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It will be of use for readers to know that I have chosen to not say character names for at least ten chapters, and that Mizii=Mizore.

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The air always felt so good in New York, New York.

I sat on a bench in central park and thought back on the last few years of my life.

I could still remember how stressful senior year of high school had been: brushing past deadlines, keeping up with my 'work' obligations, writing boring essays and applications, lieing to the parents of some very good friends about how they died, and how utterly hopeless I felt at receiving those rejection letters. The thought of coasting through life with no direction or purpose never suited me. So I persevered, and as luck would have it, NYU found me 'worthy'. I felt that if it was another rejection I'd want to just give up and join the army. But I was relieved, I would be attending the same college as my older brother.

School however, was the least of my worries. I had to always lie to my parents about what I did in my free time, the fact that I had a 'job' only quelled their suspicions for the most part.

I truly felt that after what I had been through, a relationship might help some, if at all. And watching a continuous stream of anime and fanfic about couples did not help. But I still did it, cause I was into that stuff. Now that I was in college I felt like I had a chance at a peaceful life. I was determined to use this freedom to find happiness.

Sitting on this same bench all those years ago, I can easily recall that entire day in my head.

After taking an afternoon nap in the park, a distant car horn caused me to stir. I sat up and looked at my watch, it was 5:57.

Deciding to walk most of the way back to my dorm, I started walking down the red and gold leaf path. By the time I was at the entrance of the park, the sun held an orange glow over the city. While taking in the view I thought about the classes that were starting on Monday.

I stopped about a block over when I saw this girl: she had pale skin, short purple hair with black highlights, light blue eyes, was wearing a white sweatshirt with purple sleeves, solid blue jeans, had headphones in her ears, and a sucker in her mouth. I had to do a double take to make sure that she was really there. "Wow, she is really cute." I said to myself.

My first instinct was to keep walking, it would probably be best for her not to know me. However, something my dad always told me kicked in, be confident. She was just standing on the side-walk, probably waiting for a taxi, so I started walking in her direction. If I don't do this now, I know I'll regret it. I thought.

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