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Chapter Seven: Poison


Amy and Rory left August alone after much insisting on the puppet's part. He argued that he would be fine and trusted the couple would be able to help Emma believe in the fairy tale world. They just hoped it wouldn't be too late…

The Ponds were back on the streets again, searching for the apartment that Emma shared with Mary Margaret. It wasn't hard to locate since they had been there before for Mary Margaret's party. On the way, they had heard rumors that Emma was leaving; which quickened their stride.

"She can't leave, can she?" Amy asked as they entered the building. "Aren't bad things supposed to happen if anyone tries to leave Storybrooke?"

"She might be immune to that part of the curse," Rory theorized. "She's lived outside of Storybrooke for her whole life. If she can get in, she can most likely get out."

"So all we need to do is convince her to stay," it wasn't a question.

"Which shouldn't be hard if we mention Henry, right?" Rory ran a few steps ahead and stopped at Emma's front door. Once Amy caught up with him, he raised a fist and knocked on the door.

Muffled footsteps were heard on the other side along with Emma's voice. "Thank God you're here! We have to-"

She went silent once she opened the door and saw the couple on the other side. "You aren't the ambulance," she stated, not bothering to hide her anger.

"Why would you need an-"

"Oh my god!" Amy interrupted Rory.

He looked over Emma's shoulder to see Henry.

He was passed out on the floor, a turnover in his hand.

((-Fairy Tale World-))

The world had stopped spinning once the smoke had cleared. The Doctor and Rumpelstiltskin had teleported from the Evil Queen's castle and found themselves in a darker part of the forest. The Doctor coughed and fanned his face having swallowed some of the smoke. This was the third time he had been teleported since arriving to this world; he was starting to get tired of it.

"I warned you to hold your breath while traveling," the imp grinned mischievously, crossing his arms over his chest and taking baby steps away from the Doctor.

Once the Doctor stopped coughing, he looked at the forest around him. "How come we didn't transport back to the castle?"

"Because it isn't on our list of places to travel," he called back and did a quick turn so he was facing the time lord. "From the looks on the guards faces, I'm assuming you've accomplished you're task?"

The Doctor nodded, reaching into his jacket pocket and retrieving the black, satin bag. Rumpelstiltskin giggled in delight.

"Excellent work!" he declared, taking long strides towards him and snatching the bag from his hands. He reached into the bag and pulled out the shining red apple. "So this is where Regina put you," he whispered to the fruit.

"Why did the Evil Queen steal an apple from you?" the Doctor asked. "She has a tree full of them. What's so special about this one?"

"It's not the apple itself," he stated in his all-knowing tone of voice. "It's what she put in the apple."

The time lord, again, thought back to the Snow White fairytale. "A sleeping curse."

"For a man who claims to not believe in magic," he inquired, "You seem to be well-versed in it."

"Let's just say I'm use to strange and impossible things," the time lord smirked.

The imp grinned back. "I'd never doubt it," he dropped the apple back into the bag and began walking. "We must be on our way."

The Doctor didn't question him as he followed.

After a few minutes of walking, the two arrived at a small cottage in the middle of the woods. The Doctor noted, with delight, that the house was made out of gingerbread and candy; just like the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. They arrived at the front step and Rumpelstiltskin knocked on the door.

The Doctor took a closer look at the windows. The glass was surrounded by jelly babies. His growling stomach taking over his basic motor functions, he reached an arm up to pinch a red gummy from the window. Rumpelstiltskin put a scaled hand over his, pushing it away from the window.

"Unless you wish to be dinner, I suggest keeping your hands to yourself," he hissed just before the door opened.

Both men looked to see a young woman with mussed, blonde hair put in an elaborate up-do. She wore a high-collared purple dress that reminded the Doctor of a watered-down version of the Evil Queen's ball gown. She looked in Rumpelstiltskin's direction, but shockingly light blue eyes didn't seem to focus.

It took him a second to realize she was blind.

"It's lovely to see you again, Madame," Rumpelstiltskin greeted, putting on his best gentleman act.

The blind witch waved a hand in front of her until it touched the imp's cheek. She rubbed it feeling the rough texture. "Rumpelstiltskin," she smiled. "How long has it been?"

"Too long, dearie," he smiled, putting his hand over hers and gently pulling it away from his face. He didn't let go of her. "I am in need of a favor from you."

Her eyebrows quirked up. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

"I have something of the Evil Queen's and I need your help guarding it for me," he placed the bag in her hands. "It's important that you keep this from her."

Rumpelstiltskin let go of her hands as the blind witch felt the bag up. She paused once her hands had a good hold of the apple; still covered by the satin fabric. "Is this your curse?" she whispered, scared yet excited.

"Actually, this is the curse she traded mine for," he didn't hide his bitterness. "Maleficent currently has the curse I made, and I don't see her using it anytime soon."

The Doctor made a face at him.

"Oh I see," the witch smiled evilly. "This is vengeance."

Rumpelstiltskin shrugged even though she couldn't see him. "I prefer 'pay back'. It's a lesser punishment than what I have planned for her in the future."

She chuckled low in her throat. "The day that woman gets what's coming to her will be a good day indeed."

"I take it we have an agreement then."

"Of course," she smiled. "Care to stay for dinner?"

The Dark One made a face. "Sorry, dearie, but I have a schedule to keep. Another time perhaps?"

The witch frowned, but bid him farewell anyway, taking the satin bag with her. Once the door was closed, Rumpelstiltskin started walking away, the Doctor following.

"You told me the Queen stole from you," he told the imp, clearly angry.

Rumpelstiltskin stopped walking. He turned to face him, replying, "In a way, she did. I gave her something in full confidence, and she trades it away for something of less value."

"A curse," the Doctor confirmed. "You gave her a curse."

"Exactly," he grinned. "I gave her the curse to end all curses; a guaranteed happy ending for her! Instead, she traded it for a simple sleeping curse." The way he said 'sleeping' made the time lord think he was about to cough up a hair ball.

"And your curse? What exactly does that do?"

A dark look shrouded his face. "A curse that destroys all happy endings," he whispered, getting very close to the Doctor. "Everything we know and love will be taken from us. Everyone will have a miserable life."

The Doctor was silent, staring at the evil that clouded the imp's brown eyes.

"Of course," he pulled back, slipping the mischievous mask back on, "It isn't even finished yet. I'm still missing the most important ingredient."

"And what would that be?" the Doctor asked, keeping his voice level; his face stoic.

"True love," he smiled, "the most powerful magic of all. I have yet to acquire it, of course. It's not easy finding two people who are truly in love with each other."

"You'd be surprised," the time lord muttered under his breath. The only people he knew who were truly meant for each other were Amy and Rory. "So, true love is only thing that can make your dark curse work?"

He pointed a long-nailed finger at him. "Exactly." Then he swiftly turned and began walking.

"Wait, where are you going?" the Doctor called, following him.

"We," Rumpelstiltskin corrected, "are going to find your carriage and friends. You held your end of the deal, now it's my turn." He giggled his creepy giggle.

The Doctor sighed in relief. The sooner he could get away from this madness, the better.


The ambulance arrived five minutes after Amy and Rory showed up. They carried Henry on a stretcher in the truck while Emma and the Ponds followed in her yellow bug. While the EMTs checked his vitals, Emma shoved the apple turnover in a Ziploc bag and brought it with her.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Emma ran alongside the various doctors and nurses carrying him through the hallways. Amy and Rory followed a few feet behind so they wouldn't be in the way.

"Henry! Henry can you hear me?!" Emma jerked Henry's shoulder, but the boy didn't respond. One of the nurses tried to make her leave, but she refused, pushing her aside.

Dr. Whale slipped the boy's eyelids open and shined a flashlight back and forth. "There's no pupil response," he confirmed, looking up at Emma. "What happened? Did he fall and hit his head?"

Emma pulled the dessert out of her pocket. "He ate this. I think it's poisoned."

Amy exchanged a look with Rory, both worried. While they were in the bug, the couple debated whether or not the apple in the apple turnover was poisoned fruit she used on Snow White. They didn't think the Evil Queen still had any left after all of these years.

Dr. Whale pulled Henry's mouth open, using the flashlight to see the back of his throat. "His airway is clear. Did he vomit? Was he convulsing?"

"He took a bite of this and then he just collapsed!" Emma shot back, waving the turnover in Whale's face. "So run the tests for arsenic, or bleach, or Dranol, or whatever could have done this to him!"

"The boy is showing no symptoms that would suggest neurotoxins," Dr. Whale insisted. He was just confused as she was. "So whatever's going on," he snatched the bag out of her hands, "this is not the culprit."

"Then what else could it be?" she asked, her eyes widening; the strain and worry in her voice was evident.

He shook his head, dropping his voice to a whisper. "I don't know. That's what I'm trying to find out."

"He's gonna be okay though, right?" Amy asked, standing by the entrance with her husband.

Emma squeezed Henry's arm gingerly, looking at his face as if wanting to tell him that he was going to be fine.

"Right now, we just need to stabilize him. He's slipping away," he told them while writing stuff down in Henry's medical file. "Is there anything else you can remember?"

"I already told you everything, do something!" Emma shot back at him, stomping over to a nearby table. Amy and Rory ran to her side as if to comfort her. Emma began emptying out Henry's backpack, desperate to find anything that would help her even though she couldn't find the answers there.

"I understand you're frustrated, Miss Swan, I do," Dr. Whale tried to ease her pain, but wasn't any help. "but I need something to treat. Right now, there is no explanation. It's like…" he trailed off, not sure of what else to say and went back to his work.

"It's okay, Emma, Henry's going to be fine," Rory assured, but Emma ignored him. Her attention was on something else: Henry's storybook.

"Like magic," she whispered.

"What was that?" Amy asked.

Emma picked the book up and froze.

"Emma?" Amy shook her shoulder. The sheriff was clutching the book for dear life, staring off into the distance.

"Emma, are you there?" Rory waved a hand in her face.

"Rory, what's going on?" the red head asked worried.

He was quiet a moment. "I think the storybook's doing something…"

Before Amy could respond, the glass door to the room swung open and shut, the sound of it breaking Emma out of her trance.

"Where's my son?" came the concerned voice of Reina Mills.

Suddenly, Emma's eyes went dark; an unquestionable rage building up inside of her. "You did this!" she hissed, dropping the storybook back onto the table.

Before Amy or Rory could stop her, the Savior stomp out of the room, dragging the confused Evil Queen with her. Helplessly, the Ponds followed.

Emma stopped by a supply closet, wrenched the door open, and pushed Regina inside. She ran right into a shelf full of medical supplies.

"You did this!" Emma repeated, this time shouting it at her.

"What the hell are you doing?!" the mayor screamed as the sheriff grabbed her again and slammed her into the lockers. She held her there in a choke hold.

"Emma, stop!" Amy and Rory shouted as the two ran into the room. Rory pulled Emma away, holding her back by the waist while Amy stood on either side of them, holding her hands up in case Regina decided to take a swing at Emma.

"Rory, let me go!" Emma tried to squirm out of Rory's grasp, but he was too strong.

"What're you doing?!" Regina glared. "My son-"

"Is sick because of you!" Emma shouted. "That apple turnover you gave me, he ate it!"

Shock flooded Regina's face. "What? It was meant for you-"

"It's true, isn't it," Emma sneered.

Regina gave her a confused look. "What're you talking about?"

"It's true, isn't it?!" she screamed.

Regina still stared at her.

"Tell her the truth," Amy gave her a nasty look and added, "your majesty."

Her eyes widened, glancing at Amy. Emma did the same thing. Rory wisely stayed silent, not knowing what to say.

After a long moment, Regina let out a desperate sob and replied, "Yes."

Emma's stomach twisted. She wanted to ask more; she wanted to ask Amy and Rory a few questions, too. But all that mattered now was Henry. "I was leaving town. Why couldn't you just leave things alone?"

"Because as long as you're alive, Henry will never be mine," Regina tried to keep her voice level.

Emma glared. "He can never be anyone's unless you fix this. Wake him up!"

"I can't!"

"Don't you have magic?" Emma asked desperately.

Regina shook her head, anguished. "That was the last of it. It was supposed to put you to sleep!" She shot at her.

"What's it gonna do to him?" she asked as Rory let go of her.

"I don't know," Regina said her voice scary calm. "Magic here is unpredictable. There's a chance he could…" she stopped herself, not wanting to finish the sentence.

Emma was silent. Amy and Rory looked at each other equally worried.

"If the Doctor was here, he'd know what to do," Amy admitted.

Regina looked up at her. "Who are you?" she finally managed to ask, glaring. "I've never seen you two before. How did you end up in Storybrooke?"

"We're friends of the Doctor," Rory answered bitterly. "The one who gave your apple to the blind witch."

"You're the friends he was searching for?" The Evil Queen asked appalled.

"Can we please discuss this later?" Emma stopped them, trying to keep everyone on subject. "What are we gonna do about Henry."

"We need help," Regina answered, simple as that. "There's only one other person in this town that knows about the curse… About magic."

"Mr. Gold," Emma confirmed.

"The pawnbroker everyone's afraid of?" Rory asked.

Regina looked at the trio. "Actually, he goes by Rumpelstiltskin."

Emma and the Ponds wore the same shocked expressions.

"I knew it," Amy leered and stomped out of the supply closet.

"Amy, wait!" Rory called, following his wife.

"I'm gonna kill him," she spouted off not caring who heard. "For what he did to the Doctor, he's dead!"

((-Fairy Tale World-))

For hours, the Doctor and Rumpelstiltskin roamed the vast forest searching for the TARDIS. The Doctor had his sonic screwdriver out, using it as a type of metal detector that would point them in the right direction. The bleeping noise got on Rumpelstiltskin's nerves. He had to repeatedly tell him to "shut his magic wand up".

"It's a sonic screwdriver!" the time lord would argue repeatedly. "There's nothing magic about it."

"Magic or not, I will set it on fire if you don't cut it out!" the imp snapped back.

Personally, the Doctor would've preferred it if Rumpelstiltskin just gave him a map and left.

After a while, Rumpelstiltskin was about to show off his skills in fire magic when the screwdriver started bleeping faster. The Doctor darted past him and let the bleeping lead the way. He stopped at a patch of jangled vines when the bleeping stopped completely.

Gingerly, he pulled the vines aside to reveal his beautiful blue box.

"Ha ha!" the Doctor cheered pumping his fist in the air and spinning around in a circle. He ran over to his TARDIS, hugging and stroking the wood frame like he usually did. "Oh, Sexy, I've missed you so much!" Aside from a few scorch marks, the time machine didn't look worse for wear. It managed to shut and lock its doors just before crashing.

Rumpelstiltskin stood farther away, watching the reunion with amusement. "So much love for an oversized box. I'd hate to see the ugly tears when we find your friends," He laughed.

"Oh, it's more than just an oversized box," the Doctor grinned, running over and giving him a hug, startling them both. The Doctor pulled away just as quickly and ran back to his TARDIS while Rumpelstiltskin straightened his leather vest.

"Tell me exactly how you and your comrades are able to fit into such tiny corners," the imp circled the blue box, scrutinizing its peculiar size.

The Doctor smiled; it was his turn to wear the all-knowing look now. He took his key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. "Rumpelstiltskin, prepare to be amazed!"

He swung the doors open.

The Dark One was, indeed, amazed. The tiny compartment held one giant room with unidentifiable gadgets and gizmos. It was the most bizarre yet amazing thing he'd ever seen. He took a couple of step backwards, circling the TARDIS once more to make sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him. "What type of sorcery is this?" he asked the Doctor, the teasing tone from his voice gone.

"No sorcery," the Doctor assured, a little put off that he wasn't using the 'bigger on the inside' term. "Call it 'space-age technology.'"

"As you would say, Doctor, this is absolutely brilliant," the imp agreed. "I was worried about the space, but I seem to have enough room to stretch my legs."

"Yes you- wait," he stopped himself. "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm going with you," Rumpelstiltskin replied, using his hands to emphasize words again. "Of course, there's the matter of your friends. Once we find them, the four of us will be off!"

He made a move to walk inside, but the Doctor grabbed the back of his collar, pulled him backwards, and shut the TARDIS doors. "You want to come with us?" he asked, dismayed.

"But of course," he said as if it were obvious.

"But… You're a fairytale character," he pointed out. "Why would you want to leave this world?"

Rumpelstiltskin's face contorted in thought. "Let's just say this world doesn't have everything I want."

"I told you before, my world doesn't have magic," he said sternly. "If I take you there, you won't have the power you so crave."

"Don't you think I'm aware of that?" the imp told him, darkness clouding his eyes again. "There is something precious I need to find in that vast world of yours. You are my only way of getting there since my fail safe was traded away."

It didn't take long for the Doctor to figure out what his "fail safe" was. "The curse," he said quietly. "The curse to end all curses and take away happy endings."

"I've never been to this world of yours, Doctor," sneered the imp, "but I can sense it; I can see from the look in your eyes that it isn't a happy place."

The Doctor mentally cringed. He was talking about sending all of the fairytale characters to Earth. They wouldn't know what to make of all the strange technology that wasn't powered by magic; the humans wouldn't know what to make of them either. "Magic," he repeated. "Do you plan on sending magic to this world of yours?"

The Dark One smiled evilly. "How else am I supposed to find what I'm looking for?"

In one swift motion, the Doctor locked the TARDIS with a press of a button, shoved the key into his infinite pocket, and walked away.

Rumpelstiltskin stared at him confused. "What are you doing?"

"You are not coming with me," he told him, walking still.

He followed the time lord, running to keep up with his fast walking. "What do you mean you're not taking me?"

"Exactly what I said," the Doctor stopped to face him. "I'm not taking you or any of your other freaky-deaky fairytale friends with me!"

"We had a deal," the imp reminded him with a glare.

"Which is settled," he retorted. "I stole something from the Evil Queen for you, and you helped me find my ship. We're done."

"What about your friends?"

"The TARDIS can find them without your help."

"I saved your life!" Rumpelstiltskin shouted. "I saved your life from that damn siren and from the Evil Queen's guards! You owe me!"

The Doctor held his ground, keeping his voice low. "I never asked you to save my life. You did that of your own accord; no deal."

The sound of horses brought both men back to reality. They looked in the distance to see moving torchlight.

"The Queen's guards," Rumpelstiltskin spat disgusted.

"How did they find us?"

That was when the Dark One got an idea.

He ran in the direction of the TARDIS. The Doctor looked back a second late and followed a couple of steps behind. Once Rumpelstiltskin reached the blue box, he snapped his and commanded the vines to fall on top of the Doctor just as he ran under them; tangling around him and holding him still on the spot.

"What are you doing?!" the Doctor called, jerking the vines wrapping around his left arm.

"Taking my newly found treasure and leaving you at the mercy of the Queen," the imp smiled slasher-style, patting the side of the TARDIS.

"You can't do that!" he shouted.

"I can do whatever I want, dearie. This is my world," he held a hand to his chest.

The Doctor bit down on a vine that threatened to cover his mouth. "You won't be able to use it. It's locked and I have the key! And even if you are able to get in, you won't be able to drive it!"

Rumpelstiltskin laughed his trademark laugh. "I didn't say I was going to use it! It shall sit in my dining room; maybe use it as a wardrobe," he absently stroked the side of it with less affection than the Doctor showed for it. "As was just discussed, your TARDIS isn't the only thing that can get me to your world. I still have my curse."


"Once the Evil Queen realizes her sleeping apple won't work, she'll steal it back from Maleficent," he interrupted as if reading his thoughts.

"But you're still missing that one ingredient," the Doctor reminded. "True love. You said so yourself that it was impossible to find!"

"No, dearie, I said it wasn't 'easy,'" he corrected.

"But our deal-"

"As you put it, we're done," he mocked.

The Doctor struggled harder. The vines seemed to tighten with every pull and tear. He tried moving his feet, but the vines pulled him back further. He let out a groan at the pressure they were squeezing on his stomach.

"All magic comes with a price, Doctor," Rumpelstiltskin reminded, his voice slipping into his dark facade.

The sounds of the guards and horses were getting closer and closer.

"And you're about to pay it," he finished, dark purple smoke surrounding him and the blue box.

"NOOOOO!" the Doctor screamed. The vines around him loosened and he sagged to the ground on his knees.

But it was too late.

He sat there waiting for the guards to arrest him. All the while, he stared hopelessly at the spot where Rumpelstiltskin and his TARDIS had disappeared.

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