Here we are once again!

I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent in my updates from now on.

When I got to the room it was 8:31pm, Lee was playing my old gameboy on his bed.

I sat down on my bed and looked around. "Where are the other two?" I asked. "Murudo said that he was going for a walk then he stepped out. Guy said he was going to the roof, oddly enough." said Lee, only glancing up from his game.

He looked at me with a confused face. "The hell happened to you?" he said.

Surveying myself I saw that in addition to the holes in the back of my shirt and jacket, my jeans, sleeves, and collar were ripped in several spots. "I was... in a fight." I said, truthfully.

"Really?" he said. "Well you're coming out of your shell more and more these days aren't you! Wish I could see the other guy!" he said, grinning.

"I think I'm gonna go look for Guy." I said, needing an excuse to leave. "Whatever." Lee said, resuming his game.

I climbed the stairwell up two more floors until I reached the roof. Opening the door I felt the night air and heard flute-like music playing. It was a slow, light tune and it was coming from the ledge.

Walking over I saw Guy sitting and holding something up to his mouth. "Hey." I said. The music stopped and he turned around, in his hands was a brown trinket with small holes in it.

"Oh, hello Jacob. I was just playing my ocarina." he said, gesturing to the small instrument. "Huh. Where'd you get it?" I asked. "It was my mother's. She was way better at it though." he said. "Seemed fine to me." I said, sitting down.

We quietly stared at the skyline for a few minutes. "You know, this was the only thing I brought with me when I left home." Guy said. "Why's that?" I asked. "It's all I have left of her." he said, looking down. Crap, brought up a sensitive topic. Well, as long as it's out there... I thought.

"What was she like?" I asked. "Reserved, a little strict at times, but she was really kind and pretty." he said. I smiled, "Reminds me of my own mother." I said.

"Where's she now?" asked Guy. I looked down and said "She's dead." Of all my painful memories, that was the hardest.

Now it was Guy's turn to feel awkward. We were silent for another ten minutes.

"How's your father?" I asked, needing a change in topic. "Well, like I said he's the current elder. Probably gonna give me hell when I get back." he said.

"I still don't get why you ran away." I said. "They're better off without me." he said. "Now how can you know that for sure?" I asked. "Because I'm weak. You saw, even with the katana Xandlr gave me there's no way I would've lasted a second against a real opponent. If Ms. Shirayuki had fought back at all, I would've lost for sure." he said.

"I suppose, but you're just a kid. No one your age is expected to fight well." I said. "Not here, but in Ember village everyone must be able to fight. Of my age group I am the lowest ranked one among them. My powers are 'underdeveloped' as my sensei was fond of saying. What you saw in that alley was the furthest extent of my power. What good is an elder that can't protect his fellows." he said.

"Ah come on, you have all the time in the world to improve." I said, standing up. "You're just in a rut. It took a long time for me to become the fighter I am. Hell, by the time you're my age you'll be unstoppable." I said, giving him a positive grin. "You know it's funny, my father would say things like that whenever I got like this. I thought he was just humoring me, but hearing it from someone like you, whom I've only just met, is actually pretty nice." he said, with a brief smile.

His face turned down again, "But there's more to it than that. I'm smart enough to know that the ability to lead, the most important aspect of being an elder, is something you're born with. I'm not brave, I'm not strong-willed, I'm not charismatic..." he said. "Guy!" I said, cutting him off. "Listen, you said you wanted to protect your village, your people, and your willing to go to extreme lengths to do that. That alone, your conviction, is what convinces me you'll be a great leader. Sure, anyone can spout off words of brotherhood, security, and trust... But unless they're willing follow through with the words, that person is worth sh** as a leader." I stated, not sure if I was speaking to Guy or myself.

Guy looked at me, and smiled. "Thank you, my friend." he said. "Sure. I'm glad I could help." I said, smiling back.

"So... about Yukari..." Guy said. Oh hell no! I am not getting into this again! I thought. "Ohsosorrybutitlookslikeit'stimetohitthehayyaknow?" I ranted, pushing a confused Guy toward the stairwell.

When we got back to the room I laid down on my bed and sighed loudly, I decided not to tell them about my 'flying' incident. Obviously I wouldn't tell Lee but I figured I wouldn't tell Guy or Murudo either until I was sure whether or not my wings would come back.

"Hey dude I forgot to tell you, Kurumu texted me that she wants to go out tomorrow. Thanks again for hooking us up." he said with a smile. "Yeah, sure thing." I said.

Now that my body was fully relaxed, I felt a huge sense of fatigue. That fight with Zayt must have taken more out of me than I thought.

I reached over and turned off the alarm for the next morning, no classes tomorrow. And as I slunk off to sleep, another important memo surfaced. Holy sh**! I'm meeting Mizore's parents tomorrow! I thought.

Miles away, on the rolling waves of the Atlantic lay a cargo vessel named The Marvos. It was deathly quiet, while minutes ago existed the sounds of crashing, screams, and gunfire.

A small girl with short silver hair and amber eyes walked casually among the bodies of fallen sailors. She hummed a light tune while maintaining a childish smile. In her arms she held something quite unbecoming of a little girl: an assault rifle. She wore a military vest just her size and a pair of fingerless gloves.

She continued to move down the lit hallways of the vessel, following a trail of blood that led into one of the compartments. She opened the ajar door to find a sailor, still alive and bleeding, crawling towards the wall phone. She stepped into the room and walked to the man's side. Then she put the muzzle of her rifle to his head, as he slowly looked into her calmly sweet eyes with terrified ones. Her smile did not shake as she pulled the trigger.

A middle aged man with a similar grin stepped into the room and folded his arms. He had steely blue eyes and a chiseled jaw with a black crew cut. He wore a traveling cloak and had a large scar running from his cheek to down his neck. He carried a long, blood-stained broadsword on his back.

"Now Naudia, you really should learn some restraint. I said I would handle the survivors, now you took half the fun out of this mission." he said, giving the corpse a good kick. "Aw gee, I'm sorry Mr. Lucius. I guess I got carried away. But at least we're done now." Naudia said in a sweet and girly voice. "All that's left is to move the bodies." said Lucius.

The cell phone in his pocket rang and he answered it. After several minutes Lucius closed the phone and said "There's been a new development in project Moses. Lord Xandlr wants us to go to New York, kill the traitors Guy Laison and Murudo, and initiate our role in the project." he said.

"Will I get kill them all?" Naudia asked excitedly. Lucius rubbed her head and said "Without question. But not right away, I myself am quite curious to see what the boy's capable of."

Back in Jacob's dorm room the boy dreamt yet again of his mind's house.

I opened the door to the parlor to find Felix once again in his human form and reading a book by the fire. "You knew, didn't you?" I said.

He looked up from his book, blinked and said "Knew what, old chap?" in his annoyingly cheerful voice. "Don't play dumb. You know everything that goes on in here, right? So you must have known that I could fly." I said, a little miffed.

Felix got up from his chair and said "Well I knew you were unique when I met you, but you became special the day you met Guy and Murudo."

I thought about it for a moment, "Does this have to do with that black stuff they put inside me?" I asked.

"Yes, indeed it does. Do you even know what that was? Monster blood old chap! And very special monster blood I might add, so special that even I can't be sure where it comes from! Rather exciting don't you think?" he said.

I did not share his enthusiasm. Far from it, the shock made me fall on my knees. "So that's why I'm special? Because the blood of a monster was put inside me?" I said pitifully.

"No, what's special is that you survived. You see, there aren't many individuals who can do that. Their hearts give out from the strain or they bodies can't handle the power. I was curious to see how your abilities would take shape, giving us some clue as to what you are now." Felix said. "So... I'm a monster now." I said.

"Well your most certainly not human anymore. But I can't say whether your fully monster either. Let's settle for half-breed, shall we?" he said, sitting back in his chair and grabbing the book. "On an unrelated note, could you check my neighbors and tell them to quiet down?" he said.

"I don't hear anything." I said. "You should know by now that my senses are much stronger than yours, now if you please." he said, gesturing out the door.

I stepped out of the room and looked both ways down the hall. "Which neighbors did he m-?" I said, tackled by several rabbit-shaped ralgs.

They latched on to my body and barred sets of fangs. I yanked one off and threw it against the wall, leaving a dark purple splatter. The one on my neck bit down and I felt a searing pain. I ran it into the wall next to me and felt the stuff cover my back.

The last one jumped off and scurried down the hall, out of sight. "What the hell!?" I said aloud. The pain was pretty real for a dream.

I walked a few feet down the hall until I heard punk rock music playing from a door nearby. I took a deep breath and turned the knob.

Inside was a huge, dark space. The only light came several spotlights that shined on a metal jungle-gym and scaffolding. I walked closer and saw that someone was doing chin-ups from the set.

The music was blaring from an old boom box on the ground. The man had red eyes, stiff black hair, a black leather jacket, black leather pants, leather fingerless gloves, and biker boots.

"Excuse me?" I said. He dropped down and turned off the music.

With lightning speed he grabbed my leg and swung my entire body fifty feet in the air. Before I knew what had happened I'd landed on ground, leaving a human-shaped indent.

I sat up gingerly, to say that it hurt would have been an understatement. "What the hell man!" I yelled.

"Never interrupt a man's workout!" he blurted angrily. With the kind of strength he just showed I didn't know if I could fight him. He grabbed me shirt and lifted me to my feet. But then he let go and dusted me off.

"Alright then, I already know what your name is. Odds are you don't know mine, though. My name is Wrath, learn it!" he stated, pointing at my surprised face.

"Wait, Wrath? Ah man, don't tell me you have six other siblings that live in my head too!" I said. "What? Where'd ya get an idea like that? I mean I have a sister, but she's a wimp." he said.

"Huh. So is that it?" I asked. "Yup, just the two of us. Well, three if you count that weirdo Felix. I'm where your strength comes from, I'm guessing my sister gives you resilience. In other words, I'm power, she's willpower. Easy enough?" he said.

"And why are you here?" I asked. "To determine what you'll become. That's all I can tell you." he said. "That's pretty vague, man." I said. "Look, I don't make the rules, I just follow 'em. Now get the hell out, I gotta keep up the pace." he said, turning the music back on and getting back on the bar.

I left that room with even more questions, if that were possible.

As I made my way back to Felix's door another piece of music caught my ear, it was a violin.

Moving towards the source of the music I came to another door. Beneath it shined a greenish white light.

After the door swung open, my jaw dropped. What I gazed upon was a forest, lush and green and bright like the sun. I looked down and the floor was grass.

It was something straight out of a story book, which seemed to be the direction my life was heading.

I walked into this new and fantastic room and wandered among the trees, which were tall and healthy. "I wouldn't have minded knowing about this place earlier." I said aloud.

"You wouldn't have been able to find it." said a girl's voice nearby. I spun around and I saw a young girl with gold eyes and short, silvery-white hair in a pale green sundress holding a violin at her side.

"Are you Wrath's sister?" I asked. "Ah you've met my brother. He didn't hurt you did he? He can be bit of a brute sometimes." she said in a concerned voice.

I guess the apple falls pretty far from the tree. I thought. "My name is Suma. And you must be Jacob." the girl said. "What did you mean when you said I couldn't have found this place?" I asked.

"Me and my brother's realms are only available to people in your situation. You can imagine that it's been quite a while since we've had company." Suma said, smiling. "And just what is my situation?" I asked. She giggled and said "Silly, brother already said we couldn't tell you any more than you need to know."

"Shouldn't I be the one to decide what I need to know?" I asked, annoyed. "I don't make the rules..." she began. " only follow them." I finished.

"Exactly. Now, looks like it's that time again. Goodbye!" Suma said, as the forest faded to black.