The Last Son and the Power of Three.



After exploding his ship, Clark Kent went to New York in a self-imposed Exile. Whilst there, under the name Kal, he meets a young girl called Phoebe Halliwell. The two grow close before Phoebe decides to return to San Francisco to be with her older sisters. Kal then leaves New York for Metropolis where his father eventually finds him and encourages him to return home.

Following his High School graduation, Clark, having been encouraged to attend a college outside of Kansas, moves to San Francisco where he is reunited with Phoebe, who, along with her sisters, Prue and Piper, are the legendary Charmed Ones.

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AU bits:

Takes place at the beginning of season 3 of Charmed and after the Aquaman episode of Smallville season 5. Clark did return to Jor-El after saving Lana from the two rouge Kryptonians thus kept his powers thus wasn't shot and thus didn't die. He and Lana did NOT get together. Neither will Phoebe and Cole.

The Halliwells became witches in 2003 rather than 1998. They were also each born 5 years later than in canon meaning Phoebe was born in 1980 rather than '75. Clarks ship crashed in 1989 with him looking about 3 meaning he was born in 1986 making him 6 years younger than Phoebe

Character bashing:

Bitch! Lana

Delusional! Staker! Cole

Chapter 1: Reunions and Visions.

University of San Francisco.

Phoebe Halliwell was annoyed. Firstly she and her oldest sister, Prue, had stopped a mortal murderer who was possessed by a Guardian Demon from killing their friend, Darryl then lied about what they had seen in court to protect their secret so Emilio, the murderer was set free. Then Piper, the middle Halliwell sister, had returned with her boyfriend/their Whitelighter, Leo Wyatt from the 'Heavens' after a month of leaving Phoebe and Prue without the whole of the Power of Three. THEN Phoebe didn't even get a chance to bitch at her big sister! NOT FAIR!

She was jogged from her inner rant when someone walked into her causing her to drop her books. "Oh, I am so sorry!" the person, a man, said hurriedly as he helped her get her books. "It's okay. I was just distracted." Phoebe assured him.

As she got her books Phoebe got a good look at the man who was probably only a couple of years younger than her wearing a red denim jacket over a blue T-shirt. He was just over 6ft tall, with curly black hair and bright blue eyes and was, in a word, gorgeous. But then she thought that he was slightly familiar. Then she got an image of him wearing a black leather jacket or silk shirts and it hit. "Kal!?" she exclaimed.

Kal's eyes widened and she saw recognition in his blue eyes. "Phoebe!?" Said girl wrapped her arm around her old friend from New York and hugged him tightly but avoiding touching his chest, as she remembered that he had a nasty scar there. When they pulled apart, Kal smiled at her, Phoebe was surprised that rather than the arrogance that she had come to expect from him on his face there was a kind heart-warming smile with no arrogance present.

"It's good to see you again." Kal said honestly before saying with slight shyness "You look great." Phoebe blushed thinking He's so different. "Thanks, Kal. And it's good to see you too." Phoebe replied. "How have you been?" the young witch asked. "Good!" he replied "Went back home to Smallville not long after you left and just graduated from High School. Came here to do a Journalism Course. How about you? I remember you saying that you went home to your sisters." Kal said curiously.

Phoebe nodded "That's right. My oldest sister, Prue is a photographer and my other sister, Piper runs a club called P3, which I've been looking after while Piper and her boyfriend were away. I'm here doing a Psychology course." She was surprised by the polite shyness that the boy who told her that he'd like to see her in a cocktail dress was showing. "You know," she began, "don't take this the wrong way but you are like a completely different person."

Kal's eyes filled with guilt. "I was in something of a bad place then. I'd actually like to apologise for the things I said in New York."

Phoebe smirked "Apologise as in 'I didn't mean what I said' or Apologise as in 'I meant what I said but it was inappropriate'?" she asked, secretly hoping that it was the second. Kal cringed. He should've known she'd ask that. "I meant everything I said but I could've been a bit more tactful." He said honestly. Phoebe smiled "well apology accepted, Kal." She told him. "Clark." He said spontaneously. "What?" she asked "It's Clark. My name is Clark Kent." Kal, Clark, told her.

Phoebe smiled "Well it's nice to properly meet you, Clark Kent." "And it's nice to see you again, Phoebe Halliwell." Clark said politely.

Suddenly Phoebe had a thought. "You know, Clark, I just realised that we really don't know anything about each other, so if you're free we could get together sometime and, you know talk." She suggested nervously.

Clark nodded with a smile. "Yeah, I'd like that." He said and Phoebe smiled. Phoebe took a pen from her bag and took Clarks hand "Here," she said as she wrote her number on his hand "my home number. So that we can arrange a time to meet." Clark smiled as he looked at the number before taking Phoebes pen and writing his own number on a corner of a page of his notepad, tore it off and gave it to her.

As Phoebe touched the page fragment she suddenly stiffened and gasped as a premonition hit her

She saw herself and Clark standing outside of P3 together. They leaned in to kiss when Emilio appeared, dagger in hand, behind her and lunged to stab her in the back but Clark pushed her out of the way and Phoebe watched in horror as the dagger got closer to Clarks chest...

As the vision ended, Phoebe was horrified. "Oh god, no!" she whispered.

Clark heard her and asked concernedly "Phoebe, are you okay?" as she'd just stiffened for some reason.

Phoebe looked at Clark with fear for a moment before, with supreme control, calmed herself. She needed to get to her sisters so that they can find and stop Emilio.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine." She replied "Actually Clark I just remembered that I need to meet with my sisters, so I'd better get going." Phoebe told him. Clark just looked at her with concern. "Are you sure you're all right, Phoebe?" he asked.

Phoebe smiled at his obvious concern for her but it didn't meet her eyes "Clark, I'm okay. I just need to go." She told him. "We'll catch up later, okay?"

Clark nodded but didn't look like he believed her. "Okay, I'll see you later. Just give me a call when you want to catch up."

They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. As she walked away Phoebe thought she heard a Whoosh noise and felt a gust of wind from behind her. When she turned around to see where it came from, Phoebe didn't see anything and Clark was nowhere to be seen. She then rushed off to find her sisters and hopefully save Clark.

Later at Clark's apartment.

With a whoosh and a gust of wind, the Last Son of Krypton Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, blurred into his new apartment. He was able to purchase it with the money his parents had given him after selling the back 40 of their farm. He was originally reluctant to move off of the farm but his parents had convinced him that it was time for him to make his own way in the world. What finally convinced the young Kryptonian farm boy was when his father insisted that he, Clark, would only be a phone call and super-speed away.

Finally Clark relented and agreed. And so he enrolled into the University of San Francisco.

Then the Second Meteor Shower struck his home town bringing with it a black spaceship and two rouge Kryptonians who then went on to terrorise Smallville searching for Kal-El.

Meanwhile Clark was in the North Pole of all places where the combined Stones of Knowledge had formed the Kryptonian Fortress of Solitude. There the AI that was his biological father, Jor-El began Clarks training. However the training was interrupted by his best friend, Chloe Sullivan who was in the cave with Clark when the farm boy combined the stones. After making sure Chloe was alright (and learning that she already knew his secret), Clark returned to Smallville to stop the Kryptonians, but was told to return before the sun set. He agreed.

Clark found the Kryptonians at the Luthor Mansion along with Lana. After sending the murderous members of his species into a portal, which he now knew led to the intergalactic prison that Jor-El had made known as the Phantom Zone, Clark made sure that Lana got to a hospital before returning to the Fortress with seconds to spare.

He and Jor-El then made a deal: Jor-El would lay off and allow Clark to live his life as well as help his son when needed and in return Clark would spend up to 48 hours a week in the Fortress training.

Father and son agreed to each other's terms and the Kent family was glad that Jor-El would back off.

And now on his first day of college, Clark, literally, bumps into someone who he – well he could say that he had a relationship with during his Red K 'rampage'.

He had met Phoebe Halliwell after leaving Smallville following the destruction of his ship and his mothers' miscarriage. Clark, as his Red K alter-ego, Kal, had gone to New York City with the intension of putting as much distance as possible between him and his past.

On his first night in the Big Apple, Kal had gone to a nightclub for some fun, and whilst at the bar, he had met a beautiful young girl not much older than him with dark brown hair. She was as beautiful as Lana, maybe more so. Kal bought her a drink and they chatted and flirted with each other, until Phoebe's date returned and tried to get her to leave with him.

When Phoebe returned from a trip to the restroom she and her date left, with she and Kal never taking their eyes off each other. With her gone, Kal quickly became bored so decided to try another club. As he was leaving the club, Kal came across Phoebe and her date arguing. Kal really didn't like the guy and his dislike increased when he pinned Phoebe up against the wall, his intension was obvious as she struggled.

Enraged and disgusted, Kal attacked, breaking one of the attempted rapist bastards' arms in 3 places. He had then given Phoebe a lift to his place so she can calm herself.

Soon Kal and Phoebe became best friends. Partying all over New York. Strangely enough, whenever he was near her, Kal, while still arrogant wasn't as much near Phoebe besides to occasional tactless complement. He almost felt like Clark.

And wasn't that inconvenient?

Eventually Phoebe left to return to her sisters. Kal was upset but he understood. She tried to get him to go home himself but he just couldn't.

Without Phoebe to more or less control him, Kal left New York himself but went to Metropolis instead. While there he went on a rampage robbing banks, stealing cars, destroying ATM machines and picking up random girls. None of whom were Phoebe. And eventually his father Jonathan Kent found him and, using powers given to him by Jor-El, was able to subdue Kal and convince him to destroy the Red K ring. He did and Clark returned to Smallville.

The following couple of years passed with some normality (or as normal as it ever got in Smallville) with trouble from Lex and Lionel Luthor, meteor freaks, Jor-El brainwashing him, the search for the stones and Lana, Chloe and Lois being possessed by 17th century witches hunting for said stones.

Like he said normal.

Meanwhile at P3.

As Phoebe rushed down the stairs to her sisters nightclub, she saw Prue and Piper sitting at the bar talking. "I have got to get a cell-phone!" she said to herself. It would've been much easier to call and tell them about her vision. But no. She had to run all the way from her college to the club in high-freaking-heels!

"Prue, I had a premonition!" Prue and Piper looked at their baby sister with expectation which quickly became worry as they saw the fear on Phoebe's face. Whatever she had seen had deeply shaken her.

"Sweetie, what did you see?" Piper asked with concern.

"Okay, do you guys remember when I lived in New York?" Phoebe began to answer Piper's question with one of her own. Even though she was still slightly pissed off with Piper and Leo for frolicking in the clouds for a month, her worry for Clark far outweighed her anger. Prue and Piper nodded, wondering where she was going with this. "Well I met this guy called Kal. He helped me when I accidently gave a date the wrong idea. While he was a bit arrogant he was nice and we became close friends. When I thought it was time to return home I said goodbye to Kal and while he was upset he understood." She told them of how she met her friend.

Her sisters nodded before Prue asked "Okay, Pheebs. That's nice, but what does this trip down memory lane have to do your premonition?" her curiosity almost palpable.

"Well I just bumped into him at school." The youngest Halliwell explained. "Apparently he'd gone home himself not long after I did. His real name is Clark Kent and he's from Smallville Kansas. Anyway we traded numbers and when I took his," here Phoebe sniffled as remembered what she had seen. Prue put her hand on her sister's shoulder, offering support. She continued "When I took his I saw him and me outside the club – erm talking," she wasn't going to tell her sisters what she and Clark were actually doing. " – When Emilio comes up behind me and tries to stab me in the back, but Clark pushes me out of the way and – sniff – and he takes the dagger to the chest." She finished with a tear going down her cheek. It wasn't often that she saw someone she knew getting killed by someone they could've stopped for good.

Prue pulled her sister closer. She and Piper locked eyes and nodded. If someone was going to be killed for protecting their baby sister then the Charmed Ones would definitely help him in any way they can. Even though Piper had no idea who Emilio was, she could see how distraught Phoebe was. She placed her hand on Phoebe's shoulder reassuringly.

"We'll save him." she promised and Phoebe smiled gratefully, her previous annoyance at her middle sister dissipated for now in light of their having to save her friend.

Piper decided to change the mood. She ran her hand through Phoebe's hair and asked "What did you do to your hair?"

All three Halliwells chuckled together, the mood broken for now.

Meanwhile at City Hall. Office of Judge William 'Free Willy' Hamilton.

Emilio Smith entered the office and faced the Judge sitting at his desk in the shadows. "I need another Guardian!" he demanded of him.

The Judge glared at the murderer. "What you need is to be more careful. I won't protect you again."

Emilio swallowed nervously before continuing "I won't get caught again." He insisted. "I can handle the witches, Judge."

Judge Hamilton leaned forward out of the shadows. "No you can't." He said scathingly. "You're a mortal!" he said the word 'mortal' as if it left a disgusting taste in his mouth.

But then he thought. Emilio was the first to lose his Guardian. What made it worse was that he lost it because of witches, and not just any witches but the fucking Charmed Ones. He was becoming a liability.

The Judge smirked "Actually on second thought, do go after the witches. Preferably before they figure out WHAT I am." He ordered the murderous mortal. This was a win-win for him: if Emilio failed and was either killed or arrested, he could have the witches charged for either assault or murder. If Emilio succeeded then even better.

He conjured an Atheme into his hand and continued "Go after the youngest first. I hear she is the weakest and most vulnerable. You can do whatever you want to her." The evil grin on his face practically screamed what he had in mind. Emilio grinned back.

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This fic will involve the following: Lemons, Obsessive! Stalker! Delusional! Cole (I have nothing against him, Cole is actually one of my favourite male characters in the show but he doesn't fit in mine) etc...

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