Hey everyone! I'm back with the next installment of The Lines That Lie Between (though I love new readers, I would suggest reading that first – this will get really confusing otherwise). I know I said it would be a while… But I decided to already put the prologue up and then do edits while I am working on the chapters for this story. Enjoy ;)

Just as a bit for what to expect, this story will be organized a lot like The Lines That Lie Between, with a prologue, probably around twenty or so long chapters and an epilogue :)

Disclaimer: Yup, just checked, ownership of TVD is not mine.


I remember the day I awoke for what seemed to be the very first time. I was already a vampire back then, that fateful night in 1560. It had all been a haze, at first. I could not make out what happened, my memories were a blank space in my head. There was just nothing - and, no, it doesn't have anything to do with being blonde.

Still, I knew the fundamental things like what my name was, my age, right and wrong, and that I was a vampire. The rest was just gone, and, believe me when I say it was a friggin' pain.

The first face I saw upon my awakening was that of someone I now hold very dear. Anna and her mother, Pearl, were my family in my time of need and I am pretty sure I would long be dead, or well, dead again, without them. Pearl always used to say that loyalty was everything. That, without it, a vampire would find herself vulnerable.

But, you can't always stick with a safety net. Sometimes a girl needs to find her own way, right? So, I drifted from them. Saw the entire world. Sometimes, when I found myself in a new place, I already knew the language. It just came to me, like I had learned it before. It was those little things, those clues that told me I had a past. That I wasn't just dropped and left behind on the earth...

And, my dreams. Those familiar yet unrecognizable figures that haunted my sleep for as long as I could remember. They were what told that I needed to find out what happened, find out where I came from, whom I was.

I needed to find me. But centuries of searching only left me with the scarcest bits of information. It was like I really and truly didn't exist before I woke up that day. One dead end after another.

Then I thought of it, this idea. Start a new life, a different life. I had used centuries looking for my past – well maybe it was time to look to my future. Become more than a shadow of a person.

And, sometimes when you're not looking for something, it has a way of popping back up at the most unexpected times.

So, it's off to Mystic Falls with me. Maybe I'll find my future there, and maybe, just maybe my past will pop up too.

But, if there is one thing I know, it's that Caroline Forbes is going to take that town by storm, past or not.

That's it for now, you lovely people :) By the way, only the prologue will be in first person, just like TLTLB.

Thanks for rejoining my little world and don't forget to comment!