Care For a Game?

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Game 1: The Stone Hill...

Yugi gained a devious smirk, "I'm Yugi Moto, care for a game?"

"A game?" Saizou asked, "What are you talking about?!"

"But not just any game," Yugi wagged his finger, "a Shadow Game." He pulled off his puzzle, "In a Shadow Game, you wager something precious that you will lose if defeated. I wager my puzzle, you?" He was left unanswered a Saizou tried to crush him. "My, my, impatient are we?" Yugi said, appearing right behind Saizou. "This puzzle is the source of my power, do you really want to miss out on that?"

"Hehe," Saizou laughed, "so that's why you got that damn aura... Alright, what's this game?" He released his enlarged fists from the rubble, which Yugi seemed to find interesting.

"I have an idea..." Yugi said as his puzzle glowed brightly, blinding all three present. When the light cleared the three surrounded a large hill of rocks which Yugi stood atop. "The first to find the puzzle gets to keep it." Yugi declared as he dropped the puzzle through a large hole, then jumped off onto the ground, "Even I don't know where it is. Now it's time for the rules."

"Rule #1: No monster forms!" He snapped his fingers and Saizou was forceably shrunk back into his human form.

"How'd you do that!" Saizou demanded.

"Now, now, a magician has to keep his secrets, doesn't he?" Yugi asked, shrugging his shoulders. "And this is not a monster form, this is still human."

"Rule #2: You can only use one arm to remove the rocks." Yugi declared, "It does not matter how much you remove, but you are only allowed to use one arm."

"Rule #3: You may only use your arm to grab a rock once per turn." He folded his left arm behind his back. "Are you ready? We decide who goes first with Janken."

"That it?" Saizou asked as he folded his own arm behind his back, "This'll be easy." The two walked up to each other, and held their arms out to begin Janken.

1-2-3 GO!

"Rock crushes scissors," Yugi said, "be sure to remember that..." He walked up to the hill, analyzed it, and then picked up one rock. He walked back and put the rock on the ground, and waited for Saizou to make his turn. Saizou repeated his motion, but instead threw the rock behind him impatiently.

"What happened to Yugi?" Tsukune asked as he was supported by Moka, "It's like he's a whole dfferent person."

"I don't know," Moka said, "but his demonic Aura... It's incredible. It might be too much for even a vampire to handle..."

'What's goin' on here.' Saizou thought to himself, 'It's like for every rock I take, another three take it's place.' Yugi carefully selected anothe rock, and walked back to put it down. Saizou angrily picked up another rock, and threw it behind him. However, this time he managed to uncover a small piece of the puzzle. "Finally!" Saizou reached out to grab it.

"Ah-Ah-Ah!" Yugi said, "One move per turn, remember?" Saizou growled, but complied. After all, he would win soon, and there was nothing the squirt could do about it...

"Here's a good one." Yugi said as he picked up a small rock that barely fit into the palm of his hand.

"HAHAHA!" Saizou laughed, "Good for what, I'm gonna win anyway!"

"Really?" Yugi said as he tossed the rock in his hand. He then smiled deviously, "Then you won't mind if I do THIS!" He threw the rock at the hill, hitting a large cluster of rocks.


Saizou stepped back to avoid a small landslide from the rocks Yugi hit. "I said you can only grab a rock once per turn, after that is free game. I sure am lucky you decided to skip your turn or I would've lost."

"Yeah!" Tsukune and Moka yelled, "Keep going Yugi!"

"YOU..." Saizou growled, "THATS IT!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, his body slowly morphing into his much larger monstrel form. He began digging through the rubble, using both his hands, until he finally found the rope that held it as a necklace. "Found it!" He reached for the rope, tugging on it hard until he held the Millenium Puzzle in his hands. "I WIN! THAT POWER IS MINE!" The Puzzle glowed bright gold, but the effect was not what Saizou was expecting.

"I forgot to mention something else," Yugi said, "a Shadow Game brings out a person's darkness. The true character they hide in the darkness of their heart. Although you don't really hide it all that well, do you?" He grew another evil smirk while a glowing eye appeared on his head. "Those who cheat in a Shadow Game suffer a punishment, a curse if you will!"

He pointed at Saizou, "You are in your monster form, you used both hands, and removed more than one rock from the hill, all in one turn! You are a bully who uses his size and strength to torment and abuse others. You ignore rules that don't suit you! You know what that means..."

"PENALTY GAME!" He shot out his hand at Saizou, and a small beam hit him. He began to shrink, soon turning back to his human form. However, he was shrinking even farther, losing height and muscles. He soon shrank so much that he was nothing more than a scrawny teenager.

"What did you do to me!?" He yelled.

"I took away the strength you abused." Yugi answered as he tossed another rock in his hand. "Do you remember what I said earlier?"

"Earlier?" Saizou asked.

"I said... Rock. Crushes. SCISSORS!" Yugi threw the stone, causing another landside that completely buried the smaller Saizou. When the dust cleared, only Saizou's outstretched arm, holding the puzzle, was visible under the rubble. Yugi walked to him and picked up the puzzle, putting it back on.

Man, I'm gonna get hated for this but...

Looks like Saizou just got...

( •_•)

( •_•)⌐■-■




When he did, the world around them seemed to dissolve, leaving Yugi, Moka, Tsukune, and an unconscious Saizou alone in the graveyard. "Don't worry, that was only the territory of my mind, it was all an illusion." Yugi said to his friends. However, Saizou was still as scrawny as he was when Yugi used the Punishment Game on him.

"That... That was..." Moka began.

"Incredible!" Tsukune finished, "What happened to you?"

"You might want to ask the first Yugi when he wakes up." Yugi said, right before his puzzle glowed bright gold, shrinking him back to his original size. Yugi then collapsed, causing Tsukune and Moka to catch his unconscious body.

"So this is the power of the Milenium Items," a creepy man with a hood and two dots for eyes (just like the busdriver) said as he watched the two hurry to take Yugi to the Doctor, "it surely was a good idea to bring him here..."

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