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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Out Of The Fog

Notes: Alright Lovelies, let us wrap this story up! This chapter is a bit more graphic than usual so be warned; Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing because if I did Sirius & Severus would have survived. Ginny would have been deceased leaving Harry free to live happily ever after with his beautiful uke Draco. I don't make any money from this fanfic either. Alas dear readers I don't own HP but JKR does.


Rabastan mewled when he felt Severus' cock pulse and release his warm seed into his slick passage. Severus let Rabastan's legs slip from his shoulders, as he lowered his upper body back to his elbows and continued to thrust gently into Rabastan's body, riding out his release.

Severus soon stopped thrusting, and pulled his now softening member out of Rabastan's body. Severus moved to his back, and pulled Rabastan to lay his sweaty head onto his equally sweaty chest.

Rabastan didn't mind though, this was where he wanted to be right now, enjoying the afterglow of his first time with the man he loved. Soon Rabastan began to drift into a light sleep and sighed when he felt the cleaning charm wash over him, removing the cum, sweat and spit from his tired body.

~~~~~*********Chapter 7********~~~~~

Seven Months Later...

Rabastan maneuvered himself through Lestrange Manor with as much grace as a heavily pregnant man could muster; yes Rabastan had become pregnant. It seems that when Rabastan read the blasted directions on the contraception potion he had misunderstood them.

The pregnant man huffed; who knew misreading a few words could mean this? Rabastan swore the instructions said take the recommended dosage, and he would be covered against becoming pregnant for six hours. Unfortunately the directions said take the recommended dosage and wait for six hours so the potion could take effect.

Severus had been suitably shocked when Rabastan had shown up at Hogwarts in hysterics, rambling about babies. Once the Lestrange Lord had calmed down enough to explain the situation to Severus, the onyx eyed man had found the situation quite amusing, but quickly recovered himself when he saw how afraid Rabastan was.

The Lestrange Lord had never planned on children this early in their relationship! Hell they weren't even married or speaking about an engagement, and now Rabastan was a month pregnant!

A chuckle made it past Rabastan's full lips; yes it was a fact that they weren't planning on getting married or having kids anytime soon, but Severus hadn't let that stop him. A week after Rabastan had given Severus the baby news the potions master had asked him to marry him.

Rabastan looked down at his simple white gold wedding band in complete adoration. The couple married, before Rabastan began to show of course, in a private ceremony in Malfoy Manor's impressive gardens; only those closest to them got an invitation, and since neither Severus nor Rabastan had many friends it was quite a small gathering.

Even though it wasn't a grand event it was still the happiest, most beautiful day of Rabastan's life! He should have known nothing in his life would ever be simple or routine; Fate liked to fuck with him too much for that, but Rabastan wouldn't have had it any other way.

A smile broke out on his face when he finally found his husband; said man was cursing to the ceiling while trying to assemble a very expensive baby crib in their son's room. Severus was failing spectacularly, and some of the curses leaving his thin lips were making Rabastan blush and slightly horny.

Clearing his throat to gain his onyx eyed lover's attention Rabastan called for Tippy; the little elf popped in immediately, casting a very amused look at Severus, before turning to Rabastan for her orders.

"Tippy would you complete the assembly of the crib, please?" The little elf nodded frantically, eager to please her Master and help prepare for the newest Lestrange. "Of Course Master Rabastan, sir. Tippy dos her best for Master's Snape-Lestrange and baby in Master's belly."

Rabastan nodded to the hyper elf, walking forward Rabastan held his hand out to his seated husband. Severus looked like wanted to argue with him about who would put the crib together, but one glare from Rabastan shut him up quick enough.

Yes, Rabastan was one terrifying bearer with the mood swings of a nesting dragon; Severus had found this out the hard way on many occasions. The chocolate eyed man was grateful to his husband for his support even when being near Rabastan was equivalent to sitting next to an active volcano.

Acquiescing to the bearer of his son Severus stood took Rabastan's hand, and followed him to their bedroom a few doors down. Both men didn't want to be too far away from their son when he was born.

A son! It still boggled Rabastan's mind that in the near future there would be a little life completely dependent on him and Severus to survive. It was a big responsibility but one each men cherished it and couldn't wait for it to begin.

They had chosen the name Circinnus Severus Snape-Lestrange; Rabastan quiet liked the way it sounded, it was a strong name but not overdone. Merlin some of the names you heard on magical children these days were downright ridiculous!

Who named their child Medusa?! Rabastan felt sorry for the little girl he had read about in the birth announcements in the Daily Prophet. Well at least their son didn't have to deal with a completely horrid name.

When they reached their bedroom Rabastan took one look at the bed and felt fatigued. His ankles looked like tree stumps they were so damn swollen! Rabastan loved carrying their child, it was just every other change that his body went through to accommodate the child that Rabastan wasn't a fan of.

Severus excused himself to the bathroom while Rabastan stripped out of his clothes, slipping his naked achy body under the soft sheets. Placing his hands on his swollen belly Rabastan let his feelings of contentment flow through him.

He had accomplished many things in under a year. The Board of Governors at Hogwarts was running smoothly; Severus had stepped into Rabastan's seat. The pregnant man knew Severus would do better on the Board than he would.

His husband was after all a Professor at the school, and knew what was needed there. It made him feel better about giving it up because he knew the seat was in capable hands.

He still attended the assemblies for the House of Lords every week, sometimes more if a special session was called; but those occasions were few and far between. When the child was born Rabastan would be taking a month off from the House of Lords; this time was to be used to bond and spend time with his new son.

Lucius was beyond thrilled about their coming child, and already prepared a room for the child at Malfoy Manor. Uncle Lucius, as the blonde aristocrat called himself nowadays, was bound and determined to spoil this child straight out of the womb.

A broad grin split Rabastan's face; his child would be loved not only by Severus and him but by Lucius and Draco too. The younger Malfoy looked at Rabastan and Severus's son as a chance to have a surrogate baby brother, he had always wanted one but it had never happened.

Lucius never wanted to touch Narcissa or even be in the same room as the vile wench; Draco's conception was the work of a potion. The Malfoy Lord was unrepentantly gay, he just hadn't found anyone to settle down with, and being on house arrest doesn't exactly present much chance for dating.

Rabastan just hoped that Lucius would one day find someone who could make him feel the way Severus made Rabastan feel. A cackle left Rabastan at the thought of a seven months pregnant Lucius waddling around Malfoy Manor.

"What is so funny my love?" Rabastan shivered at the silky voice of his lover before another cackle left Rabastan's mouth; "I was just imagining a seven month pregnant Lucius stalking around Malfoy Manor."

A deep laugh escaped Severus' thin lips; "I think I would like to see that, but I don't think it will happen though. If anything Lucius will be following his child's bearer around like a puppy, catering to their every want and need."

Rabastan shifted to lay his head on Severus' chest when he joined him, equally naked and freshly showered, in their bed; "So Lucius will essentially act like you do now?"

Severus snorted; "I do not follow you around like a dog. I merely check in on you several times a day to make sure you are alright. Healer Pryne says we should be watchful so we know immediately if anything is wrong with Circinnus or you."

Rabastan just shut up, he knew that Severus would never admit to his tendency to hover; not that Rabastan was complaining it was nice to be doted on even more than he already was by Severus.

Instead Rabastan tipped his had back, pressing his lips to Severus' and slipped his tongue inside the potion master's mouth. The sweet kiss turned heated as their tongues glided against each other with increasing force as their mutual need rose between their bared bodies.

Rabastan was only allowed to lie in certain positions so their love-making was limited but Rabastan didn't mind this one bit. Breaking the kiss, the pregnant man shimmied onto Severus hips, placing his slender hands on his lover's firm chest for balance.

Severus raked his eyes down and then back up Rabastan's body, reaching a large hand out to caress the swell of his belly. Rabastan just smiled softly at his husband when he saw the look of complete love in Severus' dark eyes when he touched his belly.

Gods Rabastan loved this man so much; he knew they would be wonderful parents together. They were both nervous of course but they both knew they had read and grilled Lucius on everything they would need to know about babies and child care.

Of course they couldn't prepare for everything, but the three house elves in attendance at the Manor had raised several generations of Lestranges; while Severus and Rabastan would be grateful for their help they didn't want their son to grow up knowing a house elf better than he knew his fathers, so most of their son's care would fall to Severus and Rabastan.

That was something both men were perfectly happy with. They wanted to see all their child's big moments; first word, first step, hell all the milestones. Rabastan wanted to celebrate them with his son, show him it was okay to have fun sometimes.

Rabastan had never been allowed to be true child; he always had rules shoved in his face on how a pure-blood child should act. While they wouldn't let their son get away with any rule breaking they still wanted him to play and have friends over.

Rabastan was ripped from his thoughts when he felt a cleansing spell followed by two lubed fingers slip inside his tight entrance, and Severus' hand stroking his semi-hardened shaft. Oh Salazar Rabastan loved this, loved his husband's hands on him.

He rocked his hips taking those intruding digits deeper inside his body, shifting until his eyes rolled back and a keening moan left his lips when Severus' finger tips pressed against his prostate.

Wanting to feel more of the glorious sensations his lover's fingers were giving him Rabastan ground his ass down hard, another moan spilling from him as his prostate was struck again with more force.

Rabastan kept up the hard pace, hands pressing on Severus'firm chest, while Severus continued to pump his erection in sure strokes, using Rabastan's pre-cum to enable his large hand to slide easily over his partner's needy flesh.

"More Severus!" Rabastan knew he sounded like a wanton whore right now, but he didn't care he wanted more, he wanted to feel his lover stretch him open further. A gasp sounded from Rabastan when Severus slipped two more of his long fingers in Rabastan's greedy hole.

"FUCK! Hmmm so good Sev, so damn good!" Rabastan was a babbling mess on Severus' lap, as he continued to fuck himself on Severus' fingers. Not to mention the heavenly sensations Severus' stroking hand were causing him to feel.

Rabastan was close, so close to his climax! The dual stimulation to his cock and arse always made him crazy; he continued to impale himself on the fingers inside of him, each thrust hitting the little bundle of nerves deep inside of his willing body.

He lost himself to the firestorm of pleasure his body was feeling, Rabastan was so wrapped up in his pleasurable haze that when his peak hit him Rabastan screamed to the ceiling in ecstasy.

Dropping all his weight down into Severus' fingers, his inner walls fluttering and grasping onto those lovely digits as Rabastan came hard in spurts; spattering and painting Severus' firm stomach with his release.

The pregnant man slumped over in bliss, letting his forehead rest on Severus' broad shoulder, while he breathing evened out. Rabastan wasn't sure how long it took for him to regain his mind, but when he did he still felt those four fingers in his arse.

The other side effect of pregnancy was Rabastan's already impressive recovery time was lessened even more; he really did like that side effect of pregnancy.

Before he could reposition himself to take Severus' large cock inside his stretched body Rabastan was shifted to place himself on his hands and knees; copious amounts of pillows were added for support under his swollen belly so nothing happened to their unborn son.

He had learned throughout the months of being with Severus to just go with the flow in their sexual escapades, and as of right now he was very interested to know where his husband wanted to take this.

Rabastan pressed his face into the pillow to stifle his moan when he felt another cleansing spell used on his entrance; only to throw his back in a silent scream, mouth agape, when Severus spread his plump cheeks apart and thrust his skilled tongue into his already sensitive channel.

Rabastan couldn't stop the mewls, whimpers or any of the other erotic sounds he was making; Severus always knew how to make him lose complete control of himself. He clenched his slender hands in the blankets, as he shifted his hips backward to take more of that skillful tongue into his arse.

By Merlin Rabastan was in heaven; Severus had his tongue pressed deep inside of him, massaging and licking his velvet anal walls in delightful strokes. While those sinful lips were sucking on the puckered flesh around his entrance.

Rabastan's cock was already hard, and leaking again under his husband's skillful ministrations. He was becoming impatient though he loved everything Severus did to his body but right now he needed to feel that thick, rigid length fucking him hard and deep.

"Sev need you...ugh Fuck! Severus please fuck me!" Rabastan moaned in loss, but also in excitement when Severus removed his tongue from his now slick and prepared hole.

He felt Severus shift behind him, stealing a glance over his shoulder Rabastan watched as his lover muttered a lubrication charm on his cock and lined it up with Rabastan's twitching entrance.

Placing his hands on Rabastan's slender hips Severus looked up, and met Rabastan's half lidded gaze, letting all his love pour through his onyx eyes as he thrust his hips forward, sheathing himself in one stroke fully inside of Rabastan's body.

Dual moans were heard from both men as they were finally connected in the most intimate and carnal of ways. Not wanting to wait any longer Rabastan pushed back against his lover's hips, grinding his ass wantonly against Severus' kneeling body.

Severus finally snapped, and with a feral growl he withdrew his heavy cock fully from Rabastan's hole before snapping his hips forward and re-sheathing himself in a hard, fast thrust.

Another silent scream left Rabastan's mouth at the rough treatment his body was being subjected to, but he would be lying if he said he didn't like it when Severus took him like a bitch in heat.

Rabastan was once again in euphoria; his husband's cock was sliding pleasurably against his inner walls. The thrusts of his lover's length were sending him back into a mindless haze, the only thing Rabastan could do right now was give in to his body's wants.

He began pushing his ass backwards on each forward thrust Severus made; causing Severus to go deeper and impale his prostate with the head of his cock. They were moving together in perfect synchronicity; as if they were always meant to do this together and maybe they were.

Rabastan really didn't have the desire at the moment to wax sentimental about their love making, or in this case fucking. No right now he just wanted his lover to continue to brutalize his prostate until he came once again, screaming for all to hear.

The sounds of their heated sex were delicious to both men's ears; the slapping sounds of Severus' heavy balls as they collided with Rabastan's ass with Severus' every hard thrust bounced of the walls. Those lovely squishy noises from Rabastan's dripping hole as Severus pushed that beautiful cock into his willing body again and again.

Rabastan knew he needed more, he was so close again, but he needed something else to push him over the razor's edge of pleasure, and into blessed oblivion. "Please love more. I need more Sev...so close. So damn close."

Severus seemed to understand his rambled plea as he moved his hands from Rabastan's hips; one hand snaking its way to wrap around Rabastan's aching member while the other moved to massage the stretched flesh surrounding Rabastan's hole.

Rabastan mewled in delight, clenching his hands harder into the blanket, when Severus began to pump his shaft and caress the sensitive skin around his entrance. A scream of pure pleasure mixed with just the right amount of pain left Rabastan's mouth when Severus slipped his finger inside Rabastan's already full passage.

Severus froze when he added his finger to Rabastan's body, allowing Rabastan to adjust, or give him the chance to ask for Severus to remove it. Rabastan had no intention of making any such request, and after a minute or two he resumed pushing his hips back against his husband's strong body.

The thought that Rabastan not only had his lover's cock inside of him but one of his fingers sent a shiver up his spine, he felt like such a slut but reveled in it. Severus was the only man who would ever see him like this, see him acting and taking it like a Knockturn Alley prostitute, and by the gods those thoughts were sending him closer to his earth shattering orgasm by the second.

Time lost all meaning to the two men fucking on the bed, all that mattered was the other. Rabastan felt that familiar heat in his belly building up in intensity, burning outward as his release crashed down on him with blinding speed, and before he even had a chance to prepare himself Rabastan was screaming his orgasm.

Rabastan felt his cock pulse in Severus' hand, felt his inner walls clamp down on Severus' intruding cock and finger, allowing his eyes to slip closed Rabastan thrust into Severus' still present hand, as his semen erupted out of his erection; painting the blankets and pillows below him in ribbons of his cum.

Severus removed his cum stained hand and replaced it back onto lover's hip. Rabastan's body felt boneless, his mind hazy, as he felt his lover still pounding into his spent form. He mewled weakly when he felt the length inside him pulse, releasing his lover's seed deep inside his well-used, slick channel.

Rabastan whimpered when Severus withdrew from his body, but sighed in pleasure shortly after when he felt the cleansing, and freshening charms take effect on their bodies and the bed.

Allowing himself to once again be guided by his lover Rabastan laid his head down on Severus' broad shoulder and let himself drift off into the pleasurable fog in his mind. He felt his lover pressing soft kisses to the top of his head and couldn't help but smile at the loving words Severus was speaking.

Rabastan nuzzled closer to Severus' firm body, placing his arm around Severus' middle; "I love you too, Severus. I'm glad you're my husband and father of our son. Now let's be quiet so I can have a nap."

Rabastan felt himself drifting to sleep, but before he succumbed to Morpheus' call Rabastan thanked everything he believed in that he was allowed to walk out of the fog and be with the man laying next to him.

Originally I planned for this to be longer but when I reread it I saw that I pretty much covered everything I wanted to so alas dear readers this is the end.

I may post an epilogue at some point. Maybe even a side story about Lucius when he gets off House Arrest...only time will tell.

I hope you all enjoyed the story!

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