Leave Me in Awe

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Lucas saw the designs but to see the Seaquest for the first time…left him in awe.

Disclaimer: Don't own them.

Lucas saw the designs of Seaquest long before anyone else.

Sometimes, his dad would show them to him. He even went down to see it being built from time to time. It was only the back bones of it. It was impressive then too. But other times, he would hack into the computer.

There was nothing wrong with that.

He was just taking a peek to make sure everything was on track. He learned a long time ago that nothing got finished on time when it came to the government.

No matter how long it took…watching it unfold kind of left him in awe.

He watched as Brigder's original plans turned into something else. Sure, the most of the original was there. Parts were charged and modify. He saw the Bridge expand then stink…then finally fit to form.

He knew about every chip in the consoles, what type of leather that they used on the seats, and hell…where the trash dispersers were.

He knew how many times that the weapons rooms were changed around. It was one of the many arguments that he heard constant heard over his dad's secret lines that he shouldn't be hearing.

UEO really needed to update their passwords.

Although, one thing in the designs didn't change.

The bunks were still tiny.

Five of them could make up his room. It was kind of depressing now that he thought about it.

He also saw the appeal of it. It was like your own cubby hole.

But he would have to deal with a roommate.

He didn't like that thought at all.

Roommates were annoying and loud. Always asking what he was doing and can I steal the work that you were doing.

Yup…roommates suck.

But one thing that he did insist on was the moon pool and Darwin's easy access to and from the ship. He spent hours arguing with his dad about it.

OF course, that is how dad found out that he hack into the plans…but whatever.

He argued until he was blue to his face.

He played every card that he had. Hell, he even showed off his new invention.

Sure, it was still in its basic design phrase.

But dad was impressed.

So, it stayed.

So, did he.

Well, it just took him a while to get there. It was after another fight with his dad. It took for some crazy captain. It took some UEO higher ups to open it up to be a more science vessel.

A thousand little details fall into place.

When he finally stood at the dock station, his eyes darted around to take in all of the sights.

He felt something well up inside of him.

It was a sense of awe that he never felt before.

A small smile played on his face.

This was going to be so cool.