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"The next twenty-hour will be crucial."

That was the answer that Danny had gotten from the doctor. Those seven words had brought more fear to his life than he had ever remembered feeling. Within the hour several people came in at once, and one nurse- older with grey hair- told him to step outside so that they could move Matt to the ICU.

So, like a puppy following sadly behind his owner, Danny followed. He waited as best he could outside the ICU area while the situated his best friend. Somewhere in the back of his mind he blamed himself. He had known that Matt had been sick. He just didn't know that he was this sick.

He looked up when someone called out Matt's name. It was another doctor, this one dressed in a pair of black pants, blue dress shirt, and matching tie. The outfit was topped off with the white, official looking, lab coat.

Yep, this is a horror flick that Matt wrote. Somehow I've fallen asleep and this was what I was reading. Somewhere there should be someone waiting to jump our and crack the punch line wide open.

"Mr. Trip," the lab coat said from the head of a monster.

"Y—Yes," Danny responded trying to find his voice.

"We've got him settled. This came on suddenly and I just wanted to talk to you before you went in. I don't know if anyone had explained how sick your friend is."

"Yes they have."

The doctor nodded. "Good. There are still a lot of wires and tubes, but I assure we are going to do everything we can for him."

Danny nodded. "Can I see him?"

"Yes," the man said as he nodded. However, Danny was almost certain that he caught someone akin to a look that someone had when they know something sad that everyone else does not.

The IVs were numerous, Danny thought as he watched his friend. There were wires that snaked their way into the gown that Matt wore. They went to a monitor that was mounted to a wall above his head. The machine on Matt's left was occupied with filling the space between the wall and Matt, so Danny pulled the chair up to the other side. It hissed, constantly, and Danny cringed at the noise. It didn't sound like something that should help someone. It was more like the sound of a snake before it struck you. The tubing from that machine when to his mouth which was covered with that and some kind of a plastic mouthpiece that wrapped around his head and helped secure the tubing.

He fell into the chair on the right and looked upon his friend's face with fear. There was stubble on his chin, but it contrasted sharply to the pale white of his skin.

He is so white, Danny thought reaching one hand up to brush a single finger against Matt's cheek. White sheets have more color. I'm gonna loose him.

Danny shook his head violently. He knew that he had to be strong. However, the pale skin and beads of sweat of his forehead that had gathered from the fever had made feeling strong near impossible. It took every ounce of strength he had to chase away the fear from his heart and lock it behind a door somewhere in his heart.

"Oh Mattie," he whispered in his friend's ear, "you have to fight. You can't leave me. I am here."

He gently brushed back the hair that had plastered itself to Matt's forehead. He knew that tomorrow he would need to get a razor for his friend. He'd take care of that, not some aid in a green set of scrubs. When a small moan escaped from his friend, Danny winced. Than, he pulled blanket from the fingers that had grabbed it, and snaked his own into Matt's hand.

"Squeeze me hand," Danny encouraged into his friend's ear. "I'm here. Squeeze as hard as you need too my friend."

Danny was slightly heartsick when his friend didn't acknowledge his words. However, he vowed to ensure that he would never leave until his friend did- no matter how he left. He didn't leave. Not for three days. Jordan and the others came and went. The show, Jordan said, had not been great. However, Danny didn't care. His word was falling apart currently and the last thing he wanted to hear about was the show. It was three days until Matt finally sought the world of the living.

"Matt needs you!" Those were the words that Jordan yelled at him that had brought him out of the bathroom reserved for families.


"Matt!" Jordan said again, breathless from running up a flight of stairs and down three halls to the showers. "He's waking up. He's fighting the vent! Go!"

So have dressed, sopping wet, Danny ran out of the showers. He took the stairs two at time, sock feet slipping twice. Busting through the doors, he crashed into the wall across from the stairwell and regained his footing. Then he went off down the halls- smacking the button on the wall that allowed him into the ICU.

Alarms blared as Danny entered the room. There were nurses and doctors all attempting to calm Matt down, but Matt refused to be calmed. He was had a dangerously high fever. The evidence clear- flushed cheeks, sweat dripping off him, and the nightmare of hallucinations- whichever you wanted to call them plagued his friend like a lion stalked a wounded zebra.

"Mr. Albie! Matt," the doctor was yelling. "You need to relax! You need to calm down sir. You are in the hospital-" however that sentence was cut off as Matt flung out an arm and pulled out an IV and hit the doctor in the face at the same time. Danny looked at his friend and saw his eyes were open. They were wide, fear had corrupted them into pools are blackness. Matt was trying to breath, cough, do anything- but the tube in his throat refused to release control of the one thing that the human body needed most- AIR.

Someone finally grabbed Matt's arm as it went for the kill. He'd actually managed to get his hand on the tube in his throat. That was when the doctor had had enough.

"Get me a seditive- Haldol. Two milligrams. IV."

The order brought Danny out of his frozen stupor. "No! Wait!" He ordered everyone moving to his friend's side in three quick steps. "You need to relax Matt. The ventilator is just helping you to breathe easier."

Matt's eyes found his friend's and Danny saw the pool of tears that glistened in each one. Danny ran his right hand through Matt's hair, and picked up the one which had been held by the doctor with his left. The heart monitor showed the affect has the rate fell slowly and Matt tried to cough the tube less and less.

"That's it," Danny cooed. "Stop fighting the damn thing. You need it. I know it's horrible Mattie, but you need it tool live. I'm right here, my friend. I'm not going to let anything happen. Shh, now. Relax."

Slowly Matt's movements stilled and he quit trying to fight the room of people. Danny knew he was scarred. However, he watched Matt's eyes slowly start to close. He watched the rhythm of his chest begin to rise and fall with the hisses of the machine, letting Danny know that Matt had relaxed enough to let his friend fall back to sleep.

"You did go," one nurse said. Danny hadn't realized everyone else had left.

"I've got his back," the man said with a small smile. "And he knows that. I will always have his back."

The nurse smiled, leaving him alone in the room. Matt remained silent well into the night. However, Danny stayed awake. Leaving had nearly been catastrophic for his friend and it was a mistake he wasn't about to make again.