entered the auditorium and before my pep talk and false encouragement. Pallu came running out with red puffy eyes. I could have guessed the rest but there wasn't much to guess, our drama teacher was a soul-sucking monster. I couldn't help but feel guilty for what happened to Pallu. This guilt kept tormenting me along with her incessant silent treatment. Until one day I caught up with her and apologized for not being truthful and following this came the promises of being completely honest with my opinions

The weekends were over and the start of a new week. Pallu and I were walking down the hall when she stopped abruptly to check the notice on the bulletin board. The notice was headlined "tryouts for Cheerleading". This brings us back to the present. One hand suspended in the air with a pen ready to sign up while she stared at me for something to say and, I say "oh well what's the harm in trying out